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  1. Do you know Henry and go skiing with him? When was the last time you sat in on a board meeting or chatted with Henry about business? Do you know anyone who worked directly for Henry? Just asking cause you may have some personal knowledge how the billion dollar Gibson company is run and I need to shut my mouth.
  2. Henry sucks to work for at the executive level. Look how many new execs joined Gibson in 2016 (new and industry respected talent) that left within 6 months? No talented execs means no way out.
  3. Merry Christmas Save the Happy holidays for the PC fools.
  4. There is no case by Gibson (made by TKL) that is high quality. In fact most are average and many are sub par with flaws. Sad that people think Gibson is perfection all the time, anytime when in fact, Gibson is far from it compared to other brands.
  5. You are lucky and I wish I had the same experience. I have owned 8 new Gibsons in the past 3 years and every case was sub par. Thank goodness the guitars were perfection :D Even though, the cases if being perfect are still low end compared to what other brands (Check out Collings Cases) are giving you. This is a case (no pun intended) of Henry and his been counters squeezing every penny out of a sale even if it jeopardizes the quality. As far as TKL, I complained to them about my DG ES335 case and the VP of operations requested I send pictures. I sent them and heard nothing more even
  6. The cases are garbage compared to other brands and for the price of the guitar. Gibson does not make a good case at all and it is a shame.
  7. I was given one when I picked up my DG335 at Gibson Memphis in February. It is Ok. I like the retracting end to prevent loud pops when plugging into your guitar but I do not like the bulky white plastic end at all. Not worth the money at all compared to excellent brands on the market at half the price.
  8. This is normal and Gibson says so. It is called Historic accuracy. Really it is crap materials Gibson used.
  9. Gibson cases are pure garbage regardless of what model guitar you buy. When they made me a new #6 DG ES335 they also made a new case because the case had the lining separating and hot glue chunks all inside.
  10. You have to look at guitars besides Gibson and you can't compare 50 year old technology to today using CnC machines. For example, anything Collings puts out is perfection and most of theirs do not have bindings.
  11. The F-Hole is chipped because the finishing work is poor either due to dull cutters on the CnC machine or poor finish sanding or both.
  12. The J200 without a doubt with the songwriter deluxe a close second. The songwriter deluxe is the most understated and least talked about Gibson acoustic but it is by far superior to most of the line (with the exception of the J200. This not not saying the other models are not outstanding as they are but... it is really to each his own and my vote goes for the 2 I listed. (I own a Hummingbird as well as a J35)
  13. WOW what happened to the Skillshouse area? I enjoyed that and was just there a couple weeks back but now it is ONLY Arlen Roth. NOT GOOD!
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