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  1. My wife has been a trumpet player since high school. About 10 years ago when my focus switched to classical guitar, she was invaluable in helping me to learn to read music. I had about 20 odd years of playing by tab, chords, or ear under my belt by then. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to just be beginning to play guitar, and learning to read music at the same time.
  2. This thread is as wacky as a trial without witnesses. I'm voting tight.
  3. So good Sal. Wish I could sing like that.
  4. Not sure if there has been a thread on this doc yet - I'm not very good at searches here if there has! Anyway, I enjoyed this look at the origins and influences of the 'California Sound' of the 1960's. Since then I've been listening to the soundtrack a lot of duet covers by Jakob Dylan and various vocalists. Really like it, especially the covers 'In My Room', 'Never My Love' and 'Expecting to Fly' (what a magnificent composition that is, btw). Just gorgeous.
  5. I've played golf my whole life, and have had the pleasure of introducing the game to my son - he's now besting me most days! Love the game.
  6. This is simply a difference of taste. As Jeffrey Lebowski would say, 'That's just your opinion, man'. And you're treating your opinion as though it were fact. I happen to think he's still a fantastic singer!
  7. Funny that in this whole thread not one person criticizing Dylan's vocals mentioned anything at all about ANY of his recorded music since '98/Time Out Of Mind. If you actually bothered, you'd discover exactly what I wrote earlier - Bob is still a fantastic singer.
  8. Disagree completely. Bob's still a fantastic singer.
  9. Right now I'm using Elixir 80/20 nanoweb in custom light , with my L-00 tuned down a half step. In the past I have used Elixir phosphor bronze in the same gauge for a warmer tone. I play with bare fingers pretty much all the time.
  10. Man I love that movie sooo much. And I had no idea of the history of all of you guys. Very very cool.
  11. All the best Sal - you can do it! And I loved the Robert Johnson! NCB
  12. Recorded earlier tonight in my basement on my Blues King L-00. This melancholy arrangement just sort of appeared out of nowhere.
  13. There have been some who have argued that this 1964 performance of Mr. Tambourine Man at the Newport F.F. was in fact *more* revolutionary than his 'going electric' performance of 'Maggie's Farm' in '65 - that *this* was in fact the moment he moved on from being the pet prodigy of the folk traditionalists by not giving them the topical/political folk song they wanted from him.
  14. Looks like a reprise of the 'All Things Must Pass' LP cover, with all the garden gnomes. Apparently George loved to garden - I remember watching some doc or other where Keith Richards said that his nickname for Harrison was 'Farmer George'.
  15. The Gibson tone. It's unmistakable, and unlike anything else.
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