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  1. Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone out there has tried any of the Wilkinson pickups. I stuck a set of the zebras in my Dot Studio and I really like 'em. Even more so when I started fiddling with their heights relative to the strings and each other.pretty cheap too. I know that they're licensed and made in Asia somewhere but I'm pretty happy with them. Now as a little experiment I've just bought an 8.5 ish k P-90 to swap around with them in various possies to explore that range of possibilities.I.ve already fixed a few pots/switches since I bought it but this time I'm thinking of re-looming it with better quality wiring. I'm quite interested in the Tonestyler pot but after reading some posts I may have a go at building a slackers version of one out of curiousity.I'm thinking 6 stages- any suggestions about the selection of cap values I should use for a decent graduation( I'm no electronics whizz by any stretch!) By the way I'm a newbie- sorry if I've overlapped subjects here but I was on a roll...
  2. Something I actually meant to ask about,Geezah, them bridge pins. You just answered me on another post about strings. Every little thing helpsI
  3. Thanks Geezah, I figured these were a little light. I was pretty sure that my saddle wasn't compensated but I wouldn't know what Tusq looked like having never used it. Sounds good in reviews tho'. I like mine a lot too I quite like the bottom three strings in that gauge, thought I might just go up a gauge on the top 3 and see how it sounds- it's A little strident at times with these strings- mind you I'm splitting hairs there- I really can't put this girl down....
  4. Hello everybody.I am curious as to which strings other people prefer on their PR5e's. I'm currently running with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys 9-42 but that's mainly because I use them on my Dot Studio. Really love the git and every one of my friends who have picked it up really like it as well. Also I was wondering if the nano flex pickup sits under the bridge or the saddle? And has anybody got any feedback on saddle/ nut swaps in these. I read variously that the saddle is compensated and/ or Tusq. Is either true ?
  5. Well here's my first post! Just about to attempt fitting some nifty Luminescent 6mm dot fret markers into my beloved Black Studio, along with 2 mm side dots of the same material. Come from a Japanese mob named Luminlay. Got myself a 2 mm brad point and a 6 mm Forstner bit for the job, but I'm starting to get cold feet! I've done my other mods myself but drilling's a bit scary. Got a Bigsby B7, Wilkinson Zebra PAFs, Roller bridge. Any helpful suggestions would be welcome. I'm a bit nervous about finishing the fretboard and leveling the dots once they're in. Side dots are no real issue. While I'm at it I thought I might Give the frets a bit of a look at. Also I was thinking of a Tusq pre-slotted nut. Incidentally, I'm pretty happy with the Wilkinson pups.I may buy a P -90 of some sort to whack in the bridge possie to see if that combo sounds any good.
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