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  1. Man...I swear I checked all the switches on the controller incase any of them flicked during the travel to the gig. It was the PC/Thru switch, it was flicked to Thru. I can't believe it. Thank you so much. A relief but yet so much time wasted haha Cheers, Kaz
  2. I bought a Stanton DJC.4 in January of 2013 and it has been everything I could have wanted, however recently there is no sound coming out of the master output. I was setting up for a gig when all of a sudden no sound was coming out of it even though I know 3 days earlier, it was working fine. I thought it was the venue's sound system but I tested it at home and it was the controller. I use traktor 2 v2.5 and a MacBook Pro. I also tested it with traktor 2 v2.6 as well as the VDJ LE software that the controller came with, and still no volume. All the controls are working fine and there is sound coming through the monitor output. I have tested both the RCA and stereo outputs, routed the system many different ways, checked the master volume on the software, used different speakers, reset the controller and imported different mapping files. Since I use a Mac, there are no drivers to install or update. The controller works like it should when I set up traktor to run it through the computer's sound card, but obviously I can't monitor that way. I do have a one year warranty on it, but the technicians that I have spoken to said that they believe it may not be a hardware problem since the monitor output is fine. One believed that something must have updated on my computer that made it out of sync of some sort with the controller, but how would I know what it is? The Stanton or Traktor site don't have any special updates that help either so I am not sure what I should do. I could really use help from other experienced users. Has anyone else experienced this and have any solutions? What do you think? Thanks in advance, Kazaird
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