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  1. Well just to update, the seller sold the Les Paul Special today. I was unable to strike a deal since I would have had to wait until Sunday or Monday in order to get some time to go see it due to work and a 3 hour drive. Thank you to all who have responded. I sincerely appreciate the valuable information that I received from this thread and input from all who have replied to my inquiry. I am now better informed because of you. God bless to you all. Bosco
  2. I just checked the serial number on this guitar and it looks like the seller was mistaken in his advertisement. Its actually a 1978 not a 1977. Any differences from a 1977 to a 1978 reissue of the 1955 Les Paul Special? Is one more desirable other than the 1978 being one less year vintage?
  3. I know this mat be a subjective question but how slim is the slim taper neck on a 1977-55 les Paul Special? Is it as slim as the Ibanez Wizard type necks? I think those were in the .700" to .800" range. That would be too thin for me. Anyone know the neck thickness specs?
  4. Please look at the pics and let me know what you think! Thanks! Edit: Pics removed.
  5. O.K. I will! http://images.craigslist.org/00T0T_4F85bkkFa2Y_600x450.jpg
  6. Very good. Thank you so much pippy. You've been very helpful!
  7. Great! thanks for clarifying pippy. Was 1977 a high quality year for this particular Gibson model? I love the P90 sound and looking for a quality classic era guitar. The guitar that I may purchase has the tobacco burst and its naturally "reliced". Not too much wear just mainly on the upper body where the paint has worn off. Assuming the guitar is structurally sound would $1000.00 be a good price for the guitar? Thanks.
  8. Thanks pippy for your reply but just so I understand correctly only the 1958 double cut Special had the weak neck joint which was addressed in 1959. Was there still a 1958 single cut Special or did it change to the double cut in 1958 which is why the neck joint wasn't as strong as the single cut Special (regardless of year)? And just to confirm, the 1977 reissue of the 1955 Special would not have that weak joint issue. Correct? Thanks.
  9. Hello all, I hope someone will be able to provide me with some information regarding a 1977 Gibson Les Paul Special 1955 reissue guitar that I'm considering on purchasing. I was doing some research on the original1950s Les Paul Specials and came across an article regarding the changes of the Les Paul Special during the 1950s. I have some concerns about a couple structural issues. The issues were addressed in the next year (or few years later) but I don't know if they would have been addressed in the 1977 reissue of the early 1950s Specials or not. Anyway, here is what I found out that is causing my inquiry: 1) "1956 Gibson Les Paul Special guitar specs Threaded inserts sunk in the wood for the studs on the wrap around stud tailpiece increased in length. This modification stops the studs from "leaning forward". This was a common problem on 1954 and 1955 Les Pauls." 2) "late-1959/1960 Gibson Les Paul Special guitar specs:"Les Paul Special" removed from peghead and left blank, but still often called a "Les Paul Special" due to the thick slab body style associated with the LP Special. Neck pickup moved towards bridge 1/2" to make neck joint stronger (a *much* needed and desirable change, as the neck joint on prior LP Specials is very weak). So my question is does anyone know if the 1977 Les Paul Special 1955 reissue would have replicated the 1955 Special exactly including the issues stated above or would they have been corrected in the 1977 reissue? Or is that what a reissue is, an exact replication of an earlier guitar model? I like the guitar but I'm just starting to get interested in Gibson and don't know if those issues are a real concern or not. I'm also thinking that if there aren't any issues with this particular guitar after 36 years then maybe there should not be a concern, but I don't know if those issues can develop even after that length of time. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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