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  1. I'm doing research into Bass guitar sounds.How many different kind of Bass guitar sounds are there?I want a Full Deep sounding bass. When I find the Kind I'm looking for, I'll either Build or Buy my new Bass. Also need Names for some full sounding amps.
  2. Well it finally is finished. My new L5-S style guitar. It's Neck and Body are Mahogany. The body Veneer and Frets are Indian Rosewood. The PUP's are Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90's.
  3. Sorry Hows this. https://www.facebook.com/steven.tari You should be able to see them now.
  4. Well Jay Wolfe of Wolfe Guitars in Fl. helped me with getting my Custom Heritage guitar built. So now I'm on my second Custom guitar and his shop is helping me again. Weve had a small wait while his luther Jan took time to take care of her mother that just had a stroke, but I'm a patient person. From years of experience getting impatient usually causes more headachs then just getting the job done faster.So heres Jan getting my new built L5-S ready to be put together. PS/ I have just got to laugh at this. I wrote Henry the President of Gibson about bringing back the L5-S. Well he brought back the L6-S instead. WOW. Well I don't run Gibson so what can I say. LOL
  5. I started 6 months ago on the trail to get me a L5-S built. Well after I got the Parts together and Body and Neck built, The Luthers Mother had a Stroke. So I've been waiting 2 months for the luther to get back to work from taking care of her mother to put the guitar together. Hopefully she'll have some time soon to do it. I remember when my mother had a stroke, So I am patient enough to wait. Here's a couple shots of the guitar. I had Jay Wolfe pull it out of the box to get a look.
  6. 6 years till retirement.Then I'm going back to stage full time. Yeah. I'm done and Y'all young bucks have just begun HA HA HA HA! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Enjoy boys cause life sucks when you hit the real WORLD. Ha Ha HA HA HA HA HA hA!
  7. I had a Fender licensed company Build it for me. They build from scratch of any tone wood you want. Or any design you can come up with, Neck and Body. I was happy as hell when I found out they did the L5-s. I always wanted one but the newspapers and some of the mag. of the time I was Graduating in High School scared off sales till Gibson Shelved it. Warmth guitar building is the name of the place. Never owned one but if I was into fenders it would be my no 1 place to have my guitars built. You just have to put it together. Right now with all the construction going on in my house I sent it to Jay Wolfe in FL' to get his Luthier Jan to put it together for me. I also left a nice note to Henry about bringing back these fine Axes on Gibson President talk. I think it would be a fine Gibson guitar back on the racks.
  8. Yeah Axe Me To. Nice collection of Guitars Axe.
  9. Been a while fella's. Just wanted to stop by and say hey. I'm getting a new guitar built and should have it in my hands in the next couple weeks.The year I was graduating high school I was looking at Going to Viet Namm and Updating my equipment from my Kalamazoo guitar and amp. I didn't have much money, So I ended up with a new amp that had just came out ,Peavey. A 4/12 cab with Musician 400 head. My guitar was a Epiphone Dot. My dream guitar that I wanted so bad was the New Gibson L5-S. It just came out and I had a friend that could afford one. He played it in the studio, backing up other musicians .Man that was a fine guitar in looks and Tone. Then Gibson had problems selling them. They were high dollar guitars, But made for the Studio instead of stage. But instead of fixing the problem they just shelved a fine looking and sounding guitar.Most of Y'all that know me Know that I try not to buy off the wall anymore. So the new L5-s that I just got built is all Mahogany, With Rosewood accents on Body and Neck. I'm getting it wired the same But have my favorite P-90's on board. I should get my favorite tones. low and melting with the P-90's and Total mahogany guitar. I'll post pictures Like last time on the other one I had built as soon as they come in. // LATER // Steven
  10. So here's my new avatar. Me and my girl taking our new RV on a test drive when I picked it up.
  11. It's here WOW! It's better then I thought. Grabing strap and cable now. Headed for the amp.
  12. Well after all the work gone into. Figuring what I wanted in a ES-339 sized guitar and not having the patience to get Gibson to do it for me. I will today receive my new guitar. Heritage was the closest company I could get to Gibson and I have no complaints.The guitar I picked out was their Millineum D.C.. Its a good ES-339 size and I liked the look. I asked if they would take pictures of the building and they took pictures of the build of the guitar and asked questions when they got to a part they had to talk to me about. Especially when it came to the pickups. I took the set up from a Zephyer Blues Deluxe. I bought my Zephyr when it was first out for 1400. Now their half that price, But I have a habit of messing with them to find out what they'll do and I was surprised at the tones I got from mixing the Pickup's. Then I came to find out the reason was because the center pickup was wound in reverse of the other two. So with that in mind and also putting in a switch to hold some of my favorite pickup mixs. I used that knowledge for my pickup setup. The color was to be like a graphite and oil mix. I looked at a lot of guitar colorings and liked the transblack that Heritage guitars had. I wanted all gold hardware but after seeing some other guitars that way, Kinda toned down on it. no gold knobs and the pickups were done in black, but the screws were changed to gold. With the smaller guitar I'm hoping to get the mellow sounds I'm hoping for. well I guess I'll find out in a couple hours.It's a one of a kind baby.
  13. All this time waiting for it to get built and I leave tonight in my new RV to the Gulf side of Florida. The guitar is in Palm Beach. I might have to make a special trip to get it.
  14. My new baby built by Heritage Guitars. 3 P-90's, The middle one reversed.
  15. <BR><BR>Their waiting on the Pick up screws to finish it. I should get it sometime next week.
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