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  1. So many great songs . And his guitar playing with The Swampers made them that way .
  2. I have seen them all . And enjoyed each of them .
  3. I can not speak for any one else But I want one of every guitar ever made and two if it is a really great guitar .
  4. Nice amp . I think Mesa makes fine amps . I have a Mesa Heartbreaker I will have as long as live .
  5. I like the sound a Gretsch guitar makes and I like the way your Gretsch looks .
  6. I am glad Malcolm was a guitar player and I got to hear him play . A life time of great music . To his family and band my tears join yours .
  7. I have heard his music all my life . My parent`s liked his music . I did too . Sad news .
  8. His talent will be missed .
  9. sixlicks

    Tom Petty

    I Think Tom Petty and the heartbreakers were a great rock and roll band . so this news is hard to hear . I loved the cover song they choose to play . Good luck to the rest of the band I would think it would like the loss of a family member to them . Tom Petty a true music man .
  10. Cool song . Done very well .
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