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  1. It's such a portentious song, isn't it? Ripe with seemingly deep meaning and I find all the guitar runs thrilling. It's in my car cd at the moment and I can't stop repeating it every time it ends.
  2. Not much he can't do Tman! I'm just getting back into Zep after a long lull and I'm constantly being reminded of why I was so into them so long ago! I've got a crappy old cassette of a live BBC set that I can't identify and it is heads and tails above any other live Zep that I've heard. Every track is the best version I know of! I'd love to track down a good copy.Dazed and Confused and The Immigrant Somg are two particular standouts. We have/ had a cover band in Oz called Zep Boys I've seen a few times and you leave the show thinking.how brilliant they were. Then you get home and put on the real stuff and realise just how far short they really fell.
  3. I was wondering because if that was microphonics, then I'm sold on the unpotted paf idea! I know that Neil Young's 'Ol Black' has a Firebird hb in the bridge that's so microphonic that according to his tech you can talk into it! - And I do love me some Neil.
  4. Yeah, Rabs, I bought a Casino but I keep going back to the Dot Studio! As you so rightly point out, the middle position roars. It's even better messing with the tone control with linear taper. I'm not sure, but I thing different caps are recommended for each pickup, but being a single control I just stayed with the hummer cap value. Maybe that positively contributes to this guitar's great sound as well. Have you seen my post about Jimmy Page? I'd be interested in your opinion there, if you don't mind. Cheers, Steve
  5. Sorry guys, I know it's 'only' an Epiphone, but out of curiousity I put a cheapie P90 humbucker retrofit in the neck of my hottrodded Dot Studio and it transformed it into just what I was looking for. It sounds mighty, particularly through effects. When I've got some more 'playmoney' I'm going to get a better P90 to replace it, and I'm thinking about trying an unpotted humbucker in the bridge. By the way, as it is now, the P90/ Humbucker combo works fantastic with the Studio's single volume and tone controls- volumes match well and the tonal differences are quite diverse depending on the tone position. By the way, I swapped both vol/ tone pots out for linear tapers, and personally I much prefer the way they work to the audio tapers. Much more predictable, particularly with this pickup combo.
  6. First, let me preface this by stating that I am a guitar hack- didn't really try til late in life due to a misguided belief that artists were born, not made, and because I couldn't play within 5 mins then I wasn't talented enough. So everything now is a steep learning curve. Now, my question is this; I've been hitting Physical Graffiti for the first time in many years, and now that I know a lot more than I did about guitars and all their technologies I find myself analysing everything to pieces. In 'The Rover' you hear a lot of what sounds like pinch harmonics, but I've noticed whenever I see Page playing something he holds his pick really high, doesn't look like he chokes it. Which seems contrary to what I've learned about getting pitch harmonics. So I'm wondering is this actually microphony from unpotted pickups ?
  7. There's a selection to choose from- alnico through to ceramic magnets, different levels of ' hotness' the 'hyper vintage' seems to be the one to go for. The clip you watched was probably the'chisel' which seems metal orientated. There's a few interviews on the net with Joe Naylor, their creator, and the guy really sounds like he knows his stuff. From designing amps, guitars, all the way through. I really like the lateral way this man looks at things.
  8. Don't forget 70's aussie stuff- some great gear in there!
  9. Not except for audio samples and youtube demos. The technology seems sound, and several artists including Reeves Gabrels rave about them. The whole idea of the rail section improving wound string definition with oversize slugs for the unwounds sounds very convincing and logical but , hey, what do I know? They look effing great though! For what it's worth, the youtube demos seem to back up the claims.
  10. Has anybody here tried any of the Railhammer pickups? They certainly sound interesting by description, but I'd like some personal feedback before I forked out the moohlah.
  11. I posted elsewhere regarding the Beatles that all the equipment, guuitars, amps, etc, were great back in yhe day, but the video and live audio capabilities were dismal, leading to our diminished visualisations as to the performances. In fact, a 1963 Beatles performance was probably, in terms of impression, be akin to a Foo Fighters or wwhater show today. Maybe even bigger. Cream must have been a ( literally ) life changing experience for many people at the time. There are moments in time which are priceless, and the music of the period is usually the best commentary on the occasion, if you will.
  12. There is a phenomenon in illness whereby one feels that they will never feel whole again, and despair sets in. You forget what feeeling well is . And then one day you realise that you feel good and getting well has snuck up on you. Despair is the enemy. My love to you my friend.
  13. Fantastic doco! A revelation to me, and I would say to his critics that any drummer held in such high regard by his drumming peers should be beyond criticism by non- drummers. To deny his abilities is simply absurd. When Eric Clapton snorts derision at placing Bonham and Moon anywhere near his calibre, you should take heed. By the way, any human that holds his animall companions in such high esteem wins a ' Get out of gaol free' card from me regardless of how he treats other people. His personal history explains a great deal about his demons, I think. Unarguably earned his place in the pantheon of music gods, so saddening to end up in the space that he did. All modern music owes him a debt and respect, regardless of his ascerbic personality. I don't listen to something and not like it merely because the artist is an arsehole. If I did, there'd be little left to listen to.
  14. Starpeve


