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  1. twang88

    Robot guitar

    Well thats not really the point is it, If your car had no petrol would you still use it even though you had to push it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I know someone who can make me one, thats the battery not the car, and gibson if you are reading this how about a reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. twang88

    Robot guitar

    Hi Guys Thanks for the reply's, but after trying all the items in the manual, I think in (theory) it may be possible to get one battery pack made, I now have no lights and I even wrote to gibson again but they do not reply, kind of ***** me off, and puts me of gibson altogether, and Gibson do not have any battery's in there store. hmmmm makes me think that I have an electric donkey on my hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. twang88

    Robot guitar

    is it possible that i am the only one to have one of these guitars and is it possible that i am the only one having these problems, still unable to find battery in the uk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. twang88

    Robot guitar

    I forgot to add that I am unable to charge the battery, anyone got any ideas and if I have to get a new battery where in the UK does one have to contact? thanks twang88
  5. twang88

    Robot guitar

    Hello Been away for a while and my beloved robot 1st generation does not want to play, any tips or hints and or anyone with similar problems please help
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