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  1. Nothing to worry about, Roger. I actually had envisioned this thread revealing more humorous anecdotes that showed the less glorious side of show business, but I have enjoyed all of the posts. Great stories. 😀
  2. You’re cracking me up, Murph! Even though I’m just half Cajun (Mom’s a Broussard), Friends and Family have assured me that I am 100% annoying. Getting back on topic, a great guitar slinger such as yourself is probably aware of Rodney’s good friend and his lead guitarist last night, Steuart Smith. He replaced Don Felder in The Eagles in 2001. The Dude can do it all! Rock it hard if needed, or play it sweet and soulful with taste as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steuart_Smith
  3. He was playing his 1932 L-00 Tuxedo with his five piece band at a 325 person capacity auditorium in Baton Rouge. He sold it out. What a great show. He has been having some health problems lately but definitely shook them off last night! https://imgur.com/ch4MV5y
  4. Schertler all the way. Oh, I see you have made a second choice. If that doesn’t work: https://secure.schertler.com/en_US/shop/amplifiers/jam
  5. Great story, Murph! I also try to follow the not playing two songs in a row in the same key, although it’s not easy during a four hour gig. At least that no name JG left you with some useful advice!
  6. Your singer was not the sharpest knife in the drawer. 😂
  7. Yeah, the older girl on his lap doesn’t look very comfortable. As for the Hell’s Angels gig, you were just trying broaden their horizons a little with the JM songs. How ungrateful of them. 😉
  8. “I distinctly told them Patrick Cooper first THEN Puppet Show!”
  9. Sorry if this just comes off as self-indulgent, but I had to post two photos that are symbolic of my exalted status in Show Biz. The first one from the past Spring shows how I have shared the stage with many iconic entertainers: The second one from about five years ago is my #spinaltapmoment (I'm sure most of you will get it 🙂: Feel free to share yours! Photos and/or stories?
  10. “I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation!” 😉
  11. Agreed. Stew Mac’s is too high profile to get away with selling unauthorized knock offs.
  12. ‘Nuff said. https://www.stewmac.com/Materials_and_Supplies/Accessories/Bar_Stools/Gibson_Logo_Bar_Stool.html
  13. Very cool! More fun than humans should be allowed.
  14. Hey Folks-- Sorry about the ragged recording and performance but it kinda fits the song. It's called "Let's Kill Saturday Night", written by Robbie Fulks. The energy takes over and I always speed this one up. 🙂 I'm playing the '48 J-50/'38 L-00. Just saw Robbie live with Redd Volkaert (Merle Haggard's long time guitarist) with about 40 people in attendance. One of my favorite shows ever. Don't sleep on Robbie. What a songwriter, picker and singer. https://soundcloud.com/nolamericana/lets-kill-saturday-night-written-by-robbie-fulks
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