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    My Les Paul Standard premium flame tea burst
    My other love is Astronomy
  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CPZBMjRWsAAJAHv.jpg This is my Gibson Les Paul 2013 Premium flame AAAA in tea burst hope you like as much as me :)
  2. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CPZBMjRWsAAJAHv.jpg This is my Gibson Les Paul 2013 Premium flame AAAA in tea burst hope you like as much as me :)
  3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CPZBMjRWsAAJAHv.jpg This is my Gibson Les Paul 2013 Premium flame AAAA in tea burst hope you like as much as me :)
  4. A hearty congratulations on your new Les Paul she looks wonderful and real beauty we have not seen any 2016 here in the UK just have to wait
  5. Hi Rabs I have a pair of the Vox lead head phones and you can use them as a amp headphone ok on the Yamaha as it is up high but the cable is to short really and to weak to use on a permanent solution I have one stereo amp the Yamaha and one Marshall mono Thanks for you time Rabs if you think of any other head phones let me know thanks alot
  6. Hi everyone My name is Doug and this is my first topic here I have been looking for a pair of Headphones that I can plug in to the amps at night so the neighbours and "She who must be obeyed"will not complain" I was looking on the net and see a Roland rh300 Does anyone have a pair of these I did have a pair of Technics but they must be over 15 years old now and the sponge inside the earpiece has crumbled away and are heavy so so there gone, I do need new one can anyone tell me if there is a difference between a headphone for Guitar amps and a CD player and a MP3 and can anyone recommend a good headphone with really good clarity, thank you all
  7. Rob Chapman of chapman guitars purchased a standard with a zero nut and he play's heavy metal so I would find his site and drop him ( nice guy he should give you his opinion) a line on YOU TUBE to see what he thinks,Rob chapman and Lee Anderton purchased Gibson's on the same day but Lee Anderton purchased a Custom shop 58 with no zero nut and no Gforce. DOH
  8. Well it's been 14 months and I still love her these standard to me are simply best she still looks new and I play her every day for hours also got my self a small amp so I can plug in head phones for night play all the best
  9. I have just had a look at the new Gibson for 2014, the tops do not impress me much and I am glad I got mine this year I got the Les Paul standard 2013 premium flame in tea burst and love it the new one's for this year only have a few premium's like the Premium Quilt in Root beer that is the Top: AAA Figured Quilted maple at £2,899.00GBP the ones for 2013 are AAAA also maple £2,469.00GBP and the top on mine is banging so the top are not as good as 2013 and the 120 years badge is worth nothing if I have made a mistake with this in any way I apologise so please let me know if I'm wrong Thanks Doug
  10. Thanks JMG That's what I was looking for, still think it should be in the case:-) Doug, UK.
  11. Sounds like real good advice, Many thanks Doug, UK.
  12. Hi all In Aug 2013 I purchased a new standard premium and looking in the case I found one little booklet one neck ajuster and a bag of cristals to keep it from getting damp you would have thought for the money we pay out for these guitars that there would be a book telling you all the information you would need to keep it in tip top shape two weeks ago I purchased the Dunlop 65 maintenance cleaning kit witch was recommended to me by the store that sold me the guitar now hoping it's ok any thoughts out there on this kit ? many thanks
  13. Hello I think that price is a bargin "Option #2 2012 Les Paul standard, premium plus. AAA top trans Black also new but clearance at $1470.00" make sure this is not a second ie returned stock they call it "B stock" witch mean second damaged fixed ect that is the only add I have seen on the web at that price hope this helps
  14. Hi Ya So we are clear this is the specs for the 2013 standard premium that I have and I can tell you it everything I expected and a hole lot more regardless of the tops Modern weight relief is a must I am no small guy and it fills so solid I had to get a really good neck strap for it as it's about 8.9lb and sound fantastic you will not be sorry the different tops like A , AA ,AAA, AAAA in my honest opinion does no change the tone,hope this helps good luck with your choice please let us know what you decide Thanks Specification Detail Body Type Les Paul Left-/Right-handed Right-handed Body Material Mahogany, Modern weight relief Top Material AAAA Flame Maple Color Tea Burst Neck Material Mahogany, Set Neck Shape Asymmetrical '60s Slim taper Scale Length 24.75" Fingerboard Material Rosewood, Compound Radius Fingerboard Inlay Trapezoid Number of Frets 22 Bridge/Tailpiece Tone Pros locking Tune-o-Matic bridge and tailpiece Tuners Locking Grover tuners Number of Pickups 2 Neck Pickup BurstBucker Pro Humbucker Middle Pickup No middle pickup Bridge Pickup BurstBucker Pro Humbucker Controls 2 x Volume, 2 x Tone, 3-way Switch, Push-pull Coil Tap, Phase Reverse, and Bypass Case Included Hardshell case included Manufacturer Part Number LPSAATSCH1
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