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  1. was a sad day. I've loved them since '72 when I 1st saw their tv show. RIP.
  2. I remember that performance. they were amazing
  3. God YES !!! now that would be a tour I couldn't miss
  4. even when he could hit the notes, he was still a tool .
  5. hey, how'd it go at practice ? I was really contemplting one of these. hope you like it.
  6. sounds like I would get along with Tim just fine
  7. yea, as long as I can, I will. I'm already on the books for 27 gigs this year, so far. that # will probably increase a bit. the biggest issue is my back. disc 1 - 4 are pretty jacked up ... years of physical labor & motorcycles. just life I guess.
  8. theres been times I've taken a year or two off from playing out cuz I just got burnt out on it all, or fed up with unprofessional bandmates. but I'm closing in on 60 and I've only got so many days left on this earth. I kinda want to play as long as I'm physically able. my back is getting kinda bad. by the last set it's so stiff I struggle to lean over to breakdown some of my gear.
  9. yea, for years as we breakdown & load up we say "this is what they really pay us for. the music part is free". whats that meme floating around ? LOCAL MUSICIAN : SOMEONE THAT PUTS $5000 WORTH OF GEAR IN A CAR WORTH $500, DRIVES 100 MILES FOR $50.
  10. I got to be in an all original music band from "81 to '84. it was artistically satisfying but in order to play any gigs we had to throw some covers in. we did a 60/40 mix of covers / originals. we didnt gig a lot but it was fun.
  11. exactly Ray, gotta mix it up. give them a ratio of known tunes versus originals. and bit by bit ...
  12. id like to give the Magnums a try . I like 11's on my Gibsons. they would be nice for 1/2 step down tuning
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