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  1. Thanks joevacc....good advice. Kind of what I had planned to do anyways. Figures it needs to get broken in a bit before I start getting crazy and having things done to it. Only my second "NEW" guitar I've ever purchased so.... Well, third really, but the first was my Ibanez bass in the 80s so.... Glad to hear as well that you are as impressed with the Tribute as you are.... reinforces my decision to buy it. I shall definitely enjoy it! Gotta figure out the whole coil splitting thing too, since I have never played a guitar with that feature.... should be fun.
  2. Alright, alright..... I give in, uncle..... I am convinced that it is a Sheraton II. I realize the guy made a mistake with the year, but just seems like a real doozy to list it as a '75 which is WAY off obviously.... Just would have been nice to make a find, you know.....
  3. So are you saying that you think that this could be an older Sheraton? Not a Sheraton II? I am just mostly puzzled why the individual would list it as a '75. If it indeed does have a Gibson on the TRC, then wouldn't that point to it more likely being closer to a '75? Not trying to diminish what RTH is saying.... Just trying to be clear on what you are saying. I still haven't heard anything more from the seller, but I have been busy and didn't want to bug him. He gave me his father's phone number, the owner of the guitar, so I might still call him to find out. Maybe get a serial number.... Thanks
  4. Oh, I did not think for a second you were decrying Epiphone, on the contrary.... I do believe that quality makes a big difference, i just have never played a Gibson, but they cost what they cost for a reason. And they are played by a great many musicians for a reason; how they sound. If I owned a Gibson, I might not play it as much as my Epis either. Same reason I don't pull my Ibanez Musician of out its case except on rare occasions.... I don't pull my Casino out that often either, but I typically don't hesitate if I am in the mood to play something that sounds good on a hollowbody. And i bought the Epi LP Tribute mostly because of the Gibson pups, among other reasons so....not sure if that makes it worth more or not. To the OP, didn't mean to hijack the thread....
  5. Actually, the ad doesn't state that it is a Japanese model, that was an assumption that I was making....if it was in fact a '75, then I was assuming, according to the info about 70's Sheratons, that it had been made in Japan, possibly making it somewhat more of a collectible. But I get what you are/he are saying now. It is a Korean model, not a Japanese one. If it had had inlays to the 21st fret, then it would be a Japanese made model....
  6. Ok, so I just re-read your last post above and I'm a little confused about the fret inlays, because it sounds like you are saying that this model guitar, a late 80s to early 90s Sheraton, should have inlays all the way to the 21st fret. This one does have them only until the 15th, so I'm confused as to what year you are saying this is....
  7. Thanks rth, good info!! And nice work with the Epi wiki!
  8. No problem... Well, from what I have read, Japan started making guitars better in the 70s and according to the Gibson-talk.com site, talking about Epi Sheratons, they say too that by about '75, Japanese guitars were improving in quality and Gibson contracted with Matsumoku to make the Sheraton over there.... I didn't actually realize that Sheratons were a semi-hollow body... Definitely a big difference then compared to the Casino, along with the other things you mentioned. I did look up prices for Sheraton IIs to see what their prices are and you are right about the prices. The poster of the listing got back to me and is going to find out more about the guitar from his father, who owns the guitar, so I'll post his response once I get it....
  9. Hmmm, I tend to go with a little bit of both of these opinions. I have played instruments since I was in junior high school, so I consider myself a musician, more of a hobbyist now than anything else. So it is about playing the music for me, because it is one of those things that I could never give up. With that being said, I do appreciate quality and collectibility as well. I enjoy collecting guitars. I don't have a large collection, but if I see something that I think would be of value to have, I tend to want to get it as well. And if it plays great and sounds awesome, then bully for me. I have an '80 Ibanez Musician Fretless Bass that I will never part with, because for me it is worth more than any of my current guitars put together, it is a collectible and it does play awesome.... Now, I have owned many Epiphones up until this point, but I have never owned a Gibson, which I would love to have for both reasons; their collectibility/value as well as their quality and sound. I dont' have any problem with how my Epis play or sound, because they sound good to me. I have never played a Gibson though, so in a way I don't know what I am missing. But i really don't have Gibson money to spend, except for maybe a LP Studio. But there again, is a Studio really worth the investment? Over an Epi LP Anniversary? Or the Epi LP Tribute I just bought? I should start squirreling away money to buy a Standard at some point down the road I guess.... I tend to believe that most people on here are of the same mind, musicians that appreciate good quality instruments.
  10. @Stein The listing on Craigslist described this as a 1975 model Epiphone Gibson, didn't get it anywhere else. That's the reason I was asking on here, because if it was a '75 Sheraton, I would think it would be a great price. I as well could not get a lot of detail from the listing photo, and I don't know that much about Sheratons, except what I found in the Epiphone wiki. To me it did look like a mid-70s Sheraton, but apparently it is a Sheraton II and I'll take everyone's word for it. The pattern on the headstock is definitely tough to make out, but it was looking right for me, but again, I defer to those with a better eye than mine. I just posted a guitar for sale myself on Craigslist today and came across this guitar. If I were to sell mine before this one is gone, I might entertain buying it...but if not, I do have a Casino which I really like, so I would not be too put out if I didn't score it. Not sure how the Sheraton II compares to a mid-2000 Casino... In any case, thanks for the replies and the info...
  11. This sucker is for sale on Craigslist by me, just curious what model it is. It is listed as a 1975 Epiphone Gibson model guitar, but I think it looks like a Sheraton. Is $550 a good deal for this thing? This is a Japanese made model right? I thought that the ones made in Japan were pretty good at that time. I doubt it is a Kalamazoo made model.... Thanks for the info....
  12. Ah ok.... I did check my LP Custom and, although the humbuckers wobble, they don't fall down.... J.k., they don't wobble like that, but the neck does move more. Herzlichen Dank capmaster! It's ok guys, I think it is probably normal, like you are all saying. Just seemed extreme to me, that's all. Appreciate the help!
  13. No worries capmaster.... Same with all of my humbuckers as well. I don't have any Fenders/Squiers with humbuckers, but I do have two Ibanez basses, both with hbs and they are all mounted with 3, like you say. My one Ibz guitar has DiMarzios, and that only has 2 screws holding them in, but they are solid also, no wobble. I included a gif here of what these pups looks like, both neck and bridge.... http://i1189.photobu...126id634338.gif
  14. Thanks fromnabulax... Yeah, I know the rocking is normal, but this pup rocks way to easily, it seems to me anyways. I don't think I have encountered a guitar with a humbucker that moves with so little force. It does not move on it's own of course. Duly noted on the guitar dater site. Knew there had to be something wrong with it the minute it spit out the results for my 2015 made in China Tribute.... I'm not sure what you have heard about the Keys, but there are not that many guitar places down here. Anyways, I figured I would be able to figure it out on my own or with help from the board, which is kind of what I was counting on. Didn't want to run to the guitar shop right away anyways. Yeah, I would normally go into a guitar shop to see, play and buy a guitar, but again, those are few and far between on this 3x5 mile island. Selection is pretty scarce as well. And I don't want to drive 3 hours to Miami either... So, I'll deal with the online cost and pay a bit more than if I was dealing in cash....
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