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  1. Yes they are 4 wire and ground. Thanks so much for info. perfect....
  2. Can anyone supply a link for a 2013 Les Paul Signature T wiring diagram. It has push/pull volume knobs to split coils. I have the original 57 pups and capacitor to put in place of the Seymour Duncans that are in there now. Thanks for any help.
  3. Thank you for that info. Very much appreciated. I paid $300 last year. So that is not a mahogany body and neck?
  4. this guitar was built 5Feb2003 per serial number, any idea what model it is? thanks please disregard signature.
  5. I bought a new 2015 midtown standard that had 9-46.Gibson has been doing for a while.
  6. So a few years ago I swapped my classic 57 pups for some SD pups. I took pictures of before and after of wiring for reference. Well as things go pictures are gone and I want to put my classic 57 back in but I have no diagram to tell me where to put wires. Can anyone help me with that? thks
  7. the dog


    1-from 2000's 2-just Gibson 3-fine
  8. the dog


    Are Gibson dog ear p90 pickups all the same? Are there variations in p90 pickups?. I have a Melody maker that sounds very thin compared to a sg I used to have.
  9. Graph tech...good stuff.....I'm using their nut and saddles on my led paul
  10. Oh my, I can't believe this is still being discussed!!!! at least 3 years
  11. That's real nice.'...I like it with the zebra pups....
  12. OK...might as well just delete this thread then.....
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