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  1. It could be a similar situation to what they used to do in the computer industry. When a manufacturer would put out a particular model of computer, they would have a predetermined number computers with certain processors, like 200Mhz, 350mhz, 500Mhz etc... Sometimes they would run out of a particular speed of processor, say the 200Mhz for example and would just slap a 350Mhz cpu in there and use the motherboards jumper settings to underclock the processor to 200Mhz. (Which was great for someone who knew to check it, after I learned of the practice I checked my own computer and this exact thing I described happened to me.) Maybe it was sort of a marketing thing, and if there weren't enough factory defects, they'd just slap a "2" on it and ship it out trying to get gibsons into more peoples hands.
  2. Had the SG set up, no fret leveling/dressing or anything and the guitar is pretty much perfect. There is just a tad of string buzz, but he set the action extremely low. And this buzz isn't heard through the amp. I looked online and found there is a shop not too far from where I work that has a plek machine (only one in the state according to the plek site - got lucky there), so I think I'm going to have that done one of these days, though that will be a ways off as it's $175. But it plays great as it is.
  3. I remember being broke as hell one time, playing a crappy acoustic that cost like $25 on ebay BRAND NEW that wouldn't even tune completely right. I didn't have the money for a capo so I used a shoe string and a stick as a capo for awhile. Ahhhh the good ol' days.
  4. Never mind everyone. The guy at GC said it does come with a case and is about to ship it! I honestly can't believe it. The listing didn't say it came with a case, I can't believe they're sending one.
  5. Well, this one was used, so I don't know if it had the case when they bought it. I called them and the guy that helped me out with the purchase is going to look at the ticket from when they bought it and let me know. Which, he already told me if it had a case with it, it would have been in the description, but I hoped if I called and there was one back there they might just send it. (not holding my breath though) That being said, I wound up with a Standard that damn near looks brand new so I'm trying to downplay the annoyance of not getting the case. I don't have hard shells for any of my other guitars, but they also cost a fraction of what this cost. The guy that owns the guitar shop here in town has told me some stories about the crap GC will do to improve profits. He worked there 6 years. Although, I have to say if you ever deal with GC online I highly suggest trying to buy from the Terra Haute store. The guy there, I think Andrew (Otter is his nickname) has gone above and beyond as far as customer service goes. Not only did he refund my shipping for the guitar I had to take back, but he also refunded the shipping for an amp I had to return over a year ago. On top of that he's sending me a couple sets of strings and a new strap just to make me happy.
  6. I moved in with my Dad when I was 16. He asked if I wanted to play guitar or bass and I chose guitar. He decided to give me a red hollow body electric that had a small scroll at the top kind of like a violin. I was a little disappointed because he also had what I now know is an SG Classic. After a few months he came to me and said "I want my Red Rooster back, will you trade me for this one?" It was the SG Classic, and I had wanted it all along. My reason for it at the time was just that it simply looked cooler, more rock and roll to me. It looked just like what I'd seen Angus Young playing except without the lightning bolts. The SG was stolen from me about 2 years later and I ended up buying an Ibanez RG550, once again because they just looked damn cool, but also because they had those super thin necks. I ended up getting out of playing guitar in my early 20s out of frustration of never being able to get people together that where serious about starting a band, and I was also starting to get heavily into electronic music. I ended up selling off my gear and buying a Synth, learning sequencing, and went that route for years. After many years of not playing any type of instrument, I decided to get back into music. I got a couple of electronic instruments and some software with a keyboard controller, and started on a couple of songs before pretty much abandoning it. It's just not as easy to slap on a pair of headphones and getting lost in the music for a couple of hours now that I have a family. But the bug was still there, and I found myself wishing I could play along with some of the songs I listened to. Finally I buckled down and decided it was time to try relearning the guitar. I'd forgotten almost everything except some basic chords, and I had never learned anything about theory, I always just made music "by ear". After buying a few low end Ibanez guitars and an LTD I decided I wanted to go back and try my 1st love: An SG. It was at this point I learned that my original was a Classic, but I didn't want another "budget" guitar so I decided to go for an SG Standard. The 1st thing I noticed was the odd angle of the strings at the bridge. I didn't remember it looking that way, and the 1st few I saw I thought something was wrong where they had to raise it up so high. However, after getting one and playing it I was amazed at how natural it feels playing on one of them. I was also amazed at how much different (better) it sounded than my other guitars. I don't even tough my other guitars anymore, except the acoustic for certain songs, and when son is in bed. In fact, the cheaper Ibanez I have, that is actually a great sounding and pretty well built guitar is going to my girlfriends little brother who just started learning guitar over the summer.
