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  1. After reading about the quick connectors and talking to a couple of pickup makers, I'm not sure if I want to do the quick connect thing. I may do this... https://www.mojotone.com/guitar-parts/Solderless-Pre/Solderless-Pre-Wired-Les-Paul-Long-Shaft-Wiring-Kit But this seems easy as well . . https://www.ebay.com/itm/NO-TOOLS-Quick-connect-Adapters-for-Gibsons-w-humbuckers/392773301456?hash=item5b731cf4d0:g:YW0AAOSwVPBeoN~F Opinions on the quick connect vs. going old school wiring? Thanks
  2. I just bought a Gibson Les Paul Tribute. I'm going to change pickups, but when I opened it up I don't understand the wiring. How do you wire it to change pickups? Greg
  3. I was at Crazy Horse guitars in Des Moines Iowa yesterday and they have a Gibson GA-15 for sale. It was in excellent condition. Unfortunately the store owner is old school and does not have a web site. The store has been there for many years and the owner's name is John. You can google the store and get their phone number & hours. Good luck!

  4. Is your amp still for sale?
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