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  1. thats the one. I feel uncomfortably saying "I love this pic" because of the God awful circumstances that came about and what you & your wife have had to deal with but maybe from a "life goes on" angle this pic is pretty awesome. thanks for reposting. and again I'm sorry for this crap you guys are still dealing with.
  2. hang in there TMan. can you repost that pic of your property cleared, and the guitar sitting on it's stand ?
  3. I didn't give it a listen but I did keep fast forwarding till she took the coat off to get a better look at the boots ...
  4. roughly 2 wraps around the post and stretch the crap outta them. little to no tuning issues, or at least out of the ordinary.
  5. Steve, I'm sorry I missed this. so sorry to have read this and for your loss. you need to go get another boxer immediately. it helped me when our Boris died from Cancer 5 years ago. matter of fact we wound up with 2 boxers.
  6. same here. I either like it or I don't. and if I like the guitar enough I adjust to whatever the neck may or may not be.
  7. we still believe in you ! lol
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