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  1. Thanks for your reply and hints! As I indicated, I did generate playlists for each of my folders. That process took hours to complete, but even after having done that, browsing through the playlists isn't really responsive. When you rotate the browsewheel, the response is always late and not smooth. It jumps around ,aking it very difficult to select the song you want. Also booting up time of about 10 minutes even after everything is pre-analyzed and pre-playlisted, is not acceptable for a device of modern age. I can think of Stanton using a slow ARM processor... But that is their choice, not mine. I think however that a ARM processor is capable of performing better. When I buy something, I am not obliged to investigating what processor the vendor used and if they did right. It's not a very expensive device, but not that cheap either. What makes this device special, is it's capability to run music of an attached USB drive, and Stanton advertises that that may be any HDD. Exactly the feature that makes this device special is lacking the expected performance. I think Stanton missed out with their software. It really can't be that difficult to create a browser that just browses your folders and files within. That is really not rocket science, and 20.000 titles is not a big deal for whatever processor. I used a fresh formatted USB3.0 WD 500GB HDD which was thus only about 10% filled with MP3's. Since it was fresh formatted, a defrag doesn't sound usefull to me. I don't think I will get used to this machine. I stuggled about a day and half trying to make it work for me, but it got me annoyed more and more. So I decided to quit and send it back to the vendor and stop wasting my time on it. It's a pity, for all the rest, the idea of this controller is great. BTW: I now did some googling for SCS.4DJ being slow in it's browser capabilities... Whish I did that before I purchased it.
  2. I RTFM multiple times. Both the one for the device as well as the one for QG. The FM does say that the device takes ages for the first time to load the music collection. Even as I don't understand why it has to take hours, I waited until it finished that. But then, browsing the collection is still not speedy. While it does browse a small collection nicely fast, with my collection browsing is a nightmare. I didn't find a solution for this in the F manual. My point I'm making is that this is a 2013 device but it behaves like 80's technology. My PC can browse the same HDD like lightning. Why can't the DJ4 do that.
  3. I've got my SCS.4DJ one day now. I did some initial playing with a smal 1GB USB key. All fine. Then I hooked up my 500GB USB3.0 high speed WD HDD. It has about 55GB of music, about 13000 MP3's. QuickGrid takes several hours to analyze my MP3 database. Then it takes several hours to prepare the HDD. Then it takes several hours for the SCS.4DJ to load the HDD. Then it takes several hours for the 4DJ to generate folder playlists. I have all my music well organized in folders and I know my way into my folders blindly. I wish I could just browse to my folders and then browse the content of my folders. Why must it take hours and hours for modern technology to read the contents of a harddisk? I really don't get it why it should takes hours for the 4DJ to read the folders. With my laptop I could browse them instantly. The 4DJ is very, very slow responsing... Am I the only one having this issue? I spent one evening and almost one day on it now and loosing confidence. I already have an RMA form printed out. If anyone can convince me that this device can work snappy responsive plesae advice and I might keep it...
  4. I got my SCS.4DJ the other day. One of the first things that disappointed me is that the keys are not backlit. Only when you have found the key and pressed it, it gets lit. (But not all the keys). It won't be easy to find the keys in the dark. Why not make all keys light up at half intensity all the time and full intensity when function is enabled... Or make them dual color. These LEDs are really not that expensive...
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