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  1. I do have an answer for that, in terms of traditional LP releases - it's 'Time Out Of Mind' for me.. Other than that, I most listen to his 'Bootleg Series' releases. The recent 'Blood on the Tracks' entry from the Bootleg Series is awesome. I also listen a lot to another Bootleg Series edition called 'Telltale Signs'. Do yourself a favor and listen to it if you have Spotify. It roughly covers the period from 'Oh Mercy' to 'Modern Times', and works as a complete album. It's just fantastic. I also really liked 'Another Self Portrait' from the Bootleg Series. What is truly amazing is the quality of the songs Dylan left off a lot of his lp's that have shown up in the bootleg series. Great stuff.
  2. The first thing I noticed in the first couple tracks was the drumming. Is that Levon? There is quite a bit more of direct, woody, "stick" to the sound than Kenny Buttery, who typically sounds more mellow on Neil's records of that era. I do love that first track 'Separate Ways' which I had not heard before. It has an 'On The Beach' feel which is my favorite NY LP.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jun/18/neil-young-homegrown-review-warner-lost-album
  4. My Gibson Blues King L-00 came with a gig bag. I prefer hard cases and got a Gibson hardshell L-00 case. The gig bag now houses a cheap Yamaha nylon string classical guitar. I'm guessing your B-25 would fit in one of these Blues King bags if you can find one.
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/12/arts/music/bob-dylan-rough-and-rowdy-ways.html There is no one else from his generation that has had a third act that even comes close to Bob Dylan.
  6. With all due respect, this is not entirely correct in my experience. A 'wet' guitar sounds very mushy and lacking in punch, and the top behind the bridge swells. Sometimes it can be hard to reverse that swelling.
  7. That was really cool! Great sounding guitar, too. Thanks for posting!
  8. Was intending to learn something else entirely the other night and went down the rabbit hole Pink Floyd's 'Breathe', which I had never really thought to play on acoustic guitar. I thought I'd throw up a snippet of my progress . (There is a bit of vocal on the track, the first time I've ever posted vocals any vocals online!). Played on my 2011 mahogany Blues King with bare fingers, Elixir 80/20 Custom Lights, tuned down half a step. https://soundcloud.com/user-839148534/breathe
  9. I really, really liked this. I would definitely stop and listen to this. Just not something you hear very often with just guitar/voice. I really like your arrangement, probably my favorite thing you've done since you blew me away when you did 'Being For The Benefit of Mr . Kite' on the uke.
  10. Well at least you gave it a fair shot. It won the Grammy in 1998 for album of the year, many years after he had been written off as done.
  11. Hello in there, John - we love you.
  12. I love those, too, Sgt. Have you actually listened to 'Time Out Of Mind'? You might be pleasantly surprised.
  13. I have been bullish on this forum about how good Dylan still is, have posted clips of recent performances, etc. There are many here who disagree. But there is no one - no one - of his generation still making art like this. Mesmerizing.
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