  7. I just got a 2012 SG Standard used from guitar center that didn't come with a case. I spent so much time and energy calling various stores, asking questions about the guitars and getting pictures sent to me that I didn't even notice the one I bought didn't have "w/ Case" in the listing. Anyway, I'm now in the market for a new case. I saw mention in a forum post that the TKL 8826 was a good case, but I have a question. As I noted in Topic Description, it's listed as an arch top case. But all of the sites I've been to that sell them have a picture of a flat top case on the listing... Even tkl.com. Can anyone confirm whether or not it's an arch top? And do you recommend this case? I don't really need an indestructible case, I'm only a hobbyist so it would mostly sit at home aside from trips to the guitar shop or occasionally going to a friends house maybe, but I want to make sure it's a case that's going to protect the guitar properly if the case where to accidentally get knocked over or dropped or something. Just realized I never clicked to post this... I've still been doing some looking around and saw this SKB Case: SKB-61 Hardshell Case. Does anyone have any experience with this case? Can anyone tell me which is the better case?
  8. Thanks bud, I agree. It was a toss-up between this one and a 2011 at another store. I went with this one because of the wood grain from the pics they texted me. And this is it for me. The only reason I'd buy another would be to upgrade to something better, but this was over my budget to begin with so it's going to be a loooong time before I'll be able to spend money on another quality guitar. I fell in love with SGs after I got that last one, even though it was messed up. The way these guitars are angled make playing them feel so natural, and they sound soooooo much better than my korean, indonesian, japanese guitars.
  9. I do understand that people don't read post fully. That's my point... don't insult someone if you don't even know what's going on. For everyone else, I appreciate all the replies, and all help. (Even if you didn't fully read :P) Anyway, I just got a 2012 Standard that I had pictures of sent to me, and I asked a lot of questions, and they even had the "tech" there set it up for me. Apparently his idea of a set up is just adjust the bridge back down on the side it was raised and call it good. When I asked him about string buzz he said "nothing out of the ordinary" (another "they just buzz" person apparently). I got the guitar yesterday and there was some string buzz, but nowhere near as bad as the last one was. I looked it over and the neck looked fine, so I figured it might just need a little relief. I took it in to my local shop today after work and the owner confirmed that everything looked good on it, so I'm going to drop it off Saturday to get it set up with new strings. (I seriously doubt the GC tech bothered to set the intonation, although I haven't bothered to check yet). This thing is damn near mint condition. They told me there where chips through the finish on the top back "corner" of the head stock and sent me pictures showing it. I decided as long as everything else was ok I didn't mind it too much as they were pretty small. However, this instance of GC people not properly inspecting used gear worked in my favor. Once I got the guitar I ran my finger nail, over it and realized it was just some off-white paint from a wall or something that had transferred onto the guitar, I chipped a little off with my fingernail and when I realized it wasn't chipped finish, just used a little guitar cleaner and it pretty much wiped right off. I spent awhile talking to the owner at the shop down the road and he brought up the same thing you hear a lot of people online talking about. Gibson's quality control really does suck these days. He talked about unboxing brand new Les Paul customs to find the headstock had completly broken off. He said when they get them in they have to really go over them with a fine tooth and comb, and talked about getting screwed a few times by not unpacking things until 6 months later when it was too late to file a claim with Gibson. Although, I think he was talking about during the 6 years he worked at Guitar center since there are only about 3 Gibson dealers in this state and 2 of them are GC. It was kinda sad, he said he hates being in the business these days, he said they make it hard to actually make any money on guitars if you're a small shop. The only downside to my latest purchase is it didn't come with a case. Which, I'd like one of the older ones that still has the shroud thing that covers the guitar, so at least I'll get the case I want. and here's a couple pics of it. I LOVE the wood grain on it. (Although these pics don't really do it justice.
  10. I understand where your coming from Aster1, and I realize that people don't always read your entire post on forums let alone the entire thread. However, it's insulting to tell someone "my question is, why aren't you listening to the good advise given to you" when the advise in question is given by people who haven't fully read the information you have posted. Being repeatedly told I need to get the guitar properly set up:Problem solved, when you've already stated that you have done so gets old, but it's understandable. Being told you're the problem because you keep trading in guitars that just need to be set up, after you've stated you already did that and where told there is a serious issue with the guitar is another thing. People come to forums for help, not unsubstantiated criticism by someone who can't even bother to take the time to get a grasp of the issue before issuing said criticism. I appreciate any information anyone gives me in a forum online if they actually know what they're talking about and they actually take the time to understand the problem before throwing out their two cents. I'm not saying it is anyone's job here to help me, but someone claiming to be a professional and telling me I've had a lot of good "consistent" advice who obviously hasn't paid enough attention to the fact that the "consistent" advice was incorrect in the first place, and then insinuating that I just can't seem to accept good advice is crap. I know that there are people online that may not be qualified to answer a question but still think they may have something to contribute, and I appreciate the effort of anyone that is trying to help. Not paying attention and telling me I'm the problem for not listening is pretty much the opposite of help. I apologize if I have offended anybody else that has offered advice, even if it was unhelpful. I don't expect you all to solve my problem. But, as I stated before don't insinuate I'm an idiot if you didn't even bother to read. If you've have read everything and I have been an idiot, I will be the first to admit it.
