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  1. Do you know Henry and go skiing with him? When was the last time you sat in on a board meeting or chatted with Henry about business? Do you know anyone who worked directly for Henry? Just asking cause you may have some personal knowledge how the billion dollar Gibson company is run and I need to shut my mouth.
  2. Henry sucks to work for at the executive level. Look how many new execs joined Gibson in 2016 (new and industry respected talent) that left within 6 months? No talented execs means no way out.
  3. This is normal and Gibson says so. It is called Historic accuracy. Really it is crap materials Gibson used.
  4. WOW what happened to the Skillshouse area? I enjoyed that and was just there a couple weeks back but now it is ONLY Arlen Roth. NOT GOOD!
  5. I can guarantee you that is not why Gibson uses Tusq. Gibson uses Tusq so there is something to upgrade too.
  6. On my J200 it was a tusq saddle and in fact I ordered a replacement to practice making my own saddles and it was the same exact material. Tusq gave too of a sharp tone to my J200 so I replaced the saddle and nut with bone. The same went for my SWD of which both guitars sound like they should (now)
  7. I just ordered 3 custom built display cases for my Gibsons. I like to keep them out (I hang them on the wall in my spare room) but the task of dealing with humidity (or lack thereof) is a real pain. I decided to put them in display cases and maintain the humidity levels that way (much easier) all the while keep them dust free and most importantly giving me easy access to play them.
  8. The only time I need to tune is when I change lessons or songs but if I am in a lesson or song for a while it only asks once. This is on a Xbox360
  9. My 5* uses Hercules stands and hangers exclusively. Every guitar I have looked at shows no sign of any type of damage including a 2010 model they have had since new. So I decided to purchase Hercules myself but I am still nervous so I did this http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/106286-hercules-covers/page__p__1436915__fromsearch__1#entry1436915
  10. I run optical out from my Xbox360 to my surround sound system and there is no lag. Running sound through the HDMI is not optimal and in fact, not recommended due to the LAG.
  11. Yeah you can go all over the place with this game as it is not structured on purpose. However, if you follow the lessons it is decently done and makes more sense.
  12. My wife got me this game for Christmas. What a fun game and something to sharpen your skills.
  13. Sure they would and maybe not on purpose looking at it from Gibson management's point of view, but from a reality point of view, it happens.
  14. Let's see. The Taylors were all spot on and pretty much identical (low action) across the models I looked at. The Gibsons were (yes they were) consistent in their bridge action. Consistently very high. Although, the nut action on my SWD was too low. Neck angle and humidity does not cause that, rather the slots being cut too deep caused the .001 clearance fretted and .020 unfretted (low E). But then again, as you said, it did not ship from Gibson that way, so I guess the Martin and Taylor gremlins sabotage my guitar.
  15. I know for a fact that Gibson QC lacks some times and that their acoustic guitars tend to come with higher then normal action as seen on just about every Gibson hanging in my 5*. Where as the same 5* has a dozen Taylors which all have low action. Taylor is laser accurate on their guitars across the board with all their specs but Gibson is more on the hand finished end of things so specs will tend to wander. My 416 measured 3/32 out of the box where my J200 was 5 to 6/32 when my tech initially set it up to 3/32 (which was too low for me BTW). My SWD was pretty close to the same before I installed a new TUSQ saddle I had laying around and it is now at 7 to 8/64s where I like it. In my observations which are based on personal experience and reviewing over a dozen Gibsons and Taylors, I find it hard to believe that one can say Gibson would never ship a guitar with a high action setup.
  16. You are so right Sal. I seem like to like 7 to 8/64ths action on the saddle side and a little high on the nut side because of my attack style. A 5* like Russo can easily make that happen which they did for me! Now that Scott knows my playing style, I am going to have him redo the setup on my J200 (nut side)!
  17. I find the action is high if I feel it is and only you should be the judge of your guitar. Taylors are laser quality accuracy when it comes to fit/finish and setup from the factory. Gibson as the other poster said come with higher then (what some people feel is) optimal action. But only you can be the judge of that. However, I will guess that you will want it lower since you are used to playing the Taylor? If that's correct, take the saddle down yourself a few 64ths and see if you like it better. Otherwise take it it a good guitar tech and have him/her do a personalized setup for you. Keep us poster on how you make out!
  18. Like another poster I thought, this looks terrible but then you sanded and buffed the guard and wow. great job!!
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