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  1. Ha!!!! That was awesome!!! Tom Brady is the best qb football has seen!!!
  2. I guess I should've said something earlier but I thought the old timers would already know this.... it's all in your CAPS gents!!!!
  3. Out if curiosity what does your sg weigh?? And does anyone know how much the custom lites weigh??
  4. What about a custom lite??? The weight is right an so is the look an price, but not sure about the neck on these??? Someone here must have one??
  5. Looks way better with your mods, I would like to see one with a ebony fretboard and a black headstock..
  6. Nothin to fret about, it'll just chap your a$$ every time you look at it..
  7. If you already have something to play then hold out for sure, you'll be glad you did..
  8. I wouldn't waste that kind of money on it if it's in that kind of shape, there's a 2012 white les Paul custom in great condition on a website selling for $2800ca... new ones retail for $5900, so Ita a steal of a deal.. there's deals like that all over for a newer guitar in way better shape.
  9. So I have 3 les Paul customs, 1 of which is the new 57 Ture Historic black beauty, it has the bumble bee caps and it's a significant difference in tome compared to my other customs,,, it's like the others just sound blah compared to the 57.. so I have never been one for buying a guitar an doin any mods on it but now I'm gonna toss some bumble bee caps in both my other customs... what do you guys think? They are fairly rare guitars an always thought I'd keep them stock to hold their value down . but I will never sell them so I guess it's a no brainer to get the tone I really want.. what kinds of mods do you guys do to improve tone and eliminate pup noise and such???
  10. I have Afew fairly rare les Paul customs,, and the most recent a Th 57 black beauty.. and while playing it in the store I was telling my old man I'll most likely play it less than my others as it's so incredibly perfect in every way and very expensive,,, a old guy watching me play interrupted an said why not play it as much as possible,, knowone buys a 50k truck an says I'm gonna park it in the garage an barely drive it.. well he was right, it's just a guitar so play it as much as possible and enjoy every bit of it!!
  11. 2015 True Historic 57 BB, This guitar plays and sounds like a dream. i have never played a better guitar. Im really pleased with it...
  12. 2015 True Historic 57 BB, This guitar plays and sounds like a dream. i have never played a better guitar. Im really pleased with it...
  13. I just gotta TH7 BB, although I can't compare it to any other R's unfortunately.. it's by far the best guitar I have ever played and own. I also own 2 other les Paul customs, my old man owns a 82 custom, and my brother has a. Amaericam strat and tele deluxe,, comparing all of them I would rather have the 1 TH 7 BB over all of them..
  14. I can't believe how ignorant some of you are.. The people that run this forum should take a look at stuff like this, I can appreciate a good arguement but when it comes down to being this disrespectful let me tell you I don't wanna be on a forum that allows this type of criticism.. shame on you, and mostly shame on the people that run this forum for not removing that post!!!
  15. Now I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, but here's some food for thought... I have 2 les Paul customs, (2012 and 2014),, my old man has a 82 les Paul custom. All of which I believe have no weight relief, all 10.3lbs if you close your eyes and play them you couldn't tell what one you were playing, it's unreal they are exactly the same!!!!!!! And I recent picked up the new 57 VOS 2 pup black beauty les Paul custom and correct me if I'm wrong but it has no weight relief it's a solid body and weighs bout 8-9lbs... The sound of that guitar is better than any guitar I've ever heard!!! I understand the guts of that guitar are completely different but it's a lighter guitar an sounds ten times better than any guitar not just gibsons... In my opinion it's mostly the guts of the guitar that makes them sound the way they do.
  16. TRAD!!!!!!!!! TRAD!!!!!! TRAD!!!!!! It's newer!! It's honey burst!! And it's A Traditional!! Do it, pull the trigger..
  17. gotta new guitar today.... It's a true historic 57 black beauty with the bigsby... Plays like a dream and is absolutely perfect!!!!! It's my new fav by a long shot!!!! I'll post pics when I can!!! It blows my other customs out of the water!!! If you don't know this is what it is.. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2015/Custom/True-Historic-1957-Les-Paul-Custom-Black-Beauty.aspx
  18. Dave Mustain (Megadeth) or Matt Heafy (Trivium)
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