    When I read Autotune, I thought you were refering to that hideous piece of crap that pervades all vocal recordings nowadays. Another reason to dwell in the past.....
  15. My 2014 Casino is a lovely guitar.and an Ibanez wouldn't be a Casino , would it?
  16. Yeah, that string length thing took me by surprise! Bit of a PITA isn't it?
  17. Starpeve


    Hahaha right on! They're like demons with memories like elephants!!
  18. Actualy, not demonstrably true. Materials are one of the sticking points, and engineering logistics(ie earth ramps, etc ) are unfeasible in most instances.
  19. I'm another advocate of the Yamaha THR series. Unbelievable little amps that sound huge and are remarkably versatile. A quick play at a store reveals very little of the abilities you will discover when you play them at your leisure. 10 months on and I'm loving mine more and more.
  20. Starpeve


    I wish they'd hurry up and do something to end man's thralldom of the planet, and rescue everything on it from us. Because not of it has much hope of surviving us as things stand .
  21. Actually there is no clear documenting or real understanding of how the egyptian pyramids of any of the other hundreds scattered around the globe were built. They are largely beyond our modern capabilities, and baffling to the extreme. Lots of conjecture, but no concrete knowledge. There is more masonary in the ( apparently ) mis- named Pyramid of Cheops than used in the entire european medieval forum, ie Notre Dame cathedral , etc, etc. not to mention much evidence that the commonly adopted time frames are very wrong. Bauval and Hancock have a fantastic book involving this and more about the Giza Necropolis titled " The Keeper of Genesis " for anyone interested. Macchu Pichu is another incomprehensible conundrum. 4000 feet above sea level, with jigsaw interlocking blocks perfectly fitted, some weighing 50 tons or more and quarried 100's of miles away on the plains. So in- accessable that it survived the Spanish because they could barely get to it. Some of the stress relief members inside the Great Ptramid's ceilings are slabs of Granite(?-I think) weighing in at around 20 ton ( more actually if I recall accurately) and around 400 feet above ground level. From a pre iron age civilisation. Unbelievable accuracies in angular alignments, over 450 metre runs. Inexplicable machining operations measurable but not replicable by modern technologies. It's very annoying to hear flippant comments about these edifices when a modicum of deeper investigation evidences vast errors in populist belief in these matters. It's no wonder that some lean toward Alien involvement when so many of these things are so incomprehensible by logical parameters. Also, as an aside, the ancient Persians were very clever with lenses, and actually had made parabolic mirrors as early as 1200 BC!
  22. Why does everyone always want to remove the pickguard? I think they look great, myself. Just curious if there's a playability thing or just cosmetic?
  23. Totally agree. Untouchable stuff. I was watching some old live stuff on youtube and it occured to me just how huge it would have been at the time. There were great amps, great guitars and equipment, just no decent live recording facilities. Probably like seeing Foo Fighters or something nowadays , only the recordings don't convey that. Sounds tuff , too. Stuff like ticket to ride always blows me away. I mean, even " Mr Postman" has a harder edge than one would think given the lyric. Will always be my favourite band, bar none.
  24. A great demonstration of his brilliance is to found in "Helter Skelter". In the lte 80's , U2, arguably the biggest band of the day, attempted to cover it live, threw everything at it, and were LAME. No power at all. And the reason is Ringo's beautifly held back beat carrying Paul's fantastic bass timings. It sounds simple but carries enormous stress. Fantastic.
  25. I'm desperate for a head transplant! Not sure what model I'd go for, but anything would have to be better than the one I'm stuck with!
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