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  1. to be honest my 335's have kinda ruined me as far as playing other guitars. I still do, and enjoy them but the 335's are it.
  2. a Seafoam green, Tobaccoburst , & Arctic White non-reverse Firebird. steinberger tuners, trapezoid inlays & binding on neck, pickup options of either Firebird pickups or Classic 57's.
  3. Goldtop, Tobaccoburst, White, Burgundy, Honeyburst, Black. the Silverburst has really grown on me.
  4. thats one reason I love used guitars. better price and pre-dinged ...
  5. it's the same for me. I have some seriously nice guitars, as all of us here do ... and while I don't pamper them, I don't abuse them either. and when the inevitable dings, nicks, scrapes & buckle rash occurs I just accept it. but one thing I'm not sure has been mentioned. Saturn's R7 belonged to his best friend who has passed away. theres tremendous sentimental value to it.
  6. lol, you're killin' it ! on fire today ... lol
  7. the black finish seems to show a lot of wood grain. theres a black SG at my buddy's store here that looks the same.
  8. I've watched this half a dozen times, I've yet to turn the sound up.
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