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  1. I've maxed out my bank account & my wifes patience ... lol.
  2. thats absolutely beautiful. my buddies music store has this same guitar. it's like a magnet when you walk in. If I hadn't already treated myself to several new things in the last 14 months, I'd probably have this one. really beautiful. classy.
  3. i agree. I've always liked the Final Cut myself.
  4. thats always really cool when that happens. about 12 years back I was with my wife and another couple at a bar. good local band was playing, the guitarist was really good. they went on break, the guitar player came up to me & introduced himself. apparently he saw me play a handful of times 10 or 12 years earlier. said at some outside gig he & his mom walked up to me afterwards. said he had just started playing. I then remembered because I thought that was really cool at the time, young kid asking for tips & pointers on playing, & complimented me on my playing. I told him as good as he's playing I should ask him for pointers now ... theres been a handful of times walking through a store / mall someone will come up & say "hey, when are you guys playing again, you guys are great" that kinda stuff. I'm gracious, polite & humble. then as soon as they walk away I look at my wife and say "whooo" and strut away like Ric Flair. lol. (I really do)
  5. my 1st gig was in 1975 at a little bar in town. I was 15. the other guys were of age. they brought me in thru the rear loading door. got $30 & free beer all night. it was awesome. one memorable gig was at a local event, played to around 3500 people. was a lot of fun. that was about 10 years ago. another memorable gig was in 1984 at a local bar. I was 24. a very attractive 40+ yr old woman really took a liking to me ... that was a good night.
  6. Karloff


    yea, there was a second one I'm thinking maybe the same year. a darker burst. recently a FB memory popped up for me from 5 yrs ago where I was hold each one up saying "which one ?". they sold the darker one late last year. I had liked this one from the get go. this music store is like my home away from home. my wife called the store once and asked them "please tell Doug to turn his phone on" lol. I know their inventory as much as they do. "oh yea, the '08 335, it's on the rear 2nd shelf, 3rd from the left." .
  7. Ray & I touched on this the other week. maybe a thread of your first gig & your most memorable gig. this has probably been done before ...
  8. Karloff


    they are. I have them in my Classic Antique. i really like them.
  9. Karloff


    lol. this is true. and actually that morning I had an appt with my cardiologist. i've got a heart monitor attached for the next couple of weeks. left the Dr's and drove straight to the music store and bought it. the "you only live once" philosophy kicked in. this thing is heavy. weighs as much as my Goldtop.
  10. Karloff


    well I dragged out my amps over the weekend. a Traynor, Peavey Classic, Orange AD30 & a Blackstar 40. sounded great through all of them, but I'm the most use to the Traynor & Peavey, use them the most so its easier to dial them in. the Orange is too dry. no reverb. still adjusting to the Blackstar. it has plenty of balls and cleans up nice . I primarily play blues rock, southern rock. ABB, Mule, B Smoke. but I joined another band earlier this year that plays a little bit of everything. really love the tone. the neck pickup seems to give that woody kinda of tone associated with the 335's. it has the 57 Classic pickups which I'm a fan of.
  11. Karloff


    I'm not sure why they didn't hang it up. but I'm glad they didn't. I'm always sending pics of different guitars to my wife and she either ignores me or texts back "NO". 5 years back I sent her a pic of this and she immediately called me saying "omg, thats beautiful, how much ?" it really plays, feels, sounds great. after all this time it hasn't sunk in that its mine.
  12. Karloff


    is the pic visable now ? thnx Doug
  13. Karloff


    treated myself to an early Christmas present for the next 3 or 4 years. 2008 ES335 Custom shop. has been in the case on a back shelf in the store since 08. I "discovered" it 5 yrs ago and have been having weekly conjugal visits ever since. at 59, I'm stuck between "you only live once" & "you've got bills to pay dumba$$". but with a minor anxiety attack, I brought her home. it's pretty sweet.
  14. well you know theres a reason they always sacrificed the virgins back in the day. they weren't about to give up their roadies with benefits ...
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