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  1. There is no mention anywhere in the two videos of torrefication, which leads me to believe the answer is no, but it will interesting to see the detailed specs when they are released by Music Villa. ūüĎć
  2. True! That $6500 is for the non Braz offerings.
  3. Well, after hearing from Chad at Music Villa I have learned the pricing will be as I feared (actually worse). The instruments will be in the neighborhood of $6500. Oh well. It was fun to dream!
  4. And now back to fun stuff. Their first Dread.
  5. FWIW, I posted a new video filmed at the shop in this thread: https://forum.gibson.com/topic/161909-ren-ferguson’s-new-project/
  6. Yes, the New Yorker inspired model is interesting to me as well. Here is the first one. This one has Brazilian Rosewood B/S From the video it sounded like regular offerings will have either Koa or Spalted Maple. I guess for bigger bucks one could ask for different woods for a Custom Build.
  7. I have a feeling they will go at boutique prices. The New Yorker style at the 10:22 mark sounds intriguing, but probably too rich for my blood.
  8. Hey Folks! I hope people are starting to thaw out. Thought this may be of interest to some.
  9. Thanks for checking in. Sending good thoughts your way!
  10. Yeah, that action is really high IMHO. I lean towards 2.00mm/1.7mm, but everyone is different. If the tone is a problem for you, then that IS a problem. Maybe get the set up and play it for a while to see how you are feeling about it? However, If you feel that the tone is something you cannot abide, then skip the set up and return it.
  11. Since Jinder‚Äôs Facebook post is set to ‚ÄúPublic‚ÄĚ I am posting this link. You do not have to be on Facebook to read it. https://www.facebook.com/547745407/posts/10164313327990408/?d=n
  12. See my post #4 below for details. If you follow him on Facebook he posts updates as Phil Jinder Dewhurst. It’s pretty serious but there is a plan in place to help. If you are so inclined, send some good thoughts his way.
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