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  1. Fender just released its new '64 Custom Deluxe Reverb, a hand-wired version of the reissue. Has anyone bought one or tried one out? They've been for sale for a few weeks now. Just curious as to how they stack up against a regular '65 reissue.
  2. I went to the Experience Hendrix concert here in Seattle last Feb. 19. I was surprised to see Billy Cox starting things off, playing bass and singing. He sounded fantastic! Throughout the show they kept cycling new guitarists (Dweezil Zappa, Mato Nanji, Zakk Wylde, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Johnny Lang, Buddy Guy, Keb Mo, and more), and Billy played on and off throughout the show. The one guy who got the big workout was Chris Layton from SRV Double Trouble. He was the only drummer.
  3. Here's my 1968 Super Reverb. Early '68 with blackface circuit. All original, down to the 2 prong cord (although I am having the court replaced).
  4. Stu-bud

    Gibson ES 335

    The dots on the top and back are in the wood--that is I believe bird's eye maple. It's hard to read the serial number on the back of the headstock, but it appears you have a 1988. It looks like it's in very nice condition. I thought all 335's came with a rosewood fretboard, but I am not sure. Call Gibson customer service and give them the serial number--they are very helpful and can tell you what you have. 1 (800) 4-gibson. Stu.
  5. Stu-bud


    Thanks so much for all the info!
  6. Stu-bud


    I just bought a 2009 Les Paul Traditional. It has the '57 Classic humbuckers, and no weight relief (10.3 lbs of love). A beautiful 50's neck, an absolute joy to play. I am really impressed. What separates this from a '59 reissue that costs thousands more?
  7. Stu-bud


    Just acquired this '67 Super Reverb. I am in love. It weighs a ton, and I nearly threw out my back bringing it in to my house from the car, but it is a keeper. It's all original, save for the tubes and the bottom 2 speakers, which are an as yet unidentified pair of old black frame ceramic magnet speakers. The solder on the wire connections looks pretty old, so they've been there a while.
  8. Get a headphone guitar amp for $40 bucks. It would fit in your pocket, if need be. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/amPlugAC30G2
  9. Here's my 1976 Tele. I also have a '93 custom shop Strat American Classic.
  10. Stu-bud


    Yes it is a 4 x 10.
  11. Stu-bud


    No, it's just dirty and the exterior is a bit bashed up. And the nice beer drip stain on the grill cloth. Cosmetic beat up only. Tubes appear to be original.
  12. Stu-bud


    Just picked up this 1991 '59 reissue Bassman. It is beat to **** and all original, with the blue alnico speakers. So far I haven't turned it up past 2, but wow does it sound good. Sparkling cleans that put my other amps to shame.
  13. And they are only $80.00.
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