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  1. I had not noticed that either, until you mentioned it. Yes, it's in the sound hole. It is a Korean build but, I've yet to try peeling off the white "new" serial number sticker from the blue label on the inside to see what the other serial number is which may help to identify the year built. Thanks for giving me yet another odd dimension to this unique guitar .
  2. Thanks for posting this video. I've seen it before, as well, but it really is a joy to watch, again. I know just what he means when he speaks of his Casino. I've other really amazing guitars, but the Casino just hits that sweet spot for me. Great to watch Ringo, too. He's a really great drummer.
  3. Well, I have a cat, instead... . Welcome to the forum and enjoy your Epiphone! They do get under your skin, so you'll just have to prepare her for several more additions to the family.
  4. As promised, I took a few pix of the Texan this weekend. I focused on the neck to body area and a bit more detail of the figured maple back and sides, since we already have seen the full front and back thanks to the pix from the CME site. I did reach out to another collector of old and rare guitars for any advice or if he had seen any like this before. He sent me the same link I already have to that guy form several years ago on YouTube who was selling one (previously posted link to that here in this thread). Then he gave me advice, much like many of you have with regards to the "USED/2ND" stamp on head stocks. He did go on to tell me that it couldn't be solid back and sides because they only made a few select series with solid back and sides. He then offered a picture of an older guitar he had with solid back/sides and suggested that all made with solid woods would have these particular braces in them every so many inches. Mine didn't. Funny though, neither does my Gibson J15, which we all know IS solid back/sides. So much for that theory. He meant well, though. So I tried "bobouz's" advice about the end pin. Voila! Solid wood! Whaddya know!?! The argument that only certain models where made with the solid back/sides seems to be a bit moot when it comes to this particular guitar, when you think about it. After all, they never technically made any production models out of maple, either. So, using that logic, this one doesn't exist. All this just adds an even bigger mystery to this guitar. It seems, at some point, Epiphone thought of making a Texan with maple back and sides. I'm guessing it would have cost a pretty penny since it has the solid back and sides and the maple is a lovely figured maple, at that. I can only imagine that there were more than just the two made (mine and the YouTube guy...or whomever he sold it to), but maybe not. This guitar is beautiful. She feels great, she's solid with a great weight, sounds great, is really well made. Aside from matching a sunburst mahogany neck on a natural body, everything about the build is flawless. Having never played a traditional mahogany bodied Texan, I can not properly compare it to this one for the sound quality/texture. I would guess, this having the maple, that she has a brighter tone. It is brighter than my J15, but the J15 has a much richer overall tone. Perhaps the tonal quality was thought too radically different from a traditional and that is why Epiphone decided not to mass produce more like this? At this point, I'm done playing Columbo and will just stick to playing guitars. Enjoy the pix, kids and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwazy Kwanzaa and a Joyous Festivus! That's my cat, JoJo. He thinks it's cool but, preferred the packing paper it came in more. One brief note: On one of my previous post: I inadvertently referred to the maple as "birds eye" rather than "figured". I was tired and a bit excited at the time of it's publishing. The guy in the YouTube vid wrongly calls it birds eye, too. I know some folks are sticklers for those type of things.
  5. Yippie Ki Yeah! She finally made it home, boys & girls! And yes, it was well worth the wait. I just got her tonight on my way home from work, so I'm a bit tired at the moment but, I wanted to at least let those who were watching this thread know that she made it. I'll post a few pix of her over on the upcoming weekend. I can say this about her now that I've got her in my hands, though, to quench some of the mysteries that surround this unique Texan: *It is, indeed, the original neck on her. This is not an aftermarket or refurbished nor a repair. It's a natural, bird's eye maple body with a mahogany sunburst neck. *I know some will still dispute this fact but, it does have solid back and sides. I'm going to try to see if I can get pix to accurately show what I can see with my eyes to prove it to any naysayers. I can clearly see the wood grain on the outer back matches the wood grain on the inside perfectly. The very same way I can tell with my Gibson J15, which we all know are made with solid walnut back and sides. *The sound is nice and bright, a good contrast to the Gibson J15. It is an electric acoustic, as well. The folks at Chicago Music Exchange do a real great job with their sales and customer service. I am used to the stickers and polishing clothes but, they even added a nice humidifier for the guitar, too. I can tell they set this baby up, as well. The fretboard has been oiled, new strings on her and she was cleaned and polished. She was not labeled as "mint" but, all I could find was a very, very minor bump on the top side. The only thing that shows any wear at all is the pickgaurd, and even that is just some light surface scratches from playing. I'd say in damned good shape for a guitar that is over ten years old...or more? Okay kids, I'll have a few pix over this next weekend, for now, I gotta get the cat out of all the brown packaging paper the guitar was packed in. He's making a fort in the front room with it.
