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  1. lolol ! this, is what makes this all worthwhile ... lol.
  2. pack 'em up into a Uhaul. for 8 years my band played in Delaware, Maryland & Virginia with all the gear packed into a larger band trailer. sometimes even the guitars & bass. everything survived.
  3. I agree. I've always liked them
  4. this is the guy I was going to suggest you check with, not to diminish anyone else's input. just use it. it'll let you know if & when somethings up. have fun.
  5. lol, and it was all meant in fun. glad you appreciated it. beautiful guitar by the way.
  6. good bit of investigative work there jdgm.
  7. thats excellent. and a good heads up .
  8. just quit. I quit cold turkey from 3 packs a day. you can do it .
  9. Firebird ANYTHING gets my approval. I've loved them since I was 15 yrs old. yes, your GP should deliver it. in one of those little nurses outfits.. top zipped 1/2 half down, stockings with visable garters due to skirt too short, heels ... lets put that stent to the test.
  10. you're right. I can clearly see it's not weight relieved.
  11. my Urologist is a very attractive 30 something Brunette. apparently scheduling weekly prostate exams is frowned upon. who knew ?
  12. lol ! Steve, you can do it. tobacco sucks. tough to quit.
  13. Steve Ford, how are you doing ? how are you feeling these days ?
  14. how large is your warehouse ?
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