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  1. Stage Deluxe (Mahogany) and Radio Grande (Rosewood). πŸ‘
  2. Whoa! What year? Details please! Let us know when it arrives!
  3. Maybe we should have a Frankentar thread. Let's pick, -Tom ________________________________________ That would be fun, Tom!
  4. That Collings will be a Monster! I am lucky enough to have a Crooked Star Senorita that I bought used with Maple B/S. The CS line is much less blingy with open pore finishes (new they are about 2.5K) than the regular NE line (those go for about 5K brand new). Tony has only built 14 of the CS line as he has to fit them into his schedule. The main priority is the regular NE line. Let us know if you get the Collings!
  5. I hear ya. I had a great time with my one Vintage Project: the Frankenstein β€˜38 L-00 Neck/β€˜48 J-50 Body. The money spent could never be recovered in a sale, but I love the tone and probably play it the most. Having said that, I have recently been getting a lot of joy out of buying used newer guitars based on old models (Larson Brothers and Bacon and Day inspired) built by Tony Klassen (his less expensive Crooked Star Line from New Era Guitars). I also have a Jubal built by the late Aaron Cowles which is based on his old β€˜34 Original Jumbo that sounds great. Of course there is no substitute for old wood, but some modern builders are doing some great work at getting a very authentic tone, at least to my ears. Now if someone wants to give me a Roy Smeck already converted with no work needed, that would be okay. πŸ˜‰
  6. Very cool, Tom. Thanks for putting this together!
  7. If you’re so inclined to view, I have put up a video playing my Frankenstein Gibson β€˜38 L-00 Neck/β€˜48 J-50 Body. Wishing everyone the best during these Challenging Times.
  8. This young fellow out of Chattanooga, Tennessee named Isaac Stroupe builds his take on the Martelle Deluxe. He just sold this one recently. His company is called Minerva Fretworks.
  9. Great job, Buc! You really made the song your own. Nice picking on the run up to the Chorus. πŸ‘
  10. That’s really cool. I like the style, and the green background is a good choice!
  11. I do these to keep some semblance of sanity.
  12. Murph, fortunately crawfish is still available to go! And boudin ain’t never going away. πŸ˜‰
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