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  1. I can tolerate a $200 used Danelectro made out of a countertop needing a neck shim... A brand new Les Paul? I think not. Oh, and you missed a picture: See the black guitar on the bottom left next to the Strat? That's a real-deal, non-swiss-cheesed, 11.5 lbs., maple over mahogany, rosewood fretboard Les Paul from the only manufacturer that actually makes a real Les Paul anymore: Heritage PS - Didn't need a setup. Odd... I thought all new guitars are supposed to need a setup... it seems that that just isn't true. Shocking.
  2. 1) Quality Loose tuner bushings, the string height measured like it belonged on a suspension bridge, and the pickups weren't set right for height. Guys, who in the world is running your quality department? Am I really supposed to trust the idea that these things are wrong, but you'll get the not-so-obvious things right on a multi-thousand dollar Les Paul? I can personally attest to the string height being out of whack on an SGJ I checked out at Guitar Center a week ago - brand-spanking new, I was the first human being who had ever touched it apart from a Gibson employee. Set-
  3. I saw a Beretta reissue at a store recently. Great guitar, but had a nasty ding in it and I really prefer a recessed Floyd. I took a 1986 Pacer American and back-routed it to allow the Floyd to float, but would prefer to buy a guitar as is like that... and I'd love for that guitar to be a US Kramer. If you guys could make a later Pacer in the US, with a floating Floyd and the neck profile of an American series, I'd be all over it.
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