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  1. Hi Sapster: It's a beaut! The only thing that would concern me is the bridge, it's technically the wrong way around with the screws facing forward and in your case the bass E, A and D saddles are all the way forward and the saddles are flat edge forward too; Not good as there is room for intonation adjustment in the forward direction. If it is intonated correctly as-is, then the bridge is too close to the pickup; I've seen this before. As long as it plays well who cares?
  2. I'm glad the problem was solved. Back in 87, the guy drilling pup ring holes at Gibson got distracted and my bridge pup spent most of it's life slightly skewed. With black rings I could live with it but when I put the cream rings on, it looked awful so I fixed it. As my pic shows, two were OK and two were not. I simply cut off about 5mm of toothpick and carefully forced it into the two offending holes then re-drilled tow tiny pilot holes in the right location and all was well. No glue. A 30 minute job; maybe less. https://imgur.com/M5wyabz
  3. Luke: This is not normal. If the bridge is all the way down then you have no action adjustment. I'm assuming your guitar has a conventional bridge and tailpiece set-up. As Steve noted, if the bushings for the bridge are not pushed all the way down then this could explain the bottoming out. The nut has nothing to do with this and there would have to be a lot of relief in the neck for the truss rod to be part of this problem. What you describe suggests that the neck angle is too flat; there should be a small backwards angle of the neck relative to the top surface of the body. For compariso
  4. Hi Tim: I took a peek to see if I could get one sent to me to forward to you but the EBay site says they don't ship to Canada!!??
  5. StewMac may be your friend: https://www.stewmac.com/parts-and-hardware/tuning-machines/solid-peghead-guitar-tuning-machines/golden-age-vintage-style-3onplate-tuners.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=2021-02-gp&pref_currency=H&shipcalc=CAN&gclid=CjwKCAiAyc2BBhAaEiwA44-wWznpgOrvFEpcroE8gdz3z7iLqUcIFRG8K04nv3bM-k_0rHhF4qsr5xoCzp4QAvD_BwE
  6. Joseph: You will find that many players remove the factory strap buttons, put them in a little baggie in the case and replace them with locking devices. It does not matter what strap you use if it doesn't stay on the guitar.
  7. Sgt. Pepper - no faux mojo; the real thing!
  8. I understand a custom shop trying to duplicate an exact, famous guitar for an exotic collector but all other relic-ing is fake mojo. It's like buying a hardcore trail motorbike, covering it in mud and bashing the tank with a hammer to make it look like you've ridden it hard and are bad-***. Fake mojo.
  9. I've also had image sharing issues so here's another quick test:
  10. All the right curves in all the right places..... https://imgur.com/xrs4YT8
  11. wayyyyyy off topic: https://imgur.com/zRalTi8
  12. There's a massive difference between multiply binding and a single strip of plastic. If you delve deeper, you will see some guitar makers pre-shape binding using heat and then glued and simply taped in place; there must be a reason why Gibson still use the long, reusable tape method. Then there's the scraping....
  13. If you mean the EDS-1275 there are a number for sale; Reverb, Facebook Marketplace, music stores so just Google "Gibson EDS-1275"
  14. Hi Bert: Is this a new problem? A new guitar to you or used? If your intonation is perfect then the out of tune is probably due to the stretch in the string required to contact the fret when fingering the chord. Either the frets are too low and/or the nut slot (s) are too high and/or the action is really high. All made worse if the string gauge is heavy. I'm guessing that the D chord is more obviously out as the sound from the higher strings is more prominent as the lower E and A strings are not played; if the D chord is out then so will the upper part of a G chord and a chunk of
  15. I've never seen anything like this before. It's hard to believe that it left the factory that way. Please post more pictures of the whole guitar.
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