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  1. Hey Folks—Hope everyone is staying healthy. I am resurrecting this Zombie Thread to share information about Minerva Guitars. Not the guitars built in Canada in the 30’s and 40’s, but new ones built by a young fellow in Tennessee named Issac Stroupe.Here is his take on the ‘34 Martelle Deluxe which is the original subject of this thread. No affiliation, but I thought it sounded pretty nice. https://youtu.be/8BQOjwQZ8Vg
  2. Yeah, I can relate about having to go it as a solo almost 100% of the time (an occasional duo or trio can work at times if the money is right). I’m a Journeyman New Orleans Musician. Luckily I still sell enough CDs to make a slight profit after all costs of the project (but full disclosure, it took three years to break even). My buyers are mostly older out of town folks at gigs who want to bring back a memento of their trip to New Orleans. My digital revenue is a joke. I’m about to release a six song EP. It will be interesting to see if I can turn a profit. If any of y’all ever get down to New Orleans, let me know. We can do a sit in!
  3. Jinder may be hesitant to post his video on the forum, but I'm not. Very impressive IMHO!
  4. This one has not been converted, but I have seen many in that price range that have already been converted. https://reverb.com/item/21494982-1934-gibson-roy-smeck-stage-deluxe-sunburst
  5. Hey Dan— I would contact Steve Swan out on the West Coast. He is quite the Smeck Guy. He sells mostly already converted Smecks but knows all the luthiers who specialize in conversions. http://www.steveswanguitars.com/guitars/gibson-guitars/
  6. Darn it. So sorry, Jinder. Thought surely that Schertler was your answer. I’ve never had the problem with vocal mics you have described but I’m guessing I didn’t have to turn things up very high in my small venues. Onward and upward!
  7. Hope you like the Roy! The Schertler gear I have (the predecessor to the Jam 400 made by the then named SR Technology and a Schertler extension speaker) has really served me well. The weight is a bit of a concern at times, but the tone is sublime. Good luck, Jinder!
  8. This is so great! As others have said, don’t just take this to anyone to work on. Where are you located? I’m sure someone on this forum could direct you to a qualified luthier who could work on this somewhat close to you geographically.
  9. Nothing to worry about, Roger. I actually had envisioned this thread revealing more humorous anecdotes that showed the less glorious side of show business, but I have enjoyed all of the posts. Great stories. 😀
  10. You’re cracking me up, Murph! Even though I’m just half Cajun (Mom’s a Broussard), Friends and Family have assured me that I am 100% annoying. Getting back on topic, a great guitar slinger such as yourself is probably aware of Rodney’s good friend and his lead guitarist last night, Steuart Smith. He replaced Don Felder in The Eagles in 2001. The Dude can do it all! Rock it hard if needed, or play it sweet and soulful with taste as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steuart_Smith
  11. He was playing his 1932 L-00 Tuxedo with his five piece band at a 325 person capacity auditorium in Baton Rouge. He sold it out. What a great show. He has been having some health problems lately but definitely shook them off last night! https://imgur.com/ch4MV5y
  12. Schertler all the way. Oh, I see you have made a second choice. If that doesn’t work: https://secure.schertler.com/en_US/shop/amplifiers/jam
  13. Great story, Murph! I also try to follow the not playing two songs in a row in the same key, although it’s not easy during a four hour gig. At least that no name JG left you with some useful advice!
  14. Yeah, the older girl on his lap doesn’t look very comfortable. As for the Hell’s Angels gig, you were just trying broaden their horizons a little with the JM songs. How ungrateful of them. 😉
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