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  1. Wow, there are certainly a lot of opinions. I like the idea of keeping most in cases and leaving one out for easy access. I might start a rotation so they each get to be out as I'd hate to give one of the guitars a complex. Thanks for the input from all, its nice to see what works for others. I particularly loved the stand made from a pew!

  2. Just plates with the new strings on Sunday and I was surprised how good they sounded. The strings still feel slick to my fingers but it simply required me to pay attention to the chord shapes and positions, something I usually don't do. I wouldn't say that I'm a convert to coated strings but I am impressed with how nice they sound. Now, if they sound this good next month I may be a believer!

  3. I just tried a set of coated strings and sp far I hate them. My fingers slide around on them like a fat man on ice. I am considering taking them off after one day and restringing with non coated, but I am wondering if it might take time for them to start playing better. Anyone have experience they could share?

  4. It would be nice if they put that in the manual. It says nothing about a flashing light, so I figured it wasn't related to the battery. I'm kind of annoyed BC I just have a couple weeks on these strings and now will have to put new ones on to change the battery. Lesson learned: change battery with the strings.

  5. I was playing live and in between songs moved to change the blend on the aura ellipse when I noticed the battery light flashing. I don't have the manual and don't know what it means. I know a solid light means the battery needs replacement but I don't know what the flashing light means. Anyone experience this before?

  6. Doesn't seem all that surprising. This just indicates that an SM-57 would probably work better than any of the other mics, given the rest of your particular signal chain. Ever experimented with different mics but kept the rest of the setup the same?


    -- Bob R


    I guess I was surprised that the more expensive mic images didn't sound better to my ears. Perhaps its because I am only used to playing with cheap mics. I've only played with different mics in a studio, and it always sounds different through the board.

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