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  1. For me it was 'Love Stinks'- great pop track
  2. 'Baby Blue' is just one of those songs, isn't it? Tugs at the emotions somehow.
  3. I've always really liked that song- thanks for sharing😊
  4. I remember watching an old bloke prepping up his plane to fly it at our local oval when you could still do things like this, before the Fun Police legislated everything out of the bounds of Joy. It was a Catalina Flying Boat, with a wingspan of about 8 feet!! Had 4 6cc motors and prop diameters of around 12 inches! It was massive. I waited for well over an hour while he tinkered with it, but never got to see it in the air. I always regretted not hanging around long enough to see it fly, but I was due at a sports event.
  5. Is nobody else won over by these beauties? Surely it's not just me??
  6. As a footnote, I'm thinling about opering her up and fitting a pair of switching jacks to give me a pair of speaker outs at 5 watts per side to play through a pair of bigger speakers ( in stereo, no less! ), to increase her versatility .
  7. I'm happy to have you as a friend

  8. Sorry, I posted this in the lounge, then decided to copy it here. Although it's not an Epi amp, I needed something considerably quieter than my Valve Junior to practice with at home, and I'm so delighted with this little thing that I wanted to share it with you guys. I know there was a thread a while ago where someone was asking about the best beginner effect pedals to get, and one of the regulars raved about his Yamaha thr10 modelling amp. It got me curious so I've been keeping an eye on them, and finally I thought " Bugger it!" . Yeterday I bought myself the 10c, described as the " Boutique" version. Unlike other modellers, the Yamaha boys model the individual components in the amp model, rather than modelling the final sound of the amp model, thereby giving more realistic valve simulation. Well, unlike a lot of you out there, I have no experience with the real amps included, but 'WOW', this is one seriously good sounding amp! Quite loud for a 10 watt tranny, with the bonus that you can crank up theamp sections, but turn down the output whilst retaining tha cranked sounds. And versatile as hell! Intended as a bedroom amp, I've seen demos of this thing miked up, and they sounded too good to believe. Now I believe. Stereo as well, and you can even use it as a hi-fi player for your ipod, whatever- or feed music into to play along with, with individual controls for inputs. Usb into a computer for recording, which gives you parallel dry/ wet feeds, some good yet simple onboard effects, and simple preset facilities with more sophisticated tone modeling via software. This thing really is amazing. If you get a chance, try one out! There's also the 'x' model, which is aimed at higher gain amps. [ Just an update for anyone who's interestesed- it's now 5 months since I bought this little beauty and it only gets better as you learn your way around it! I adore this fantastic bit of gear and would recommend going to a store and having a little play around with one. Ps quite a few Youtube demos for anyone interested.
  9. Women without whiskey - Drive-by Truckers
  10. An old favourite in my car CD player at the mo'- The B52's first album, great fun music
  11. Vogue- Madonna ( sorry, you left me few options!)
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