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  1. I'll second what Sal said.
  2. Simply one of the best, such a cool tone Ray Wylie gets. Watch the the low E vibrate, Dose he tune down to get that sound?
  3. Not about the tuners but in the link that Boyd put up, the pick guard came with the guitar lose not attached. See bottom photo
  4. I like how you put a photo first, I thought Larson when I saw it. That's a real custom, and looks cool
  5. That's different than what I see on my tv. To see what mine looks like I used an inspection light and look at a 45% angle at the bridge were it meets the top, and only saw grain lines, that look a bit like the zipper effect you mention. It may still be the finish being thicker between grain lines on yours. You did say it's on the ends also so may be not. I see yours didn't come with the pick guard attached, did the seller include it. Gibson provided them lose so the owners could place them at there preference. A 45 dose not look right right to me with out one. and down the pick guard rabb
  6. Bluezguy I looked at my tv and I think I see what your describing. I also looked at my Epi , and didn't see it there. Gibson and Epiphones have different finishes, Gibson= Nitro Epi= Poly . Nitro being a thinner finish, I believe it's grain lines you see at the bridge. Look at the tv and notice how the grain on the top shows thru more on the tv than the Epi I would like to see photos of yours, not just the bridge but the whole guitar thanks
  7. On my tv 2011 there is a stamp on the bridge plate it says AJ, I think it's for advanced jumbo type bracing. There are other 45s made in the same time period that have almost identical features to the tvs, but have standard bracing. I think you can tell by the distance the X brace is to sound hole
  8. I was trying to find a Gibson catalog for my 2011 45tv today, I had no luck with my searches ether. I think the early true vintage models 45 and SJ had Sitka tops
  9. Tascosa Look at my post from 3-28 yesterday Educating your self is always best, this form and others are good ways to do this. It takes time. And you will learn which advice is good We also don,t know how you want to use the guitar. as in are you a singer and accompany your self, also how long have you been playing
  10. Those MMV that I saw in GC used to fool me, thinking they were D28 They are nice guitars, have you had yours set up by some one who knows what there doing. Play ability may be to your liking after a good set up. Save your penny's and try the standards and above models of Gibson and other builders
  11. It's a Martin MMV made for guitar center
  12. Nice thread revival That was nice jt
  13. ON and ON and ON he goes With little useful content
  14. I find my calluses get to aggressive with string lines in them like yours. When changing chords or notes they make the string ring out, and hang up on the strings. I use a hand lotion on them at night I don't like groves Yes it is worth it
  15. tc electronic unitune Get it and forget it, your good to go
  16. Looking at the photos it looks like the bridge holes or pins aren't aligned. And the saddle looks thick
  17. ZW thanks for that post, I went straight to ytube to listen to that version. I had heard it before, I didn't know David Bromberg was with him. That's the gold standard, anything David Bromberg is involved with usually is. Thanks Jerry Jeff for all the songs. I've sung the hell out of them
  18. That's a beauty, the dark grain lines accent the burst. Perfect
  19. That's cool to hear another 45TV, I hope mine sounds the same, I believe it dose. Your strings look like a nickle alloy? I'm ready for a string change on mine, going back to nickle bronze after Martin PBs that are on it now. Thanks
  20. Is there any one as cool as Ray Wylie Hubbart Thanks Paul
  21. Let my soul roll on up to the Rockchester Dam thank you John Prine
  22. I had my guitar in hand when I listened, played and sung along with you. Haven't done that song in 40yrs I knew every word. Thats how much I played it 40yrs ago Stay tight guys
  23. That sounds nice Bruce, I should have looked at EJ-200s a few years ago when they were plentiful on used sites, for cheep. I did get a Epi AJ-28 1998 125th anniversary. I fell the same as you about this Epi have had it set up new nut saddle ramped and slotted bridge, great full C neck, all over tobacco burst dark bindings. There are some nice ones to be had Hope to see a NGD post on the Gibson Acoustic Form from you
  24. Verlon Thompson is a treasure, I like the the Utube video were he plays a Guild D-40 My first good guitar, still have it and play it to this day. Since 1969
  25. That's a nice one, it seems to have the features of the TV models but with a pick up. I was wondering what bracing pattern it has. My TV has AJ bracing, I can tell by a stamp on the bridge plate.
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