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  1. RIP Dusty. They say he died in his sleep. Hopefully he didn't suffer.
  2. But for the original post, Coke all the way.
  3. Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Mountain Dew.
  4. I mostly use my clean channel, slightly crunched, and my Compression Pedal for Heavier Distortion Rhythm / Leads.
  5. I prefer Coca Cola over Pepsi.
  6. Ok, still not seeing the reason. Is it for bending notes on the B String? Why just the B String?
  7. I don't get it, why would you just "bend" the B-String? Not familiar with this.
  8. I saw Molly Hatchet a few years ago. All they had was the lead singer, one guitarist, a keyboard player, a bass player and a drummer. Since they only had one guitarist, he had to cover a lot of the parts, or the keyboardist covered some of them. They were really lacking that old Molly Hatchet guitar slinging sound. It was a festival type concert and there were two stages. They were on the small stage. I watched as much as I could stand then went back to see Marshal Tucker and Charlie Daniels on the main stage. Molly Hatchet was a real disappointment, you'd think they could get more
  9. Or Pick Guards On or Off.
  10. My short list is easy. I want a good Fender (Not Squire) Stratocaster (Sorry Gibson guys, me included). I have a nice Gibson Les Paul, but I want the Strat sound too. I have my eyes set on a Cherry Sunburst Maple Flame Top, Maple Fret Board, Made in Mexico, Strat. I have $285. saved up in "Guitar Center" gift cards. Someday soon, I'll bite the bullet and spend them to cover part of the costs, but then I need to add a hard-shell case, another good strap, maybe strap locks, and of course a good set-up at my favorite luthier, since I would never trust GC to do the set-up. All of this will p
  11. You already have an acoustic. Get the 335.
  12. Thanks for sharing. Never understood why people use different gear in the studio vs. live. Seems to me you'd want to duplicate your signature as much as possible. I like his choice of strings. Same ones I have been using for years.
  13. I played a PRD once. Didn't like the neck. Can't go wrong with a Les Paul.
  14. Same here. Just be careful with your baby.😄
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