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  1. thanks for the input, i was thinking .012's too
  2. Hi everyone, i was just wondering if you could share some of your J 200 experiences string-wise? Which string gauge do you prefer on your Jumbos, and what kind of experience have you had with other string gauges? I am currently using .011 on my J 200, and it kinda feels like those are too light for the string-neck tension, so i am definitely considering getting into a thicker gauge, but i don't wanna get ahead of myself and go with something too thick and unsuitable for a guitar like this. Feel free to share your thoughts, i'd appreciate it a lot! cheers
  3. I was a bit suspicious about the neck on my J 200 so i did a test to try and determine how straight (or not) the neck is. The method i used was capo on 1st fret, then fretted the 14th fret, and then checked out how much space is there between the high/low E string and the 7th fret. Turns out that the low E string is fine, but the high E string has NO space, and is pressed directly against the fret. According to all of the tutorials i've seen, this would indicate a warped/twisted neck. The guitar itself doesn't have any unusual fret buzz or dead frets, although it DOES buzz sometimes (A a
  4. Thanks a lot for the advice guys. A lot of useful info from everyone! i'll let you know how it all turned out.
  5. here's a pic of how it all looks like from the inside, high E string being on the far left. The ball ends are all against the bridge plate, but i'm not really sure if this supposed to look like this. Also, as i was detuning the strings to loosen them so i can stick my phone inside, i noticed that the G string produced even more of that rattle/buzz as i was detuning it. So now i'm pretty positive that it's something to do with the strings and/or pins. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP AND INPUT!
  6. For sure. As far as i can tell, the end pin feels really tight on the outside. I'm gonna have to give it a check on the inside. Do i just take the strings off and stick my hand inside, see if anything is loose?
  7. yeah, the pins do have the tendency to climb out when bringing the strings up to tension, i just press them down with my thumb :) as far as the sound color goes, i was thinking the same thing - no need for more brightness, nor volume. I'll try out the masking tape trick!
  8. Thanks for the info, i'll definitely look into it. The specs for j200 standard say tusq saddle on the gibson site though? Should i upgrade to bone? The pins aren't defined, and although i'm no expert, but they definitely look like plastic to me.
  9. That's the thing, when i'm restringing, the pins are completely loose and they slide up and down into the pin position completely effortlessly. so basically if i turned the guitar upsidedown, they would literally just slide out of their position and fall out. They seem to be firmly positioned in their place only when the strings are tightened up to pitch. And yeah, the guitar has electronics, but because of the pin issue, i assumed the pins would more likely be the cause. I'll check the electronics too, definitely.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm experiencing some kind of a rattle in the bridge pins/saddle area of my j200 standard. The pins and the saddle are factory ones, and when the strings are being changed, the pins are completely loose until the strings are tightened up to pitch. Meaning that the pins are sliding up and down their pin position in the bridge 100% smoothley. The bridge looks completely fine and shows no wear and tear or cracks whatsoever. I'm not really sure if that's something that could be the source of the buzzing i'm hearing, but i would like to try out some more quality pins. I've see
  11. no problem with the guitar, i bought the gibson guitar "care pack" which contained a guitar polish for nitrocellulose finishes, which i use for my custom SG (as reccomended by Gibson in their owner's handbook), so i was just wondering if I could apply the same polish on my J-200. thanks
  12. Hi guys, quick noob question - can i use Gibson restorative finish cream (for nitrocellulose finishes) on my 2012 j-200 standard? thanks, Gordan
  13. cool, thanks a lot guys! much appreciated :)
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