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  1. For me it was 'Love Stinks'- great pop track
  2. 'Baby Blue' is just one of those songs, isn't it? Tugs at the emotions somehow.
  3. I've always really liked that song- thanks for sharing😊
  4. It't be perfect for 5.1 as it was recorded in Quadraphonic!
  5. thrilled to see you pick Sunnyboys! Absolutely great LP. I still hammer that all the time!
  6. Similar story for me-just about all my inspiration has come from this forum over about the same period. Great discussions and learned people. Some of the other sites are dreadful!
  7. Disney's 'original' bears no resemblance to the Kipling 'Mowgli' stories it was based on. They are very violent and dark in places, echoing survival in the jungle. This is animated , by the way, super- realistic . Amazing. Can't wait!
  8. That is gorgeous in walnut, isn't it?! Sweet!
  9. Fantastic! The glimpses they give seem to indicate that it's pretty close to Kipling's book, always been a favourite, in fact I've just re-read it yet again recently. Which means it'll bear no resemblance to the Disney movie- much more sinister and dark in places.
  10. I've always been fanatical about hearing protection for that very reason. Also about eye protection, that on account of being smacked fair- square in the left eye by a golfball driven from 40 yards away by some ******** who didn't follow golf protocol. Screwed that eye up real good for me.
  11. My moment started, believe it ir not, at 4 years old with the Beatles. I had young groovy parents who had a killer record collection, Buddy Holly, Elvis, twiilights, Orbison, Glen Cambell, Platters, etc, etc. sang my heart ouy, took me 25 years to attempt an instrument, 15 more to really try them. Talk about wasting your halcyon days! But music has always been my passion, 50 % of my income for 20 years went on music and Hi-Fi. Wish I'd spent it on instruments.
  12. Am I wrong in thinking this is a sad story? Stupid blind girl? What sort of arseholes did you go to school with! My schoolmates were always simpatico with any one with physical difficulties . You would have been feted in my schooldays . We were always protective without being offensive here in adelaide. I hate arseholes with a passion. I'm not a big bloke but I was always there for my challenged friends. No condecension implied thrre, just an equalling of the playing field. More power to you in your quest. Glad you rose above it. Cheers and kudos.u
  13. It's like some law of physics pr something isn't it. Drop a small screw etc on a bare floor and it vanishes into some void never to be seen again.
  14. An advantage with iphones is the plethora of music software and hardware available , that is, guitar apps and gear sims. A relatively simple cheap interface will give you in/ out, and they are remarkably good. The main one I play around with is Amplitube. Check it out. I've also got some automated rythm/ drum apps to play along with. Lots of em out there.
  15. ELO were awesome! Just been re-discovering them from my yourh of late. So under-remembered.
  16. Hear, hear ( or is it here, here?)-not a bad moment on it!
  17. yer Blues is one of my all time Beatles favourites! (There's a great live performance of it on'Rock'n'Roll Cicus featuring Lennon, Keef, and Eric).Only song on the album I'm not fond of is Oh-bla-di
  18. Yep, I was a big fan of those TDK's, very good and veerry pretty as you say.. Ampeg had a few good ones as well. I've still got quite a few old tapes that were car mixes, mainly, and I only just realised that the micro stereo on my back verandah has a tape player , so I've been having fun out there! These tapes have been played 100's of times, and they still sound pretty good. I actually used to record an LP as soon as I bought it, then archive the vinyl and play the tape . Had a collection of 100's of taped albums, untold hours of work. Some lowlife relieved me of all of them( and most of the rest of my belongings) one night while I was working night shift.Totally broke my heart. BTW I also craved those Nak, also out of my price range.
  19. Please don't remind me how old I am. I get enough feedback from my body on a daily level!
  20. Panties in the face is one of the good things in life, isn't it?
  21. I still have that Aiwa, which , incidentally was the deck of choice for a sound engineering school where I live, in storage. It's also a beautiful looking piece of gear, all anodised aluminium and glass faces- gorgeous! You don't see equipment like that anymore.I also have a later generation flagship Yamaha from the late 80's still. Both need belts, etc. I can't bear to part with them! By the way, you win with the Nakamichi! Weren't they great decks?! And , in reference to your last paragraph, I suspect that many who leap to the defence of digital are from that generation to whom you refer. All book learnin' and no empirical experience.
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