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  1. This is really fantastic, Sal - very soulful, my friend. And I love your solo! Thank you for posting it, and all the best this holiday season!
  2. My thoughts go out to you, Jinder. I must say you are facing your challenges with admirable grace and strength. May this holiday season bring you cheer!
  3. Me too, Nick! Sal, your performance of 'In My Room' is the best part of this whole thread - thanks a lot man!
  4. This is cool. I never knew there was anything Canadian about Texas!
  5. You could buy a room dehumidifier and put it in the same room you keep your guitar. Lower the humidity in the room, and continue with the silica packs. Always keep your guitar in its hardshell case.
  6. I used a flatpick when I took up guitar 25 years ago but I've been a bare fingers only player for about 15 years or so. This summer I picked up a .73 Dunlop pick I found in an old box and....I really liked the tone I was getting with my L-00. So, I decided to learn how to hybrid pick, using flatpick-middle-ring fingers. I'm progressing well, can do Travis picking Simon and Garfunkel pattern type songs , stuff like 'Here Comes The Sun', 'Blackbird'etc. I'm going to keep with it I think and try to add more complex melodic fingerstyle type stuff with this style .Anyway I bought a pack of Dunlop picks that I haven't opened yet - I'll check to make sure they don't need a snip!
  7. Hey RBS, I'm in the GTA as well, and have bought guitars from the Twelfth Fret in the past. I've never needed repairs on my guitar, but its good to know where to get work done if needed. Have you had a lot of repair work done at 12th Fret?
  8. Loved this, Sal - well done man. Covering Dylan is NOT easy and this is great!
  9. The original 'Wildflowers' packaging had a great picture of Tom with a Martin D-40 something or other. Perhaps that was his main acoustic for that LP. The 'Wildflowers and All The Rest' vinyl cd/reissue coming out this fall has a couple of options. I think I saw there was a 9 LP edition, and a 3 LP edition.
  10. Man I miss this guy. Beautiful unreleased track from mid-90's dropped a couple days ago. Will definitely be getting the 'Wildflowers and All The Rest' vinyl this fall.
  11. Perhaps if the current President actually showed up once in a while to pay some respect, there would be no need for this type of 'political' speech.
  12. I'm not a great or confident singer Lars, but I'm coming to realize what I CAN do as a vocalist is worth focusing on. I was listening to the Bob Dylan Bootleg Series a while ago - the sessions Dylan recorded with Johnny Cash. On one of the tracks you can hear June Carter reminding Johnny Cash to 'sing the melody'. That's Johnny Freaking Cash she was talking to! That advice resonated with me. When I really work and focus on hitting the important melody notes in a vocal , it improves the whole performance. I like what you said about you liking your singing best 'live'. Why not go with that? I know you love Neil Young - he records most of his vocals live as he's playing. By no means are his vocals perfect, nor does he hit every note. But he's undoubtedly a great singer nonetheless. I've come to accept that a 'perfect' vocal performance is not really going to happen, and that's ok.
  13. That bridge is... interesting. First time I've ever seen one of these.
  14. Agreed re. clean tone. I love the clean tone of a telecaster in classic soul music, a la Steve Cropper. Muddy Waters straight up blues on the Tele. Roger McGuinn or Mike Campbell with a 12 string Mapleglo? Heaven. David Gilmour on the Strat. And Johnny Marr and Peter Buck with clean tone Ricks are also awesome. Having said that, I can dig a big fat tone on occassion too. I'm looking at you, Jimmy Page and Neil Young.
  15. I don't own any electric guitars, but there are a few I love the sound of: 1. Fender Telecasters 2. 12 string Rickenbackers- the Byrds/Heartbreakers sound. 3. Strats.
  16. Thanks for the review. It was thought provoking in a good way. To be completely honest I rarely consider all of the tonal qualities involved with strings. But reading your review, I was like, yeah, that all makes sense! I've started playing my L-00 with a thumbpick of late, after literally years and years of bare finger playing. I'm noticing many different tonal possibilities. I'm especially surprised by the amount of bass I can get out of this little guitar that just isn't there playing with a bare thumb.
  17. I do have an answer for that, in terms of traditional LP releases - it's 'Time Out Of Mind' for me.. Other than that, I most listen to his 'Bootleg Series' releases. The recent 'Blood on the Tracks' entry from the Bootleg Series is awesome. I also listen a lot to another Bootleg Series edition called 'Telltale Signs'. Do yourself a favor and listen to it if you have Spotify. It roughly covers the period from 'Oh Mercy' to 'Modern Times', and works as a complete album. It's just fantastic. I also really liked 'Another Self Portrait' from the Bootleg Series. What is truly amazing is the quality of the songs Dylan left off a lot of his lp's that have shown up in the bootleg series. Great stuff.
  18. The first thing I noticed in the first couple tracks was the drumming. Is that Levon? There is quite a bit more of direct, woody, "stick" to the sound than Kenny Buttery, who typically sounds more mellow on Neil's records of that era. I do love that first track 'Separate Ways' which I had not heard before. It has an 'On The Beach' feel which is my favorite NY LP.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/jun/18/neil-young-homegrown-review-warner-lost-album
  20. My Gibson Blues King L-00 came with a gig bag. I prefer hard cases and got a Gibson hardshell L-00 case. The gig bag now houses a cheap Yamaha nylon string classical guitar. I'm guessing your B-25 would fit in one of these Blues King bags if you can find one.
  21. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/12/arts/music/bob-dylan-rough-and-rowdy-ways.html There is no one else from his generation that has had a third act that even comes close to Bob Dylan.
  22. With all due respect, this is not entirely correct in my experience. A 'wet' guitar sounds very mushy and lacking in punch, and the top behind the bridge swells. Sometimes it can be hard to reverse that swelling.
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