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  1. Yeah, I didn't even mean to buy my natural- I was in the store for something else , saw it on a stand behind the counter, asked to hold it, smitten big time. And the awesome sound! Better than sex ( at my age, anyway)!
  2. Sorry, I posted this in the lounge, then decided to copy it here. Although it's not an Epi amp, I needed something considerably quieter than my Valve Junior to practice with at home, and I'm so delighted with this little thing that I wanted to share it with you guys. I know there was a thread a while ago where someone was asking about the best beginner effect pedals to get, and one of the regulars raved about his Yamaha thr10 modelling amp. It got me curious so I've been keeping an eye on them, and finally I thought " Bugger it!" . Yeterday I bought myself the 10c, described as the " Boutique" version. Unlike other modellers, the Yamaha boys model the individual components in the amp model, rather than modelling the final sound of the amp model, thereby giving more realistic valve simulation. Well, unlike a lot of you out there, I have no experience with the real amps included, but 'WOW', this is one seriously good sounding amp! Quite loud for a 10 watt tranny, with the bonus that you can crank up theamp sections, but turn down the output whilst retaining tha cranked sounds. And versatile as hell! Intended as a bedroom amp, I've seen demos of this thing miked up, and they sounded too good to believe. Now I believe. Stereo as well, and you can even use it as a hi-fi player for your ipod, whatever- or feed music into to play along with, with individual controls for inputs. Usb into a computer for recording, which gives you parallel dry/ wet feeds, some good yet simple onboard effects, and simple preset facilities with more sophisticated tone modeling via software. This thing really is amazing. If you get a chance, try one out! There's also the 'x' model, which is aimed at higher gain amps. [ Just an update for anyone who's interestesed- it's now 5 months since I bought this little beauty and it only gets better as you learn your way around it! I adore this fantastic bit of gear and would recommend going to a store and having a little play around with one. Ps quite a few Youtube demos for anyone interested.
  3. I'll definitely be going back to the lighter gauge- the heavies were just an experiment, I thought they might give a little more relief and lift the strings away from the frets a little to see if that was any problem. It's possible my over-active imagination may be at work. Could have been something to do with the old strings, as soon as I get around to a shop ( none close ) I'll buy some 9- 42's. I actually went into town a couple of days ago to buy a Yamaha thr10c modelling practice amp ( unbelievably good, but that's another story! ) and in my excitement forgot to get strings .
  4. It doesn't seem to make any difference pushing down on the bridge- my first thought was the piezo- but it does if I lay my finger along the strings betwwen the bridge and pins, dampening them. Nothing has changed from new, those strings were on for a while. There doesn't seem to be any rattle etc that I can produce by tapping, knocking, shaking, and nothing around the saddle appears to be pulling away or anything. Maybe I should buy some ebony pins - is there a taper/ size I should get for the Epi, as I see there are choices when I search the online stores.
  5. I've just got the plain old chinese model and I'm pretty happy with it. Pickups are pretty hot but it seems to make for a large diversity of sounds, quite a range between the both of them with various tone and volume positions.
  6. Cos I had 'em! And also I thought going to the other extreme might highlight any possible problem. They won't stay on long, I can assure you! Although they do ring out, I must say.
  7. Hi friends. I have a pr5e which I love, but recently the strings seemed to suddenly sound tinnier. More the unwound strings, but all to a degree. I tapped, knocked, pressed everywhere that I could think of to determine if a brace was loose, or a wire toucking the body inside etc. I had EB electric super slinkies on it, and as a test put some heavier bronze acoustics I bought some time ago on it-12-58s. Very carefully! It cured it quite a bit, but I think there is still a touch of the tinniness- now I'm not sure if I'm deluding myself. All the fret wires seemed secure, the only thing that seemed to have an effest on the sound was to dampen the strings with a finger behind the bridge along the pins. Any suggestions? There are no rattles or buzzes to speak of, just this slight tinniness.
  8. I don't so much like wearin' em as removin' em!
  9. I'm with the likers on this one! In all fairness, any music lover would have to laud the huge catalogue of great music over a long span that this band has aquired. And not much unoriginal there at all. I smashed " The Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby" for years. Brilliant atmospheric art. And as a footnote, as FZ said, whilst the Edge may not be a fantastic guitarist comparatively, he is a master at his relatively simple effects. There's a great movie from a couple of years ago called" It might get loud" with him, Page, and Jack White getting together talking and jamming which is a real eye opener, and really worth watching.
  10. At least Kraftwerk were original. I find the rort of sampling verging on criminal, personaly, when it's a swathe of someone else's music, not just unrecognisable slices. I have to argue with my nephews constantly when they're deriding my ' Old School' rock and touting musicless crap to me as 'real' new music. Especially when their garbage contains fractions of the original stuff. I've always maintained that well-crafted music can be performed by nearly any idiot and work, but it takes a real artist to turn crap music into good fare.
  11. Nice one, Pippy! I, too , am stubbornly principled. More people should be.
  12. Salesmen are like politicians- you can tell they're lying because their lips are moving. The times that I've kept a line of conversation going merely because I knew my subject and I wanted to see how much the guy really knew are countless, and often amusing .
  13. I was thinking more 'Freeze Frame' and 'Ismism' ( different title over there) . Though I daresay I'd like 'Consequences' if I gave it a go. Can't think of anything I've heard of theirs that I didn't like. Or at least appreciate for it's cleverness and skill.
  14. Yeah, me too. Though I always have a soft spot for Jack, ever since I saw him do 'Jolene'.
  15. Great , as usual. I'm revisiting the Raconteurs at the moment- " Carolina Drama" - what a track.
  16. Ah, Godley and Creme- genius at work. Absolute top shelf for me.
  17. Nice to see one of the new bunch lovin' some of the old bunch!
  18. Women without whiskey - Drive-by Truckers
  19. Searcy, the world is full of pricks like that. I for one would have been standing right beside you when you dealt with that one . Sometimes you have no options other than your response. Good on you. Sorry that live shows have been ruined for you, I hope that changes
  20. Love J.J.! Ever heard Eric cover his 'Travellin' Light' off the 'Reptile' album? Fantastic, though I've always preferred Cale's versions to the other Clapton covers.
  21. Not the first time that's been suggested to me! By the way, I love pretty melodic music as well as harsh atonal stuff. I think that many people trying to achieve her sound/ effect on that track would demonstrate her skill at it. Maybe if she wasn't quite as high in the mix it would sound better to most, remember it's live, Like I said before, I think it complements what John's doing . I also quite liked Double Fantasy, and think the song 'Kiss Kiss' with her vocal was great. Sorry.
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