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  1. I would say I am intermediate. I hear my friends play guitar and they can play these bluey kind of solos/riffs that they say they just make up that sound amazing. When i try to do think of something it sounds horrible. I guess that what im looking forward to being able to do. I have read that guitar scales are very important to learn and will improve your playing ability. That's what im going to be practicing. what do you guys think about scales? worth learning?
  2. Hey guys, So I first learned to play guitar my freshman year in highschool. I took a guitar class, and boy was it a joke. I learned a few chords and some techniques but nothing really impressive. For about a year and a half after the class, i don't think i picked up my guitar once. Then I went to my first concert (Coheed and Cambria) and was blown away by both Claudio and Travis's skill on the guitar. So since then I have been teaching my self how to play. I know lots of chords, can play a lot of intros of songs, and can even play a few songs. I know techniques like bends, hammer ons and pulloffs, slides, palm muting, etc... But even with all that I feel like i really still cant play guitar. I can play the riffs that i have learned and thats it. but I can't pick up my guitar and make things up that flow or anything. So thats where i am now, what should I be practicing so I really improve? Right now I just look up tabs for certain riffs in songs that i like and learn them but I don't feel that's making me a better guitarist. Thanks guys Chris
  3. Just Curious, how do you know that?
  4. Hey guys, New to the forum so hello! Anyway, recently my uncle passed away and I am inheriting his guitar. Its a Gibson Es-335TD. What I am trying to figure out is the approximate year it was made and what the value of it is. My Aunt says believes its a 1956 but I don't think they were made that year. I believe the serial number is 061078 (hard to read from the pictures). I don't actually have the guitar so all the info i can get is off these pictures. Can't look at the pot codes. Pictures: http://s1344.photobucket.com/user/Chrisangel16/library/ Thanks! Chris
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