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  1. This is fantastic. You utterly made this your own. Well done, BK! Incidentally, I was through Omemee the other day - the 'town in North Ontario'...
  2. Yeah, that's a dream guitar, alright. I hope it finds a good home. Listening to 'More Blood, More Tracks' right now, Vol. 14. Bootleg Series. LOVE the mid-70s Dylan. btw Sal, the solo Dylan version of 'Tangled Up in Blue' on 'More Blood...' is much more manageable in terms of phrasing and rhythm for the solo player. Still gotta remember all the lyrics though!
  3. That's what I thought too. He plays it a lot in the rehearsals, and during the concerts.
  4. I watched Scorsese's film on Netflix last night....fascinating, to say the very least. Typical Dylan - fact and fiction flying at you hard and fast - perfect for these times we are now living in.... What guitar is Dylan playing here?
  5. Zomb - that one's got my heart racing....
  6. That's uglier than home made soap. 🤪
  7. Love that dry woody tone - VERY much to my liking, Sal!
  8. I don't know about on a dread, but I love elixir custom lights (between x light and light if memory serves) on my bk L-00, tuned down half a step. All bare fingers. This puts very little stress on the guitar, and is very comfortable to play.
  9. I'm not a guitar cleaner either. My guitar has a 'flat finish' area where my arm rests, too, lots of dusty stuff near the bridge, splotches, etc. I like it that way rather than looking pristine. But everyone is different - to each their own. ps Go Raptors!
  10. I owned a Martin 000-15s at one point. I never warmed to the guitar for a few reasons. My first impression upon opening the case was disappointment, as the tuning machines were gold. Def. not my favorite, and not what was listed on the spec sheet (chrome). I had to wait a long time for the guitar - basically, for it to be built, so I didn't (maybe stupidly) return it straightaway. Nevertheless, its hard to forget a disappointing first impression. I also found the guitar very very susceptible to humidity, more than any other guitar I've ever owned. I'm not sure if that is characteristic of mahogany top guitars that they hold more water, or just a one-off with mine. Especially in summer, the guitar often sounded 'wet'. I also never warmed to the fact that it was a 12 fretter and I missed the versatility of a 14 fretter more than I thought I would. Just my experience, though many people clearly love these guitars, and hog guitars in general.
  11. My 2011 BK L-00 is 1 and 3/4.
  12. Glad to see there are so many fans of Leon here - I love his playing and he was a major inspiration for me when I decided to put the flatpick away and learn to play with my fingers. So many legendary stories about this fascinating guy and to me he was the gateway to a whole era of great music!
  13. That is swwweeet. I love Teles with humbuckers.
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