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  1. I think that perhaps you're underestimating the quality of the old analog recording gear. From at least the early 60's the abilities of the best gear was astounding. The range of frequency was easily beyond that of the human ear, with all of the associated complimentary dynamics present to give a very real representation of the recorded material. Shortcomings were more at the reproduction end, unless you were privileged to have access to the best audiophile equipment. There are more disadvantages to modern digital audio than there are advantages, in terms of accurate analog representation, which, after all, is how we hear.
  2. Love Fripp's stuff. Downloaded a Sylvian/Fripp performance a while back and it's awesome. I think it's called' 2 Thieves'. Unique and brilliant.
  3. Yeah! Or a Gaggle of Geese, a Parliment of Owls, etc.
  4. At that point in time, when he ruled supreme, it probably would have been odd NOT to see him if you were able!
  5. If my memory serves me correctly, he was a classically trained pianist. Fantastic guitarist, probably my first guitar hero. Ziggy Stardust had an LP note ' To be played Loud!' , advice I took to with zeal!! My whole neighborhood knew that record intimately!!!
  6. That title sounds almost like a good collective noun for a bunch of guitars- ' A Gluttony of Guitars' ! Nice one!
  7. And I wonder how many guitars die on a daily basis worldwide?
  8. I remember watching an old bloke prepping up his plane to fly it at our local oval when you could still do things like this, before the Fun Police legislated everything out of the bounds of Joy. It was a Catalina Flying Boat, with a wingspan of about 8 feet!! Had 4 6cc motors and prop diameters of around 12 inches! It was massive. I waited for well over an hour while he tinkered with it, but never got to see it in the air. I always regretted not hanging around long enough to see it fly, but I was due at a sports event.
  9. In a morning from a Bogart movie, In a country where they've turned back time, You come strolling through the crowd like Peter Lorre Contemplating a crime...... Or She comes outa the sun in a silk dress Running like a watercolour in the rain... There's always such a lilting beauty to his lyric.
  10. Always been a devout Al Stewart fan. Makes me think about all the debate re the Joe Walsh posting, and I think I swing into the Joe Walsh camp. Who makes stuff like this now? If you really want a taste of Al at his peak, try the 'Past, Present and Future ' album. A masterpiece. The song 'Roads to Moscow' is one of my top ten of all time. Such diverse subjects throughout all of his music, the bloke is a modern minstrel.
  11. It's hard to communicate what makes it so good, isn't it? You really have to spend some time with it to learn how to use it best. 11 months and it still surprises me when I start experimenting. I dabbled a bit in the guts of it via the USB, but ,really , just with the settings available on the unit it's brilliant. One thing the 'c' has is a reverb setting which is a 'hall reverb + tape echo'. Brilliant. It sounds HUGE.
  12. Try not to let the weariness grind you down and weaken your resolve. You sound like a very strong person, and I admire you for your stoic endurance. Really wish you all the best, friend, and my heart and hope go out to you in these extremely difficult times.
  13. I know I probably sound like a broken record, and give everybody the sqitters, but look at the Yamaha THR series, particularly the 'C' model. Not a real tube amp, but mind blowing. I love mine more every time I play it, and so versatile. Perfect for a bedroom amp.
  14. No, but that's the exact same one!! Colour and all. It actually belonged to a friend, I remembered him telling me about it over 25 years ago.he's not a player, and I recalled it a couple of years back and asked him what happenned to it. Would you believe it had been sitting in his shed all that time completely unprotected and exposed to all sorts of horrors. It looked dead! So covered in crud that I dismantled it, had to scrub it with STEEL WOOL toget it clean, sprayed contact cleaner throughout all the electrics, and it didn't even need a truss rod tweak!!! It is such a fun guitar, made in Japan in late 60's/ early 70's for Woolworths chain, as far as I've been able to find out. Linear switches, huge single coils, even a bound neck! Zero fret, you can bend the guitar about a 1/2 step with ease, it really is fun to play. Could be made of balsa wood for all I know, but it sounds really good as you could tell from that Youtube clip. It's ironic that I hear so much about guitar care and yet this freak plays so well after all she's endured. Kills through effects!