  6. He's gotta stop with these Epiphones Sigs of his... but seriously, is that one veneer or truly solid Korina?
  7. I thought about getting one and replacing the p/u's with lipsticks. Still a temping idea.
  8. Happy NGD! Love those Hummingbirds, too. Nice to hear you get to spread her wings (sorry, I couldn't resist ).
  9. Thanks, bobouz. I actually gave the short "safe for family viewing" version, too. Right now, just sayin' my prayers and having faith she will eventually be in my hands...hopefully no later than two weeks (I say with a lump in my throat).
  10. Again, really appreciate all the ideas and feedback. Now, for rest of the story... Well, I should have had her this Monday night (Nov. 27th) but, thanks to the good folks at UPS, I will have to wait for what will more than likely be another two weeks. Yes, they screwed up the delivery. Not once, not twice, but THRICE! A very long story semi-short: The official Authorized UPS drop off/pick-up location refused the package. The reason they gave me, "It was too big and some people leave their packages for several days and we didn't want it here to long in the way." I politely explained I would be picking it up after work and that I only live a block away from their location. The owner assured me, if I was able to get the UPS truck to make a return trip later that day, they would accept it. She went on to assure me that she would leave a note for the rest of her crew in the event it were to arrive later that night or the next day. I was able to get a hold of UPS, got them to make a return trip to the drop off point. So, after work I got of the bus and headed over there to get my Texan. Nope. This guy again> They "lady" working behind the counter told me the UPS man was just there and she refused the package "...because it said fragile on it..." Seriously :blink: . I asked if the owner (the woman I spoke with while I was at work) was there still. "No, she just left." I asked if she had left a note. I know. Why would I torture myself asking such a silly question? Of course, no note. Once home, I spent an hour (mostly on hold) trying to speak with a human over at UPS. Eventually, I got one. I explained the story. They agreed to make a third attempt the next day. Ah, if it were only that simple... Next day. Pick-up point. No package. Of course, right!?! Back home...I kid you not...three fricken hours on the phone...three of these guys now> [cursing] First two hours: they have no idea where the package is at. Then they try convincing me a change of delivery request was made. It was not made by me, so I ask who requested the change. That got me put on hold for about forty minutes. Then I get another genius there who can hardly speak English...sure, why not!?! He tries the same cr@p with me about the address change. I ask what the address was changed to. He repeats to me the same address is was originally labeled for, the UPS pick-up point. I tell him that was the original address. I hear him breathing on the other end. I explain to him I used to work for FedEx and explain to him how their system works. Hey! Now he knows where my package is! How about that? So, I ask, how do I get my package? The lovely man on the other end of the line, mouth breathing into his phone pauses a bit, then ask me, "Do you want to speak with my supervisor?" "If speaking to your supervisor means I'll be put on hold for another forty minutes, then no. Just tell me how do I get my package.", I said calmly...although like this inside> More mouth breathing on his end. I ask where the package is being sent right now. Five minutes of more mouth breathing, he then grunts that it's going back to the sender. "How can I stop it and have it sent back to the pick-up location?" , I naively ask. "Let me put you through to my supervisor..." At that point, I listened to the hold muzak for...I kid you not...forty-five minutes before they simply disconnected me. You're familiar with him by now> Tried calling back. More than an hour on hold. I just gave up then. Well, the good folks at Chicago Music Exchange have been contacted by me and will alert me when (or if!?!) my Texan arrives there. That should just take a week or so before they get it. At that point, I will arrange for FedEx to send it back to me where I can pick it up at their FedEx Office location where I usually get my gear sent. So, the "great deal" I got on this guitar (I never did mention what a sweet deal I got on her, too!) will now even out once I pay for the FedEx shipping. I know, I said long story short. Sorry to ramble on. I'll keep y'all posted as soon as I learn more. Regarding the video and the comments: It does lend me to believe the sunburst neck was intentional. A bit quirky, but I think that adds to it's charm and uniqueness. I'm still not ruling out (however unlikely it may be) that it might have a solid back and sides, too. I know, grasping at straws a bit with that one, still not out of the realm of possibilities. Look, after all of what I've been going through, let me dream a bit, fellas!
