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  1. Cardinals Fan here. I stopped watching when the Cardinals got swept by the Nat's. Glad the Nat's won though. I can except the sweep when the sweeping team goes on to bigger and better things.
  2. Almost anything by the Eagles would probably go over well. Take it Easy, Tequila Sunrise, Lyin' Eyes, just to name a few.
  3. Nice amp. Great deal. I love my Peavey Amp too. I'd post a picture but I don't know how to deal with the 0.05MB size limitaiton.
  4. Happy Birthday to Neil Peart. 67 today. Best drummer in the world, IMO.
  5. 66 years young today. My favorite guitarist and greatest inspiration.
  6. OK, Let me clear things up a bit. I got the guitar home last night, plugged it in and it lasted about 5-minutes then went dead. The battery was dead. I opened the battery cover and after removing the shim, got the battery out. Of course, duh, the battery is supposed to be loose when the cover is open. The cover , when closed, applies pressure to the battery and holds it tight against the spring contacts. So the shim is not required. (Good, because it made it really difficult to remove the battery). I don't think a loose battery was ever the cause, and when he tapped on the back of the neck, it wasn't even plugged in yet so the dead battery wasn't the cause of the buzz/rattle. I think the truss rod was actually loose, causing the fret buzz and probably even the rattling. So having him adjust the truss rod fixed those issues. He also sanded the bridge and now I have sound for all strings, although the high E string is still not as powerful, but I'll pass that off to me using light gauge strings. Overall the guitar is back to normal and I learned a little more about the acoustic/electric system. The battery was over three years old, with very minimal use, but still over 3-years old.
  7. Sounds familiar... I also got my "stupidity" fixed with the bridge issue.
  8. Finally got an answer from my Guitar Tech. Turns out the Truss Rod is fine. The battery in the battery compartment was wobbling. He put an 1/8" shim in there to secure the battery. He also sanded down the bridge to get even volume on all of the strings, (that was my fault) I tried to do it myself and screwed it up. $40. repair, now I can breathe easy.
  9. Good for him. I'm tired of seeing copycats. Every time I see someone claim they have a Les Paul, but it's not a Gibson, I laugh. If it's not a Gibson (or Epiphone, because it's owned by Gibson) it's not a Les Paul, period...
  10. Sorry kidblast, but it was a great series. And, I love how both teams kept Game 7 so clean, just pure hockey the way it should be played.
  11. Our hockey team finally won the Stanley Cup after 52 years. Congratulations to the Blues.
  12. Sure Duane, thanks. I rarely go to the Acoustic Forum, but I'll check it out after you move it.
  13. Thanks for the info. Kidblast, it's Santo, not Santos. No biggie, I get that all the time. 😃 I was thinking the same thing about it always being that way... I never tapped on the neck before. As far as environment, it is always in my air conditioned or heated house (not in the basement), and almost always in the case. Dave F. this is exactly what I am hoping for. I'll let you know when I hear back from my local Luthier.
  14. I have a Michael Kelly Acoustic / Electric. I noticed some buzzing around the 5th fret. Took it to a Luthier to have it checked out, along with some bridge issues. He held the guitar up and tapped the back of the neck, and it rattled. He said the truss rod is loose, probably detached. Has anyone ever run into this before? Could it possibly just need a truss rod adjustment? Hoping he doesn't have to remove the fretboard to re-attach the truss rod. Could this be a manufacturing defect? Could the truss rod work that loose over three years? Could the truss rod actually break after never being touched, just sitting in the case 99.9% of the time? Curious to see any comments, thanks.
  15. If you cut off the Headstock, you'll be looking at an expensive repair. 😂
  16. New look, new feature of being able to add pictures. Good, except it says my picture is too large, only 81.92kb allowed.
  17. Oil and Acrylic Painting. Although I am way out of practice, spend more time playing guitar.
  18. Or Running with the Devil by Van Halen.
  19. Ok, now you're getting spooky. I was going to post that exact wish. However, I've already listened to 2112 on my I-POD and it's not song number 2112.
  20. Very good Pippy. And Kudos for actually thinking about it that much.
  21. I got an I-Pod for Christmas and it has over 2,600 songs on it from various 70's, 80's and 90's bands. I have been listening to all of the songs, in alphabetical order, just letting it play through. Yesterday I got to song #666 of the total 2,634. The song title is Father, Son & Holy Ghost by Trans Siberian Orchestra. A very ironic and even creepy coincidence. What are the odds that in alphabetical order and 2,634 songs it would happen this way?
  22. Not for me either. Don't like the 1-pickup look. Can't stand a relic'd "on purpose" guitar.
  23. Although I don't own this many guitars, this would be my answer: (1) Gibson Les Paul. (1) Gibson ESxxx for the hollow body tone. (1) Fender Stratocaster. (1) Fender Telecaster. (1) Jackson "shreader" with Floyd Rose. (1) 12-String Electric. Probably a Gibson Double Neck. (1) 6-String Acoustic. (1) 12-String Acoustic. (1) Classical Nylon String Acoustic. I think that just about covers it.
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