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  1. I hope he can come out of this. his health has been compromised over the years with cancer.
  2. trial by fire. just do it. with anyone that'll have you and as often as possible. just go for it.
  3. lol, she has serious arthritis issues these days. so on the weekends I try to make things as easy as possible for her.
  4. so far, slept in (730) , load of laundry, fed the dogs, took them for a walk, fixed breakfast for my wife (she sleeps late because of pain meds...), met my buddy for breakfast in town, pharmacy for more meds for wife, another load of laundry, scooped poop, put my gear away from gig, re-strung my 335, took carb off my bike, another cup of coffee, fixed thermostat for 2nd floor heat, added kerosene to boiler tank, getting ready to play some guitar.
  5. good Lord. thats beautiful.
  6. over the years I've told my guitar students that the only thing harder than learning how to play fast is learning how to play slow. and that you don't need to fill every space with a note. let the song breathe ... like Saturn, I don't worry about learning something note for note like a carbon copy. some tunes need to have specific licks & telltale riffs, but after that I just play.
  7. lol. my wife says she's with me as a public service. so no unsuspecting women will have to endure life with me. pretty selfless of her I think.
  8. I haven't really held my value either
  9. Karloff


    I do watch a lot of YouTube & Netflix. Ray Donovan, the Punisher (series). random guitar videos on YouTube. my wife watches the Hallmark channel. I'll suffer through that if the actress is attractive. lots of time I'll pop some old cheesy horror flick in.
  10. thats awesome. I turn 60 this May. happy belated. I bet that was a lot of fun. very cool.
  11. staying active is important. my struggle is depression. it's beaten me up for decades. it comes & goes ... todays a good day. and to be honest, it was mainly meant as a little sardonic humor.
  12. stared at the floor wondering where I went wrong with my life , got another cup of coffee.
  13. bought a sausage egg & cheese sandwhich this morning. got to work, there were two boxes of donuts outside the office. inside the office there was a big bag of bagels. email was sent, saying for lunch the boss/owner was buying everyone pizza. mt wife & I are going out tonight for our anniversary. and I'm already completely stuffed.
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