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  1. Thx for your input, I appreciate it :) Ok, so I can't put an innofader in there, but are there any other CF's that I could replace the stock one with that might fit and be better than the stock one which would help my issue/situation? (I'd like to avoid a glue hack if I can).
  2. Yes, I did already set the crossfader setting to "fast cut". With that setting, the crossfader DOES have a "fast cut" feel to it BUT the distance between the crossfader's left-most position to the point where the audio cuts in is just way too far to do effective scratching. Crabs, twiddles, or any sort of intricate scratching techniques are not even possible. I'll hit the fader 4 times rapidly, and it only registers maybe one hit... if I'm lucky. I LOVE the SCS.4DJ, it's freaking brilliant - all that technology in one small package. If only I could have another (better/more effective) crossfader installed to replace the stock CF, then I'd be completely happy with it. That's why I bought it - to have a portable, self-contained scratching interface for my live performances (but I'm failing onstage due to the CF shortcomings). I would pay the extra money to have it installed, no problem, but I just need to know if it is possible, and how to do it OR where I can send it to have it done. I appreciate your help, and patiently await your input (I have more performances coming up this month). Please respond asap, thx! :)
  3. I have experienced a similar issue, or maybe it's basically the same as your issue. When the track in deck A is running and I use the platter in scratch mode (especially when back cueing), imediately following the scratching/platter manipulation, upon playback the pitch shifts off a bit, playing the track like slightly sharp or flat, and stays this way. It's like I can't even use the platter because if I do, I will corrupt the pitch of the song during it's playback. This effects me especially because I use the scs.4dj with my band - we use it to play our backing tracks as we play instruments on top (live). If the scs.4dj's pitch shifts or drifts, the whole performance is a train wreck - the track playback winds up playing in a different key than what the band is playing (NOT easy on the ears). Please help. Any word on the status of this issue being looked into? Is there a solution coming, and/or is there an explaination of what is causing this? Oh, and FYI - I'm not analyzing files when this issue occurs.
  4. The headphone (cue) button on the left side of my SCS.4DJ (deck A) will not engage or light up when I press it. In other words, Deck A's signal cannot be routed to the headphone in cue preview. Any ideas what to do? I only bought the unit about a month ago, so it is still under warranty. Is this a common issue, or does it sound like I need to send it out for repair?
  5. Hello there. Can the SCS.4DJ's crossfader be removed and replaced with a different crossfader? What I mean is, the stock crossfader leaves a lot to be desired for serious scratching. I have to wedge a little piece of rubber in the crossfader track to decrease the cut-in distance, and it still is not good enough for proper cuts. I love the unit but the crossfader is a bit of a bummer if you're doing serious scratching. Is it possible to replace it with an innofader or something like that (a better quality crossfader geared towards scratching)? Anything compatible? If not, is there anything I can do to improve this problem?
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