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  1. Haha glad to see I'm not the only one yeah you have to hold up the neck when playing the headstocks that flipping heavy I've been having a look around and would Kluson white button Tuners with the 10mm adapter bushings fit ?
  2. Hi Guys I'm looking to replace the Grover rotomatics on my Southern Jumbo Mystic Rosewood to something lighter and more vintage looking probably white or preferably aged so they match the binding. It's quite headstock heavy at the moment it'd be great to find something that would slot straight in... I don't mind having to drill extra mounting screw holes Thanks everyone 😃
  3. Hi Guys does anyone have or know the specs for a 2011 J45 true vintage please in particular the neck shape but all the specs would be great thanks everyone
  4. Wow that is a simply stunning guitar congrats man I think that's the best looking guitar I've seen from Gibson... brrrr if only I hadn't just ordered my new Atkin J 45 I would definitely been hunting one down here in the UK Enjoy your new guitar
  5. Thanks for all the advice guys it's really appreciated I think I'll change the strings for a new set. I've downloaded a iPhone tuning app now and have noticed it differs slightly from the snark clip on I'll report back once I've changed out the strings
  6. I'm beginning to think that too Dan... The tuner I use is a snark clip on but it's strange it seems spot on when I use it on my Taylor 322e Maybe it's taken a dislike to my J-35
  7. Hi I'm having a problem with my J-35 .... when I tune the high E string with a tuner, the tuner says it's in tune but the string is way sharp so I always have to tune it down to pitch by ear. It's only started doing this lately and I can't really work out why... The only change I've made is to D'Addario 12's strings instead of using Elixir HD Lights Would changing string type and gauge make a tuning problem occur ? I'm thinking of taking it in to see the guitar tech at my local store to see what he thinks the problem is I'm still loving my J-35 the top is starting to darken now an
  8. I would use whatever you like the feel and tone of Nick, personally I'm just going to change to Elixir 11's to see if there is any more mellowness in the tone I have my action quite low so the extra thickness of the HD Lights seems to stop the strings from buzzing. Oh and see if the lighter gauge are a bit easier on my finger tips lol...
  9. Hi Doug I'm not saying I dislike the Baggs element after a bit of tweeking my amp settings and the guitar's volume control I can get a decent tone. It's just not as natural sounding as the Taylor expression system but that's no surprise I guess as it has the body sensor etc and the Baggs is just an under saddle...
  10. That's interesting Nick I have put elixir HD's on my J-35 I can cope with the thicker gauge no prob but I'm not sure how great they sound, I had to adjust the neck relief slightly for them too. I'm thinking about putting Elixir 11's on it when I change the strings next to see how it sounds. I think the HD's have lost a little bit of the mellowness of the higher strings but I guess I'll see when I change. I'm going to record both and see if there's any noticeable difference. I'm still undecided about trading in my Taylor for another J-series Gibson the only thing in favour of the Taylor
  11. Yeah I have been thinking about it some more and I'm not sold on getting an LG-2 American Eagle I'm primarily a strummer with a little bit of flat picking melody etc and I'm not sure a smaller body would suit me. Would it make any sense to think about getting a J-15 or a J-45 ? Would they sound any different to my J-35 ? I was thinking having one J with thicker strings for bashing out chords etc on and one with lighter strings for flat picking and melody .... I just really what to move on my Taylor 414ce I never play it now and was thinking of trading it in ....
  12. Hi Guys after having my J -35 a few months now I'm loving it, the top is starting to darken and all the grain is starting to show through its beautiful. It's just sounding better and better too as time rolls on ! And I'm loving the shorter scale it suits me way better than my Taylor 414ce. As stated by you guys in my earlier post the Taylor has been hanging on the wall since I got my J-35 every time I get it down to play it I think meh and hang it back on the wall, the fretboard is just to wide for my taste I struggle with it now and not in the same league of comfort compa
  13. NatStrat I'd never thought of it like that it could be you're right The thing that made me think it was damage was because the grain in the wood looks almost squashed to the shapes you see on pic. Maybe it's just as you say I'm no carpenter or know much about wood etc But like I said it doesn't really bother me I was just worried incase it caused any problems further down the years Thanks for the replies guys : ) I really appreciate it
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