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  1. I guess I better up date my photo of my 339 pro's last time I posted I had 3. Love these guitars. Before you ask about the bags over the tuning keys, those are dust covers made from Ernie Ball polishing cloths.
  2. Hi All I was wondering if someone here could give me the dimension for the Tune-o-mantic bridge mounting studs from center of screw to center of screw. I have a new Epiphone Casino Elitist coming and I need to know the distance from center to center of studs so I can order a roller bridge for the Bigsby I'm putting on it. Thanks in advance Bob
  3. I played my Gibson 335 dot for 10 years. I had a guitar tech. do the set-up for me and I really liked it. I've always liked thin line semi hollow guitars. Now I'm playing epiphone 339 pro that I have set-up myself. I liked the first one so much I bought two more and set them up the same way. When there set-up right there all great guitars. Fit and finish will be better on a Gibson but for what they charge for it, is just more than I'm willing to pay now days and on a fixed income.
  4. Hey Glad it helped you out that's the whole idea. Let me know how it turns out. Bobby
  5. I had heard of callaham mod. but hadn't seen it other than someone showing the Bigsby already done and mounted in a Youtube video. That's pretty cool that you can buy the string Bar already drilled. The price is a little steep but if you don't have the ability or the tools that would be the way to go. I can modify a string bar in 15 min when I'm set-up for it. In any case I have modified all four of mine and have had no problems Still Rocking the 339 pros
  6. Epiphones are great guitars, I fell in love with these 339 Pros. Pardon the fender, its needed a place to hang.
  7. Hi all I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I got to start somewhere. I seen a modification done to a Bigsby Tremolo that I really like but couldn't find any info on it. So I did the Mod to my Bigsby B3 that I put on my Epip 339 Pro. I think this Modification would work on any Bigsby. Here is a link to it on Youtube. Sure makes string changes on a dark stage easier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlK8b9BZkZU All three of my Epiphone 339 Pros have the Bigsby Mod done to them, love it.
  8. Well I got my Epi 339, first thing I did after making sure every thing worked was pull the string. Those frets needed to be polished. With that done I installed a Wilkerson Roller bridge, Towner Down Tension Bar and a Bigsby B-3. I must say these little guitars kick butt.
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