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  1. Anyone from Stanton reading these posts?!!!!! It happened again!!! My entire library got over-written again (4th time)! And all my preset loops, cue points, bpm edits and gain adjustments are erased. For god's sake, please acknowledge the problem and appease us by saying you're looking into it. There is a flaw in the software, acknowledge it and address it.
  2. Can anyone from Stanton help us. This is a constant occurrence that should be resolved. Some times "prepare new tracks only" works and sometimes it doesn't. I have a reasonably sized library of 4k songs and now again (probably for the 3rd or 4th time)I have to reset all my cue points, bpm edits, and loops. Why does this keep happening? Anyone else having this problem?
  3. I too have issues with this. I have a large collection and it's time consuming to add any new tracks to my existing library. Furthermore, as trippy stated above my entire library gets over-written and all my preset loops, cue points, bpm edits and gain adjustments are erased. I'm then stuck adjusting these settings again, on-the-fly during my sessions. Can someone look into this for a fix or work-around? It would be much appreciated.
  4. +1!!! Beat grid is brutal for sure. It is the most frustrating aspect of this unit! I've spent too much time playing with the BPM function trying to fix it. This is just one requested fix, what about all the features that have been requested by everyone for a while now?
  5. Please, Please, please, someone please look in to rectifying the BPM and beatgrid analysis. It is absolutely frustrating that something that has been a known issue for a while is being overlooked. Some songs are absolutely brutal!
  6. proaudiotech, We've all been told on here that Professorbx and Penguin have worked on a new update. It was claimed that it was supposed to be a game-changer. I've checked this forum everyday hoping that it was posted. Now you're stating that there is no update. What's going on here? If I knew this was the case, I would have gotten rid of the unit a long time ago. Don't get me wrong, the scs.4dj is good with the 4.01 firmware, but it's not great. We on here were hoping for great. Oh well fellow followers, I guess we're S.O.L. Time to move on, nothing to look forward to.
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