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  1. I'd guess that the tone varies as much from sample to sample as it does from MR to IR. But I sure like the looks of the WC. the simpler pick guard and fretboard inlays appeal to me more though I think the yellow in the burst clashes a bit with the rosewood. YMMV. On the SJ100, they gave it a darker, browner burst to blend better with the mahogany. Good call. P
  2. I understand the way she broke out from being a little girl act, by acting as trashy as possible in the tradition established by Britney and others before her. And I understand, from this and a couple of other videos I've seen, that she can sing material more substantive than the shiny pop stuff that is her norm. But I've heard Odetta sing this arrangement of this song, and so I also understand that this performance was pedestrian by comparison. Miley Cyrus is another star we'd have never heard of if it weren't for the nepotism that is so prevalent in the entertainment industry. Sorry for
  3. I think there's enough variation within each that a sitka top can sound and respond like an Adi top and vice versa. With that said, I have an '03 Original Jumbo with a Adi top and it's not particularly bright. It does, however, have a lot of headroom and volume for a J-45 type guitar. P
  4. I wish you could put your hands on my '03 Original Jumbo. It's a soft V and it is one of the most substantial necks I've played. It's actually a bit over the top, but I've adjusted to it. It's all relative for sure. P
  5. It might even check less, because the top will expand and contract less, though I suspect checking is from the lacquer expanding and contracting with temperature, much more than it is due to the top moving with humidity. p
  6. We could debate almost anything, but torrefaction and aging have a very observable effect that results in a top that takes on, and retains, less moisture. Tone is in the ear of the beholder, but increased stability is pretty hard to deny. I don't own a torrified guitar, but I'm pretty sure it will be viewed in time as a significant advancement in the science/art of guitar design. P
  7. Do you have a light right hand touch? Those cheap laminate guitars shouldn't be louder than a j-45, so I'm guessing they're cutting through by "banging away." P
  8. Ya'll are arguing over the angels on the head of a pin. A slight difference in break angle over the saddle won't change the feel of a guitar nearly as much as dropping the scale from 25.5 to 24.75, like the overwhelming majority of Gibson guitars. If the action is where you want it and you've got enough saddle clear, you're good. P
  9. Actually I think it filled a unique spot in the Gibson line-up: A rosewood bodied, 24.75" slope with advanced bracing. I don't think there's anything else in that space except for the occasional short, expensive run of "Short scale Advanced Jumbos." Every comment I've read about them was positive, but for some reason they didn't seem to catch on. Yours is pretty. Baby's got back, huh? P
  10. Isn't it funny how that works? Disappointed that it had weather checked so much, I traded my Southern Jumbo for a J-200 back when I was in my 20s and the earth was a mass of gasses. I kept that 200 for the next 20 years, but was disappointed that the paint wore of the pick guard so quickly. Now both of those things are kinda considered a benefit. P
  11. I'll still play Brown Eyed Girl on request. It's a great song that has been overplayed by cover bands and radio. A fact that only matters to musicians and music snobs. It's good to remember that we're the entertainment, not the audience. With that said, I have lines I won't cross. Requests are free. Freebird is a hundred bucks. P
  12. If it's short scale, it's not an AJ. :) We could play this game all day long over at TDPRI. P
  13. I don't see a dilemma, personally. Torrefaction does to the cellular structure of the wood what natural aging does, and, natural or torrefied, it stabilizes at a point where it doesn't change much after that. I don't have one, but I wouldn't hesitate to own one. I don't have enough time to wait 70 years for a top to age naturally, or enough money to buy one that's 70 years old. P
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