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  1. over the years total - 24 + 3 mandolins. currently - 10 . the one I've had the longest is the '72 Strat I bought in '74.
  2. you know, I bet you're right. it would probably be just like that.
  3. could you imagine being the only person in the world with memory of those songs. next band practice, "hey guys I've written a few tunes. this one is called While my guitar gently weeps. and here's one thats been laying around for awhile. I call it Penny Lane.
  4. Karloff


    I didn't know that either. go figure. yea, I really like Reverb. I check it out several times a day.
  5. wasn't he bordering on copyright infringement of the 'FONZ" ?
  6. yes, she has always been very political. and I have no comment on that subject. and I agree 100% with your comment. I really respect her.
  7. I watched it the other night. I enjoyed it. I've worn out 3 copies of Blood on the Tracks. I did fast forward through a few tunes. I liked the current interviews, looking back. Joan Baez has held up well. a good looking lady.
  8. Karloff


    yep, same here. I like reverb. the site & effect
  9. he was in the right place, but the wrong time ...
  10. i agree. some of the signatures were cool, others not so much.
  11. one thing I like, it seems the new format has done away with the signatures.
  12. you've got the perfect set up there . should be a nice relaxing 4 days. perfect weather too. have fun
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