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  1. It was a lovely celebration of her life.
  2. Yes, my question as well. Where is the OP for clarification?
  3. Good to have a rebel in charge. 🤘
  4. Oh my goodness, Tom. I'm so sorry. I am also glad that you two had so many wonderful years together. Keep reaching out to friends.
  5. My preferred action is 2.00mm/1.75mm (to give you a point of reference in inches, 5/64"=1.9844mm and 4.5/64"=1.78605mm). But that is for 12s, so that may not help much. But I'm betting you could go a little lower than what you have now if you're not a banger strummer.
  6. That sucks. Maybe an Administrator could contact the webmaster?
  7. Trying to upload a photo on my phone without using imgur: Hmm. It worked this time. I guess the image was the right size.
  8. If it sounded good and did not need neck reset, it doesn't seem too bad of a deal. I think that is right round the time the braces were no longer scalloped. That could make a difference to me. I'd have to listen to it.
  9. Well there you go. Something for everyone. 1 1 /2" nut though.
  10. Hmm. Still had to use imgur because my attached image was too large. Still, I do like the new look.
  11. It looks like Bragg is playing a J-45 Standard, but I could be wrong. From their joint project from 2016 featuring Leadbelly songs with RR Themes. Henry is playing a New Era 12 Fretter built by Tony Klassen inspired by the old Bacon and Day guitars. Seeing and hearing this just makes me happy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE9T-ubu45Y
  12. I voted J-45/50 and a 000-18. I feel blessed to own a “Frankenstein” J-50 and a Norman Blake 12 Fret 000-18. If I cheated and added one “other” it would be a Vintage Larson Brothers Euphonon Slope Shoulder with Rosewood B/S.
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