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  1. I'm not sure if I have a secret weapon. every once in awhile I'll travel light to a gig and just take my tuner. on those nights I seem to miss my Wah the most. I love a touch of delay on some tunes too.
  2. I had my 1st gig with it over the weekend. beautiful cleans, and I really like the gain channels. I'm real happy with it. plus the weight isn't back breaking.
  3. Karloff


    not exactly a misinterpretation but for years I couldn't make out what Dylan's 2nd line was in Idiot Wind. it was just indistinguishable mumbling. "Someone's got it in for me, wrkkjjekrooif00o2;3;lcooirc';lr;l" one day I stumbled upon the sheet music. turns out he's singing "they are planting stories in the press". I had to laugh. I swear I couldn't make heads or tails of what he was trying to sing up till then. I love Bob.
  4. I used one back in the early 90s as a boost pedql
  5. for a long time I've stuck with Celestion Vintage 30's. I'm real happy with this Eminence C Rex.
  6. I probably knew that but forgot. thnx. i worked in the electronics field for 20 years. did a lot of soldering.
  7. lol, this is what keeps me coming back to this forum.
  8. on my Gibson's if I'm tuning down a 1/2 step I use 11's
  9. Joe Frazier in my book. oh wait, you mean guitarists ...
  10. Gibson needs a class in properly flowed solder joints.
  11. I'll be gigging with it, we play what we call southern blues rock. allman brothers, govt mule, blackberry smoke. stuff like that. i'm really liking it.
  12. BBP, I really like it beautiful cleans. I dial back on the gain for the dirt and kick in the amps boost for a really nice kick. I knew the clean would be sweet but I was waiting to hear it really cranked to access the distortion. lotsa meat ... everybody, I had messaged BBP prior to the purchase to get his opinion on the Hot Rod Deluxes. definately a thumbs up ...
  13. so do I actually. voluptuous brunettes are the Devil's crack pipe ...
  14. well just got a new one. Hot Rod Deluxe with the blonde tolex & Cannabis Rex Eminence spkr. 40 watts. really like it. nice & light too. some guy bought it then traded it in 2 weeks later for a smaller amp saying it was too heavy. he should try lugging around my Traynor or Ray Pelkey's Gibson combo. those things feel like they're bolted to the floor.
  15. late 70's into the 80's I had a Lab Series L5 2x12 combo. solid state but sounded nice.
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