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  1. Just scored this new 2013 Ebony Standard.
  2. If you can find a mid-late 90's MIK, I would say that's the way to go. I can't say enough good things about my '96 LP Standard Plus Top.. Here she is with my Epi 2007 '57 Reissue Junior.
  3. And I have a 2011 Gibson "Melody Maker Special" which seems more like a regular Special to me in a way - includes 2 pickups and the Les Paul headstock - but I guess they can name 'em what they want... (??) I'm pretty sure they only made these models for one year..
  4. I agree - I really like the new smaller fret wire on the 2015's. I got a '15 LP Special Double Cut recently, and I am digging the smaller (lower) fret size on it.
  5. Same here. Gibson sent me a new titanium replacement nut for my 2015 LP Special Double Cut. Although I wasn't having any problems with the stock brass zero fret nut, I decided to go ahead and request one of the new titanium ones when/if the brass nut breaks down. The new nut arrived pretty fast. Kudos to Gibson.
  6. Congrats! Love that top ~ Yep, isn't the factory shot a nice touch? Got one with my '15 LP Special DC as well.
  7. You've got a point with the "NOS" designation with 2013's - I have to agree.
  8. Yes, I'm seeing 2013's still advertised for sale at most of the major on-line retailers.
  9. I picked up my brand new NOS 2013 Alpine White LP Studio for $850 in July at Sam Ash. They had five in stock that day - four Alpine Whites and one Ebony. I picked the best of the five. (An Alpine White, and love it.) I was in there the other day, and they still had one (an Alpine White) left. Same price.
  10. Mine works perfectly so far as well (hope I didn't just jinx it... ), on my '15 LP Special DC.
  11. Thanks for the heads up - I need to give Gibson a call as well then, and get the new updated nut sent out for my '15 LP Special Double Cut. No problems with the stock zero fret brass nut yet, but it will be nice to get the new one - just in case..
  12. Yeah, I've been seeing the 2015 Juniors all over the place lately (GC, Sam Ash) for $599. And I definitely would have snagged one if I hadn't already bought a '15 Special Double Cut at GC last month for the same price.
  13. Thanks, I do love the look of this one as well.. And I agree with you on the DC Specials being a straight ahead rock machine! The P90's in this one really scream...
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