  11. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the only way I am going to be able to play before I buy is if I buy one brand new, which I just can't afford to do. I've checked every pawn shop I can find, and there just are no SGs aside from Epiphones, even the shops that deal primarily in musical gear. There's one store that I know and trust, that my dad used to buy from when I was a teenager that has plenty of Les Pauls but he told me he rarely sees SGs come in. The problem with the guitar wasn't with needing a little neck relief, the neck was warped on one side. Once I was shown how to properly look down each side of the neck, it was glaringly obvious. And the buzz was so bad the low E sounded like I had found some magical way to apply distortion to only the low E string. The problem could have been fixed, but it would have been costly. I have ordered from another guitar center, this time I asked plenty of questions, had pictures sent to me and had the guitar set up for free. After being set up I was told by the tech that it had no issues. I'm not saying I trust a guitar center tech 100% but at least this time I'm at least getting more information before I order. I don't understand what you mean by "i'm not listening"? If you mean that I just need to take it in for a $100 set up, then it is you that is not listening. I have taken it in to get it setup. The neck is warped, and it's only warped on one side. It is not something a simple set up can fix. Are you suggesting that I take the advice of random people in a forum over a professional at a local shop? To be honest I don't quite understand why people keep telling me about GC guitar techs... That is not who I had do the set up on it. It seems you are the one that is "not listening". I did have it professionally set up, I didn't have it done by a GC tech. I was told that it would be an expensive issue to fix. If you are not going to read what I have said in it's entirety then please do not bother wasting my time with a worthless reply.
  12. It was a used SG Standard. The finish was eaten through under the head stock, which I was willing to live with but with my limited time to decide to return it, when I found the neck was warped I decided to just take it back rather than take any risks. I have heard good things about the 2013, and if I could have afforded it, I would have done so right on the spot. I do actually have enough money to buy it I just can't afford to spend that much on the guitar, especially since I'm just a hobbyist and don't make any money playing. I'm trying to think of anything I can sell to raise the extra money. Trying to save up will be difficult as I've just started to pay off some school loans, but the gears are still turning so hopefully I'll come up with something before too much longer. After holding that thing and playing on it the G.A.S. is worse than ever. lol
  13. I've already returned it. Part of my problem is I didn't have the luxury of time on my side, and I didn't want to get stuck with something unfixable that might get worse, or cost hundreds of dollars to fix. I was getting very close to the end of my 30 day period that I was able to return it. I agree they probably don't do it on purpose, but I do think when someone trades in, or sells a guitar to them, someone should at least give it a good once over. I am no expert by far, but once I knew what to look for it was obvious how bowed the neck was on one side. The customer service from the Terra Haute store has been great compared to my local GC. They actually sent me an email asking about my purchase that I hand't responded to until I had the guitar set up and found the issue. Once again my local store said they would not refund my shipping, and didn't even offer to make up for it with free strings or anything. Although I didn't ask this time either because I just wanted to be done with it. Andrew from the Terra Haute store not only refunded my shipping from this purchase, but also refunded the shipping from the amp I had to return a year ago and is STILL offering to send me $40 in accessories to make up for it. I am pleasantly shocked at how hard he is working to keep his customers happy. This is not my usual GC experience.
  14. Thanks for all the replies guys. I went back to the shop and talked to the owner, who wasn't there when I stopped in to pick the guitar up after the setup. He didn't think to tell anyone else about it since he's almost always there, but the tech told him to let me know the neck was "snaked" (bowed) some on the low E side. We pulled it out of the case and looked down the neck on each side and you could see a noticeable bow on that side. I had looked down the neck before, but I was just looking down the middle of the neck and couldn't see anything. Now I know how to look for that in the future. I took the guitar back to my local GC and they asked if I wanted to trade it in, but they didn't have any used SGs. They offered to check other stores stock for me, but I'm hesitant to go through all of this again. I truly see why guitar center has such a bad reputation now. It almost seems like they deliberately sell faulty equipment just to get you back in the store so they can talk you in to buying something brand new, which is what happened with the amp. I ended up buying a new mustang amp so I'd have a selection of effects to play with. This time they offered me $100 off a brand new 2013 Standard, which would be nice if I could afford to spend $1200.00, but I can't. So, I'm back to square one now and frustrated. Part of me wants to give GC another chance thinking I have a better chance at getting one with no issues, but at the same time I have had to return 2 out of 3 items I've purchased from them online, and each time, I lose the shipping costs. They do offer to give you accessories to replace the lost shipping costs, but that money could be used towards purchasing another guitar rather than a few packs of strings.
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