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  1. it works just fine ... i dont use towels like that though. cotton tshirt material for applying the wax, cotton diapers for buffing. plus I use the paste, not the spray. Taylor uses Turtle wax on their guitars before they ship. not the satin finishes though. but there will always be the cork sniffers that have to buy "guitar polish" for theirs. a little research never hurts. maybe inbetween your 10 to 15 paragraph posts, you can Google it.
  2. Tuner, Wah, then 3 boost from JC "Surfpup" Moretta & a Bluesdriver I just added. the loop board - Uni-Vibe, MXR Delay, Keeley Reverb & Sonic Stomp. I use the wah here & there, Hendrix & Trower stuff. seriously love JC's boost pedals. added the Bluesdriver for the Fender DeVille. Uni-Vibe is for Trower & Govt Mule tunes, love a bit of Delay here & there. I like the Keeley verb. easier to dial in tyhan the DeVille reverb. Sonic Stomp stays on.
  3. that was a funny show
  4. how are you going to cut through the mix with just 200 watts ? that's silly.
  5. Karloff


    im guessing theyre calling it a 60s neck but its not that thin. def not a 50s. inbetween to be honest
  6. that a Steak bowl with Queso from Chipotle will CLEAN . YOU . OUT ...
  7. if Shula had put Unitas in earlier than the 4th quarter, the Colts would have won. Broadway Joe wouldn't have a ring ...
  8. Karloff


    lol, we'll be having some later !
  9. Karloff


    nice. sweet & thick
  10. Karloff


    Nope. None of that stuff. Just a plain ol LP.
  11. Karloff


    beats me ... lol
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