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  1. Thank you for that info. Very much appreciated. I paid $300 last year. So that is not a mahogany body and neck?
  2. this guitar was built 5Feb2003 per serial number, any idea what model it is? thanks please disregard signature.
  3. I bought a new 2015 midtown standard that had 9-46.Gibson has been doing for a while.
  4. So a few years ago I swapped my classic 57 pups for some SD pups. I took pictures of before and after of wiring for reference. Well as things go pictures are gone and I want to put my classic 57 back in but I have no diagram to tell me where to put wires. Can anyone help me with that? thks
  5. the dog


    1-from 2000's 2-just Gibson 3-fine
  6. the dog


    Are Gibson dog ear p90 pickups all the same? Are there variations in p90 pickups?. I have a Melody maker that sounds very thin compared to a sg I used to have.
  7. Graph tech...good stuff.....I'm using their nut and saddles on my led paul
  8. Oh my, I can't believe this is still being discussed!!!! at least 3 years
  9. That's real nice.'...I like it with the zebra pups....
  10. OK...might as well just delete this thread then.....
  11. congrats man....way to go
  12. l would appreciate all comments.... Thanks
  13. CB,I hope for Kansas's safety this will end soon. I hope you all stay safe and out of harm way....good luck....
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