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  1. My 2014 Casino is a lovely guitar.and an Ibanez wouldn't be a Casino , would it?
  2. Yeah, that string length thing took me by surprise! Bit of a PITA isn't it?
  3. Is nobody else won over by these beauties? Surely it's not just me??
  4. I know it's not a real tube amp, but do yourself a real big favour and investigate the Yamaha THR series. They are truly remarkable. I opted for the THRc, described as the ' boutique' amps version, and after 7 months it's still getting even better as I learn how to tune each amp to achieve different sounds. Coupled with the great and simple on- board effects, It is simple plug in and play for fantastic tones. I've heard some complaints that 1- it's not loud enough to gig with(?) and 2- some amp models aren't very useable. In response to 1- that's not the reason for a home amp now really ,is it? ( BTW, it gets loud enough to be too loud for a home practice amp) And 2- I don't think that anyone who has spent more than a couple of hours with one could complain about any of the models having learned the foibles of each of them( different responses to EQ , gain, etc.) The strength of these amps is that you can dial in your cranked tones, then turn down the output volume to desired levels and keep your tones. Also usb connection to pc to get inside and extensively sculpt presets to load into the 5 available preset slots, and for recording into a DAW with both dry and wet signals simultaneously Oh, and if you want to, they sound superb through headphones, and you can line in from an ipod etc for backing, listening ( truestereo hi-fi), and to top it all off, they take pedals brilliantly.
  5. Niel Young reckons his Rust tones come ( at least in part) from an extremely microphonic Firebird? Pickup in 'Ol Black (his battered old LP) which he says is so microphonic you can talk into it! Ps is there any way of reasonably un- potting a potted pu? I've got a couple of Epi HBs I wouldn't mind experimenting with just for a bit of fun.
  6. As a footnote, I'm thinling about opering her up and fitting a pair of switching jacks to give me a pair of speaker outs at 5 watts per side to play through a pair of bigger speakers ( in stereo, no less! ), to increase her versatility .
  7. With fun!! Actually, I don't seem to have too much of a problem unless I'm up close to and facing my amp. Then again, I'm not playing big amps...
  8. Although I must say she sounds very nice with the heavies, I prefer the feel of lighter strings, and I'll go lighter just to be on the safe side. I may go a little heavier than I was, however, probably just 10's. Ps- given the space of a couple of days, the tinniness HAS gone- must have been the old strings ( which had a plain g ) and me looking for ghosts in the woodwork!
  9. I'm happy to have you as a friend

  10. Are you looking to adopt? Cos I'm looking to shift into your son's life. My parents struggled to buy me a pushbike!
  11. I'm not overstressing this little box with these big strings, am I?
  12. Yeah, I didn't even mean to buy my natural- I was in the store for something else , saw it on a stand behind the counter, asked to hold it, smitten big time. And the awesome sound! Better than sex ( at my age, anyway)!
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