  11. Well, the fella at Chicago Music Exchange who sold it to me wrote back today. He is puzzled by the Texan, too. He said he's going to try reaching out to the guy that sold it to them for some answers. That said, he did find a video on YouTube of a guy playing one just like it. It even sports the sunburst neck. I'll try reaching out to the guy that posted the video but, it was almost ten years ago. Have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCpAFBnHY_E The video was posted back in 2008. At first I thought it might be my actual guitar but, I noticed the pickguard is black and mine is tortoise and zooming in on the serial number, I could see it was different. Nonetheless, it's got the maple back/sides with the sunburst neck. So, at least I know mine has a twin out there...somewhere! Cougar: Yeah, I agree, I doubt it was for a NAMM show event, too, having the "USED" stamp on her headstock. I was just spitballin' a few ideas. bobouz: CME is sure it's not a repaired guitar, so the neck being a replacement is not likely, plus with the unearthing of this video which shows another maple Texan with the same neck would suggest that at least a few were made this way...for some reason!?! It would be an even odder coincidence that two maple Texans would have neck repairs and the luthiers decided to make the neck sunburst. As to whether it's a solid back/sides; again, just spitballin'. That I can't really say until she arrives (one more day!!!). I doubt it is a solid back and sides but, I can't rule it out. Again, I was just going by the pix I currently have and zooming in on the inside and comparing it to the grain on the back. At least I have an idea how she'll sound, going by the video. Not bad, I'd say! I'll keep you posted, kids! I'll pick her up after work Monday, so it might be a few days before I can comment here on her.
  12. Every time I read stories like this, it reminds me why I won't (can't!) part with any of my guitars. Some days I look at the "herd" and think to myself, "Man, I got a lot of guitars!". Needing a vehicle, I decided I would try selling a few that I just don't play as much as some of the others. So I began by taking pictures of them to prepare my ad on Reverb. Doing so, I started to fall in love with them again. Still, I carried on and put the adds up for them, anxiously awaiting any sellers. I purposely...or subconsciously...set the prices a bit high, yet still at fair prices. A few days past and then *zing*, I had a buyer for one of them. Instead of joy for bringing in a nice chunk of cash, I felt sick to my stomach and began to feel a slight panic attack. In the end, I just couldn't do it, kids, I just couldn't sell her nor the others. Am I a crazy guitar guy? Apparently I am. I have read too many stories of guys selling their guitars and some time later lamenting over the loss. In fact, I read an overwhelming majority of those stories than I do from guys who proclaim, "I'm glad I got rid of that guitar!" Yes, we're all a bit crazy in love, is all. Glad you got your ol' friend back!
  13. Well, Chicago Music Exchange had it listed as a 2004 year model. It was only through my running the serial number that I got the date 1991. That said, as many of us are aware, the serial numbers on the Korean built Epiphones aren't always know for their reliability. Though, the run I did on the serial number did confirm it was built in Korea. The fact that it has maple back and sides seems to be, perhaps, the oddest aspect of this Texan. I've not been able to find any online that were constructed this way. Plus, it's natural finish is not "aged" or "antiqued" on the front. I also notice, from zooming in and examining the wood grain of the back through the sound hole and comparing it to that on the outer back, that it looks like it may be solid maple. I won't be 100% sure until I have her in my hands. I'm almost sure it won't actual be solid back and sides but, who knows with this enigma of a Texan? As for the sunburst neck, that would be the other odd factor, I agree. The neck wasn't from a repair nor was the body refinished. So, it was made that way. I'm still awaiting any word from CME. Like I stated earlier in the thread, I did some research on it prior to the purchase and notice some of these oddities. I got a little excited since she, for what ever reason, seemed to be a rare Texan. Because of that, I did not ask too many question prior to the purchase in the off chance that the folks at CME didn't realize what an odd (or rare) Texan they had...I didn't want to alert them to the fact. I'm gonna be antsy waiting for Monday after work for her arrival, that's for sure. Still, I'm left with this puzzle. I'm not holding my breath anyone at Epiphone/Gibson will actually respond to my e-mail. The only piece of the puzzle I will have solved once she arrives is: How does a maple Texan sound? Thanks for the update, Red. I'll keep y'all posted!
  14. A huge Thanksgiving Day thank you to one and all! I greatly appreciate the feedback. Some really great insights offered here. Allow me to address a few: OldCowboy: Your comments make a great deal of sense. I was thinking along the same lines after doing even more research since my last post here. QuestionMark: The "one off" for a NAMM show or the like is also a good guess. I was already aware of the "USED" stamp reason on head stocks, as well. I have already reached out to the folks at CME and still awaiting a response...holidaze and all...I didn't ask too many question prior to the purchase since I was too excited about it being so unique and just wanting to score it quickly before another had the chance! Red 333: I knew it couldn't be an Elitist just from it's finish...though that would have been a great score! Yes, I noted that the Natural finish would not have the "sunburst" finish on the mahogany neck,as well. That really lends it's self to one of the odd, but cool, factors of this Texan...for me, anyways. CME had it listed as not having had any repairs or modifications done, so I ruled out it being an aftermarket neck replacement or refinishing. Plus, even if it was refinished (back/sides), that still would not explain the Maple body rather than Mahogany that they traditionally have. As for the serial number; I zoomed in on the label in the sound hole and could make out the serial number and that it clearly says, "TEXAN"...well, "EXAN" and "NA" for Natural. I'll add a picture of an enlarged and lightened version of the label below. Again, all really great answers and ideas, guys! I sincerely can't thank you enough for the help and the interest. Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day and all are doing well and are blessed this Holiday! I'll keep you all posted once she arrives. Is scheduled to arrive this coming Monday! Will be interesting to hear how a maple Texan sounds as apposed to a mahogany one, too. All in all, I think it's a pretty cool score.
