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  1. All the best Sal - you can do it! And I loved the Robert Johnson! NCB
  2. Recorded earlier tonight in my basement on my Blues King L-00. This melancholy arrangement just sort of appeared out of nowhere.
  3. There have been some who have argued that this 1964 performance of Mr. Tambourine Man at the Newport F.F. was in fact *more* revolutionary than his 'going electric' performance of 'Maggie's Farm' in '65 - that *this* was in fact the moment he moved on from being the pet prodigy of the folk traditionalists by not giving them the topical/political folk song they wanted from him.
  4. Looks like a reprise of the 'All Things Must Pass' LP cover, with all the garden gnomes. Apparently George loved to garden - I remember watching some doc or other where Keith Richards said that his nickname for Harrison was 'Farmer George'.
  5. The Gibson tone. It's unmistakable, and unlike anything else.
  6. Interesting comment, kinda like the early acoustic Dylan preserved in amber. I actually admire him because he has changed so often, in so many ways. This song, 'Not Dark Yet' is just another example. The song on the 'Time Out of Mind' LP bears little resemblance, apart from the lyrics, to the slow burn approach on this track, with a wicked different chord progression.
  7. K4ZsyhQQCl4 A while ago I posted a few clips of Dylan as a young man - 'Roll on John', 'Ballad For a Friend', and 'Moonshiner'. I was in awe of the performances at such a young age. Just watched the above clip of Dylan today. Haven't been moved by a piece of music the way I was by this in a looooong time. Thank you Bob.
  8. I'm just really sorry to hear this. That really, really sucks.
  9. I read this article shortly after it was published and actually wrote a couple of comments that I added in the comments section below the article. In the one below, I was disagreeing with the writer's view that Neil's later career has been of a higher quality than Dylan, McCartney or the Stones. I took exception to that, especially with Dylan, whose work since 'Time Out of Mind' in 1997 has been outstanding. "Bob Dylan is certainly not a 'skeletal hologram' of his former self and the quality his late-career body of work for is unparalleled by anyone, far surpassing that of Mr. Young. You do capture what seems the essence of Neil, though - that he 'does' things, constantly. Consequently, it was sad to read that he is contemplating not making records anymore. Long may he run. " Overall I like Neil's stuff a lot, and like many guitarists, a lot of the first songs I learned on guitar were his. I also live pretty close to the 'town in North Ontario' he writes about in the song 'Helpless'. Also, I drive a Prius too, and love it. Not sure what the problem with that is?? (I had no idea Neil Young drove one).
  10. There are a few other early vocal performances from early Dylan, like this one, that just leave me stunned. 'Moonshiner' is one that comes to mind, and another is this one from a radio show in same time period. Just amazing.
  11. ...when he recorded this. Anyone else heard this before? Wow.
  12. In no particular order: Willie Nelson Steve Cropper Jimmy Page Django Reinhardt Ry Cooder Bruce Cockburn Johnny Marr Charley Patton Robbie Robertson George Harrison
  13. This is fantastic. You utterly made this your own. Well done, BK! Incidentally, I was through Omemee the other day - the 'town in North Ontario'...
  14. Yeah, that's a dream guitar, alright. I hope it finds a good home. Listening to 'More Blood, More Tracks' right now, Vol. 14. Bootleg Series. LOVE the mid-70s Dylan. btw Sal, the solo Dylan version of 'Tangled Up in Blue' on 'More Blood...' is much more manageable in terms of phrasing and rhythm for the solo player. Still gotta remember all the lyrics though!
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