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  1. I could sell you my MINT 1965 Lennon Limited Edition, if interested PM me. Regards
  2. Why does Epiphone only fit a 5-1/2" Tailpiece on the Regular and Elitist and the correct 6" on the 65 Lennon Frenchie has swapped for the longer Tailpiece and mentioned better tone. I'm thinking of doing the same on my 61 Re Issue. Looking at a picture of Gary Clark Jr and noticed he has done the same on his 61 RI. Anyone else done this mod ? Sigman
  3. Nut width on 61 same as my 65 Lennon..neck profile is night and day though. 61 is a real chunky thing.
  4. And a Blonde 1997 Vibro King !!!! Killer amp It was FUN though
  5. Reading between the lines I'm thinking the Elitist has a chunkier neck profile than the 65 Lennon ?
  6. Yes King of Tone, ARDX20 Delay, Comprosser, Green Rhino, Red Llama..You forgot to mention my 1964 AC15 Don't leave him out ;-) The Casino's sounds..well you can imagine..awesome through it..the EF86 and Casino is a match made in heaven. I used to have original 1950's P90's in my R6 Goldtop..I raised the bridge pup to good affect. Also found raising just the pole's only increases volume and not tone..can of thins the tone..or it did on the LP. I have noted Gary Clarke has them quite high on his Burst Elitist. Why should this need to be done, if the factory had set the neck correct
  7. Well bought 3 Casino's in a month..2 of them just last week. Some kind of record even for me ! First one is a 1965 Limited Edition Lennon..Nitro finish. 6.4 lb Second was a Cherry Red 1997 Peerless 6.2 lb Third 61 Re Issue in Tan 6.2lb They are all quite different, neck is super fast on the 65 Lennon, reminds me of a mid's 90's 335 I once owned. Build quality is out of this world..I've owned a Terrada built Grestch and this is just as good if not better, the fret work and finish are perfect. The tone is much thicker from this guitar even played acoustically..it rings foreve
  8. Anyone steer me to one ??..new or used must be Tan not Sun Burst.
  9. I just bought a 1965 JL LE..the guitar is stunning. Neck is slim but seen slimmer, just wondering if the Elitist is the exact same profile. Think I can manage it. I've read the Korean are even slimmer and the Inspired series the chunkier chunkier. Is the Elitist basically the very same guiatr as the 1965 Limited Edition apart from tuner and Nitro ? Appreciate any info
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