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  1. got a used Wilshire with the following serial number... 0807202662 would like some info on this guitar...thanks...later. cowboy123
  2. I'm not really qualified to say which is better because I don't have a Standard but I do have an Epi JB with Burstbuckers and a 2013 Traditional with the 57's...plug either one into my 66' BFDR with a BD2 and Echophonic in front and I'm in heaven...Slightly different flavors of the same great LP sound...so I'd agree about you can't go wrong with either...later. cowboy123
  3. thanks...never thought that it might be a fake...serial number is #93027320...looked at the pots and they were all labeled Gibson...tuner were labeled Gibson deluxe"...but the label on the headstock does seem strange...I'll try to take some closeups of the headstock, back of the headstock, and the control cavity...would like to get this figured out...later. cowboy123 btw, not really concerned about selling it...got the 2013 LP I wanted..
  4. when I stop playing guitar as a kid, I sold my favorite guitar...now some many decades later, I've finally got to a point where I can replace it...got a few Epi's that are really nice but still have had the longing for a Gibson LP...no longer...really like this guitar and the specs...later. cowboy123
  5. FWIW, I also have the Epi 339 Pro...I'd give the pickups a try before making any decisions...I have 57's in my 2013 Gibson Les Paul Traditional, a Gibson 490/498 set in my Epi Standard and the Gibson Burstbucker 2 & 3 in my Epi JB...with that being said, I haven't seen any reason to switch out the pickups in the 339...fact is I think they sound pretty darn good...later. cowboy123
  6. sweet looking guitar...love the color and I agree on the top...just needs to look good...I just picked up a 2013 Traditional on the closeout prices from Sweetwater...and am in love...will post some pics in a day or so...later. cowboy123
  7. yes..something got on it and it looks a little faded...but it is the real deal...thanks for the info guys...later. cowboy123
  8. I've had this guitar for a while and am thinking about selling it...I also have the Gibson HSC...it also has the bound neck...has one ding (shown in the pic) and some normal wear and tear for its age but fret wear in minimal...just wondering what the actual value might be...serial #93027320...thanks... https://db.tt/NxQV7BQb https://db.tt/Ci2G9doj thanks...later. cowboy123
  9. nice looking...be interested to see what your impressions are when you get it...enjoy. cowboy123
  10. sweet looking guitars...enjoy...later. cowboy
  11. thanks for the advise guys...I've got an Epi JB w/Gibson Burstbuckers and an Epi 339 with the Classic Pro humbuckers...like the sound out of both guitars...but needed to mix up some of the others... I think I'm gonna put an old set of Gibson 490/498 that I had laying around in the Standard but will put some GFS Classic II's in my Wilshire project...if it doesn't work then I may switch them out..I'm just trying to get some different options in the Epi solidbodies...appreciate the input...later. cowboy123
  12. this should do it... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/epiphone-hardshell-case-for-es339-electric-guitar I also have an Epi 339 and the case...decent for the price....and I love the guitar...later. cowboy
  13. I've go two Epi pickups that I'd like to identify...model, magnets, etc.. 1) neck: 57CH(G) Dot,Neck<Bridge LP.Neck BHC 2) bridge: HOTCH(G) LP,Bridge BHC they came out of an Epi Standard LP...how is the overall quality of these pickups? thanks. cowboy123
  14. I agree...got three Epi's (JB, Standard, 339) and two Gibson Doublecut LP's...and like them all...later. cowboy123
  15. I do own the Joe Bonamassa LP...along with an Epi Standard LP and Epi 339...I agree that the neck is huge but I got used to it real quick. My JB has a great neck and I actually had to raise the action a little...my Standard's neck is much narrower but the 339 seems to be a little wider...I have no issues switching between any of them. The JB was a great buy considering it included the Gibson pickups and a HSC but you could buy an Epi LP and upgrade it for about the same cost....I'm a sucker for Goldtops and also had an Epi 56' Goldtop w/ P90's that I regret selling...so the JB was a great fit....I got one of the first run models and it is a keeper...later. cowboy123
  16. I recently got a used Epi Wilshire Ltd Edition Pro in white....the previous owner had changed the pickup setup and butchered the pickguard....I'm looking for a template of the pickguard. I'm thinking of getting one done in black pearloid. Any help would be appreciated...thanks...later. cowboy123
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