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  1. From The Netherlands. For party's and My show, The Vibe on soundwaveradio.net :-)
  2. You can also use, Audacity, to tag your files. it's a free Prog. Works great and is very simple to use.
  3. The scs 4dj records in wav format. If you want to covert your flac files then do it to wav. I play only wav never mp3.
  4. Is there a way to replace the scroll nob? Because there is no keyboard control for gain! Must i send it up for repair? can i do it my self? I can not do the gain because the scrolling is ****ed up. It goes up and down, from 0.5 to -20 back to + 20. Greets, Peter
  5. Thanks for the answer. It would be nice to have this in a future update. Greets, Peter
  6. Mixed @ Place the Naturistes. Party @ a, local Fkk nudist beach.
  7. Ok Luc, thanks for the help. Is there someone from the Stanton team that can help me. I did read the manual but it does not say how to do the GAIN control with keyboard. Greets P
  8. I did read the fuc...ng manual. If you can tell me how to do the Gain control with the keyboard, that would be nice. thanx for your *beep* help Luc. :-)
  9. Is there a layout for the keyboard to control the scs 4dj? So i can do Gain control, scroll etc. I would love to have this.
  10. Psytrance mix @ the Studio. Sunny weather @ Goadyk. Ah Juh Project dj team Mr.P(sychedelic) Enjoy and make a Dance \:D/
  11. love the machine. We can do our Psychedelic picknick with it. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/106022-mr-psychedelic-its-an-ah-juh-picknick/ But one thing, Is there a way to Disable the F***ing crossfader. I would like to remove the ducktape. :-) If there is coming an update, (the scs is working wauwie zauwie), please an opcion to disable would be VERY nice. Greets Mr.P(sychedelic).
  12. We love the machine. Mr P(sychedelic) - It's an Ah Juh Picknick. \:D/ enjoy and make a Dance.
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