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  1. Hey, I just bought a 2005 J 160e. It is just fabulous. Here is what I did wrong. I put on a new set of premium acoustic strings and then realized they probably would not be so compatible with the P 90 pick up. Upon plugging it in I found that while the plain strings sounded fine, the wound strings do not. They really lacked the volume of the plain strings. So, if any of you veteran J 160 players could tell me what you use to get the best compromise between plugged and unplugged sound, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  2. I agree with Charlie Brown too. Why are you considering a guitar you think you need to rip out the guts from? I have played the Nighthawk for a year and a half totally stock and have no concerns with it. If I didn't like the electronics I would not have got it in the first place. Keep shopping around and find an axe that really suits you,
  3. mighty4th


    Yeah me too. I gotta decide which guitar to fit it to.
  4. mighty4th


    Has anyone heard whether min-etune will be available as a retro fit or sold by itself. I might buy one for an old guitar but I don't think I will buy a new one just to get it. Also , let me know if you have one and how it is working out. Thanks.
  5. Here is some info on what BFG stands for. I know the video says barely finished guitar; I was on the factory tour in Memphis on Monday. I asked a guy there what it stands for , he said "big freakin' guitar " with emphasis on freakin so I believe the "barely finished" angle is just for friendly PR. I think the designers mean "Big F@#%$@ing Guitar". Anyway, the tour was fabulous. Fifty minutes long and full of cool stuff.
  6. Yeah that's the one I'm going to use!
  7. I have heard two possible answers to that Question: 1. Barely finished guitar 2. Ballsy f---ing guitar Only a Gibson designer knows for sure.
  8. This one is in St. Catharines , Ontario. Legend says if you light a wooden match at night you hear the scream of a girl who was burnt to death by her father in the 1910's.
  9. I picked up a BFG Gator yesterday. I absolutely love it. Amazingly different sounds than my custom or goldtop. Even the look is cool. https://www.facebook...=1&l=41c3caac3c
  10. I bought a Nighthawk a few months ago and I loved it the moment I played it at the store. I wasn't in the market for a new axe but it so impressed me I had to get it. I never thought of swapping any parts out because I don't really feel they are needed. I am not saying that I couldn't find superior components because , obviously, I could very easily. I am saying this guitar really does not need alot of fiddling. If I want to play a Gibson I will play one of my Gibsons. If I want to play a truly unique guitar, I pick up my Nighthawk. Beyond superficial changes like new knobs or strap-locks, I say leave it alone. Should you be buying guitars you feel need to rip out the guts? Of course not. Just my two cents worth.
  11. I picked up a fireburst Nighthawk after seeing it at my local store. What a great guitar. I had no intention of buying another axe because my collection is at 20 right now. Playing it was such a high, I had to have it. It plays as well as my Gibsons. Give this one a try and you will see what I mean. All the sounds are there(for me anyway}. The build and finish are top notch. The light weight is nice too. I have been playing for 39 years and I havn't been this excited about a new guitar since my first Gibson Les Paul.
  12. It is real, I have the same one from 1988. All the details that are visible look good.
  13. For my money I would say it is a faulty glue joint on the bookmatched halves and should be covered in the warranty. Humidity changes and the stress of the string tension will worsen the problem.
  14. -Does the Dot Studio play like an acoustic, as to when you strum does it have that acoustic tone without an amp?-@The solid center block prevents the top from vibrating like an acoustic. -How hot are the pickups?@they are good but they lack the power of Gibsons. -How loud is the Dot studio without an amp?@It is only slightly louder than a solid body. -Does it stay in tune?@No problems there. - And finally is the neck thin or thick?@Very chunky neck on my Dot. Epi makes electrics with no center block, so you may want to have a look at those to find the acoustic sound you are looking for. Check out the Ibanez Artcore series too. I have two of them. They have fully hollow body models that seem like they are just what you are looking for.
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