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  1. I switched from Ernie Ball Super Slinky's to Ernie Ball Cobalt's, 10's a long long time ago. Haven't gone back since.
  2. Great story. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on the autographed stuff.
  3. Searcy is ok. He posted on facebook.
  4. I use a lot of pedals, mostly chorus, flanger, phase, compression and delay. Occasionally wah-wah, volume and acoustic. My MXR EQ is always on (not button, so just in my line). Just recently got a Looper and a Harmonizer that I rarely use. I wouldn't go without them.
  5. I like most of their old music, but I frown on them for not allowing Joey Kramer to participate. Very sad.
  6. RIP Terry. I enjoy all of the Monty Python material.
  7. I 2nd the motion on the Facebook Marketplace post. You can specify local only and set up a place to meet.
  8. I can't say anything, just full of tears. He was the best drummer in the world. Gone at 67 years young. RIP Neil.
  9. The thing's we do for love. That sounds like a song lyric.
  10. Yes, it does, and I like it. Gives that sustained, controlled feedback. Very cool. The standard setting is nice too. Love using it with my Delay Pedal.
  11. Thank You Tman. Hope your housing situation is getting better.
  12. I got my EBow as a birthday gift from my daughter. Used it for the first time last night. Took some getting used to, but after a while I started getting the hang of it. Now I just need to find some songs that use it. Otherwise I'll just keep practicing to get better at the methods & techniques. Switching strings quickly, doing a lead run, is going to take a lot of practice.
  13. In the end, its ultimately your decision. I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic Antique, and the only guitar I would want right now is a Fender Strat. MIM or USA is still undecided. So if it were me, I'd go with the Telecaster (that would be the closest to the Strat.). Congrats on your upcoming retirement.
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