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  1. wow, sorry I mentioned mustard juice ...
  2. actually I'm a Boston fan. have been since Brooks Robinson retired in '77.
  3. I'm sick of the fact that no matter how vigorously you shake the mustard bottle, the 1st squirt on your hotdog is watery mustard juice. Congress should look into this. get to the bottom of it. make themselves useful. and how did the O's take 2 outta 3 from the Red Sox ?
  4. I haven't exactly mentioned to the wife I bought it yet. I figured I'd fix a few things around the house first. get in her good graces then sorta spring it on her ...
  5. yep, lol. after awhile they had it under the Boss pedal display ... it's just been sitting there.
  6. well, kinda. we were sidelined for about 1 1/2 years. drummer had double rotator cup surgery. he's ok now but Joe has had some health concerns. we had a few gigs lined up in the past few months but they were canceled mainly because Joe had to back out over Covid concerns. didn't want to risk infection where his daughter Marissa has the health issues as well. but we'll no doubt play again. we'll show up after 2 years and play lol.
  7. Holy crap Steve ?!?! how did I miss this ? I dont pop in here as much as I used to. that is absolutely beautiful.
  8. I know, all the specs say 50# lol, but trust me. it's not 50 ... but you know rather than make a grossly false claim, ill just stick with its heavy. i really like it.
  9. we have digital bathroom scales good up to 300 lbs. I'm 225. I picked it up and stepped on the scales and the screen voided out. I tried to weigh it by itself on the scales the best I could. 83 lbs. someday I'll try something more accurate but meanwhile lets just say it's heavy. I really like it though.
  10. Ray, what speakers are in yours ? Jensens or Eminence ?
  11. lol. you're not kidding. its a loud one
  12. Ray, you are correct. still not as heavy as a Goldtone, lol
  13. it's a 4 pc band. Eastern Shore of Md. theres been a few gigs at a Tiki Bar by the Ocean, a standard bar towards the bar bridge & a couple Elks Lodges.
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