  15. As you can see, I'm not fixated on a classic look- got my own thing going. Trying to find a cream or Casino truss rod cover and debating whether to put a cream pickguard on her. BTW, pics don't do the luminousity of the dots any justice. They glow like neon, and for some time! Weren't cheap, but I figured what the hell- something different to pearl or abalone. That was a nerve- racking job, let me tell you. Had to steel myself to drill into the neck, and quite a bit of finishing after the dots were fitted. Scraped the coating off the frets, smoothed em right out, they feel fantastic now. Also smoothed off the fretwire ends while I was at it, she's really comfortable under hand now. That also goes for the roller bridge, it's so much more comfortable to rest on than the TOM was, and the tuning is as stable as it could be. The p-90/ bucker combo sounds great to boot! As far as the linear pots go, I find them much more precise than the audio tapers, works well with the tonal differences between the pickups. It was all a great learning curve, and most of the knowledge came from these forums. Thanks to any and all of you for the feedback that enabled me to undertake any of the stuff I've done. I may go for more expensive pups eventually, but it's actually hard to find fault with those that are in her. PAF is a Wilkinson, P-90 retrofit is from an Aussie company named 'Mr Fabulous'. Qute happy with them both, although I'd like to try an un- potted bucker as an experiment. Really trying for that Neil Young sound.
  16. For now, I just tried a couple with the Ipad. Here goes....
  17. I must be 'Photobucket challenged' cos I did attempt it some time ago with no success! Should try again I suppose.
  18. I had break angle problems on an old beater I have and love, but not the usual things. This old Sakai has a really strange trem/ bridge on it. The trem is a self- contained unit that drops into a routing and has the spring inside the housing, all capped with an ashtray style cover that pivots up to re-string. Actually works rather well . The bridge is a strange version of a roller in that all the saddles are discs that are threaded and spin onto a threaded shaft, all differing diameters to achieve a bridge radius, and enabling you to alter the string spacing. Unfortunately, the break angle was so shallow that the high e string would pop out of it's slot with any encouragment. I solved this by ignoring the trem and stringing thru body with ferrules to give a much steeper break angle. Solved the problem but changed the way it played quite a bit. Nowhere near as 'loose' as it was, which was one of it's endearing qualities.
  19. I made the mistake of bying a Fender coiled cable. No complaints with the souns, but what a frickin' PITA!! Like trying to untangle spaghetti!
  20. I've always had trouble posting them. Keep getting told I've 'exceeded my global limit' or something. These mods happened over some time, BTW. Wasn't just a single project. She's an ongoing thing!
  21. I went nuts on my Epi Dot Studio! B7 Bigsby, Roller Bridge, P90 in the neck, PAF in the bridge, re-loomed with shielded push-back wire, linear pots( I like em better than audio). I drilled and fitted dot markers face and side, using some flash Jap' luminous material, sanded and shaped the back of the neck, polished the frets, changed the pu rings for cream ( it's a full ebony guitar ) , cream LP Rythm/ Lead ring. It all went great, As much by luck as by skill, funnily enough it turned out exactly as I desired. I love this guitar as do all of my friends, it never hangs on the wall when anyone's around. I have a good mate I've known for 45 yrs who is a closet guitar master and he makes my Studio sing. In ways I never will. Next up is a Zero Glide Fret or whatever they're called, I can't recall right now.Did all of it myself as a novice, and enjoyed every stressful moment of it. I wouldn't have dared to do this to a more expensive guitar, but it really paid off and my Casino is languishing in it's case most of the time, lovely though it is.
  22. Good thing he could play guitar 'cos his career as a fashionista wasn't gonna go so well.....
  23. The beat up old cassette I have sounds from the description of this sessions set to be the entire recording of the bbc session of 71. I seem to recall the owner( who I never met and wouldn't loan the friend who got it taped the lp so I could tape it on my superior hi-fi gear) said it was called ' An Authourised BBC bootleg'. It's awesome though! Wish I had that LP.
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