  15. By the lack of responses, I'm guessing no one else has a clue, as well. I'll try my luck sending the pix with a inquiry to the good folks at Gibson/Epiphone and see if they have a clue. She's not due to arrive for another 5 or 6 days...holidaze slowing delivery down a bit...so I'm on pins and needles awaiting her arrival. In the meanwhile, if anyone has any idea, please chime in. Any kind of insight would be helpful!
  16. Just bought my Casino earlier this year. I was going to hold out for a Korean build until I could afford to get an Elitist model but, I found a great deal on a mint condition (which was actual better than new...still had all the stickers and that new guitar smell!), so I took a chance on her. The legend is indeed true! This is one of the most enjoyable guitars in my collection. It fits me like a glove and has become a regular "go-to" guitar. She sounds great plugged or unplugged. I had recently purchased a few other guitars this year, all brand spankin' new, yet I still favor this Casino. I feel a tad guilty at times about that since the others are American made profe$$ional guitars, and here I go grabbin' the ol' China built Casino :P In fact, I no longer plan on getting the Elitist. I know they are just that much nicer but, I can't imagine bonding any more with it than I have this one...plus I can save a few thousand bucks, too! I genuinely love my Casino and I just ordered an Epiphone Texan today, so let's hope the love keeps on keepin' on! Great pix and I agree, it's great to see him actually playing these guitars and not storing them in some warehouse or having them in a museum or some dreadful Hard Rock Cafe display!
  17. I've just purchase online from Chicago Music Exchange an Epiphone Texan. It was listed as a Epiphone Texan Natural 2004 (s767). I can tell it's a Texan by the body plus, I was able to zoom in on the label inside and could just make out that it is indeed a Texan. That said, I've not seen any other Texans made of this wood/color combo. The other Naturals I've seen are more of a Antiqued Natural, whereas this one is more of an "un-aged" natural. It's listed as having a spruce top with maple back and sides. The neck is said to be mahogany ("D" profile, 1 11/16" wide nut). I find it somewhat odd that the neck sports a sunbust style finish, as well. It's a Korean made model. It's listed as a 2004 but, running a serial number search on it came up with the date 1991...and yes, I know those aren't always very accurate. I just can not find any online that have this look to it, is the thing. I have no doubts it's a Texan. I searched a bit on this site too to see if anyone had any like it but, not found anything. So, I am at the mercy of you good folks here to give me your two cents regarding what I have just bought (hasn't arrived yet). Here are a few pix of the actual guitar: The word "USED" is stamped on the back of the headstock under the Korea sticker. Again, any insight anyone can offer would be appreciated. Don't hesitate to tell me I've just bought an extremely rare Epiphone Texan that's worth five times what I've paid, too! :P
  18. I'm not sure about the current Sheraton (Pros), but my non-pro Sheraton II was made in Korea. That's generally a plus in my book. Sheraton's are, of course, prettier, as well. :P
  19. I look forward to this one. I missed out on the Lennon versions and, though it's a fine guitar, have passed on the Gary Clark Jr. version.
  20. I wouldn't "restore" her, per say. I'd keep that aged look/patina about her. Restore as in; making sure everything works like it should, basic cleaning, etc., sure. Don't you dare try refinishing that beauty! ...but, that's just my opinion. B)
  21. I've got a bunch of Epiphone bumper stickers... ...now if I only had a car to put 'em on!
  22. Some are made in Korea, like my Sheraton II.
  23. Very nice, indeed! I have a natural finish Sheraton II, myself (though not a pro...I guess mine's an amature :P ) From the few online pix I had seen, it looks like they are being made with the five piece necks again. Does your model have the five piece neck and was it made in Korea? I'm sure your have years of enjoyment with your "out did 335".
  24. Congrats on that beauty! I almost went with the Lucille before opting for my Sheraton II. I still have my sights on one. And... got to agree with cody78, Indianola Mississippi Seeds & LA Midnight are two of my favorite BB recordings.
  25. With regards to weight relief guitars. I was watching a few videos on Billy Gibbons gear. He has a few guitars are not only chambered bodies, but chambered necks and headstocks. Also note: heavy gauge strings for Billy are "8's" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6DrxfrbbF8
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