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  1. You can indeed make it so you don't return in searches. You can also post things to limited people (it takes a little effort on your part to make friends lists). I use lists so that I don't bug people with things, so I only show my wet shaving posts to people interested, music related to fellow musos, etc. You can indeed make it work for you :)
  2. It's my name :D I'm original like that.
  3. Very cool, I wish I had the space to run a studio room.
  4. Thanks buddy :) It's very much take your head off with the treble (at room volume), despite reducing the presence control to zero, and reducing the treble. Granted, on the middle and neck pups, it's brilliant (as you say, Robert Cray-esque) on the Bright Clean, but bridge pickup is a no-no unless I want to shatter eardrums :D
  5. So, I began to miss the old Marshall bark that the Engl just couldn't deliver. Don't get me wrong, the Engl had a lovely tone, but it wasn't for me. I was hell bent on getting another Marshall (TSL to replace the old one I had), but fate lead me to look at a Blackstar. Then, a stroke of luck made it so that a chap wanted my Engl and he had a Blackstar to trade...needless to say the deal was done: It's a Series One 45, 45w EL34 powered combo, running a pair of Celestion V-30's. It's very versatile, 2 clean modes, 2 dirty modes, all four of which love the Les Paul! The Strats aren't quite as at home on the Bright Clean (bit ice pick like), but love the other three modes.
  6. nick_s

    Cracked lacquer

    It's defective, you'd better send it to me for safe keeping so that it doesn't stress you out and all that :D
  7. I got no2 (Money) and that was it :D I suck at that game.
  8. I do want an old Kramer, but hens teeth and rocking horse poo are more prevalent in my neck of the woods!
  9. They do not, but you can buy them in the UK still. They are ridiculously cheap for what they are: http://www.dv247.com/guitars/bugera-bc30-212--71167
  10. I've tried it for the first time this evening. Wound the stop bar down to sit as close to the body as possible and strung away. Stringing was a bit fiddly for the first time, but I have noticed that (acoustically at least, I've not yet plugged her in), the guitar is more resonant and responds differently aurally as well (not sure if it is more low end or just a general change across the spectrum). It looks tidy as well!
  11. I remember my first experience of a Newfie. Opened the rear door of a series 1 Landrover and thought a bear was staring back at me! Huge dog! Lovely temperament though.
  12. I am guessing that in '67 the pups were not potted? Could you not get them potted to help with the microphony?
  13. Oh I agree entirely. Sometimes you need the separation of tone, especially when there is a lot going on in the song. Sometimes you can get away with tones being similar (like you say, Thin Lizzy for example).
  14. Gotta be Skynyrd for me! Although I am pretty sure there may well be more than 2 guitars at any one time, I dare say with a little special arrangement, you can muster on through with two. I've always found two guitarists with different (but complimentary) tonal soundscapes works better than two competing sounds.
  15. It's definitely still got the nibs :) Nothing smacks of fake here buddy How's she sound? Gnarly and biting as expected?
  16. Well, I'm off for an x-ray tomorrow as it's started getting worse :( Saw my doctor this morning who is suspecting some form of arthritis :(
  17. This right here was an absolute BELTER of a combination. Screamed when needed and was subtle where required: I miss them both dearly.
  18. I prefer the original knobs, as I like the contrast they offer to that stunning top :)
  19. Very nice, what made you change the pickups and electronics?
  20. Would be nice to be able to thank users for useful posts, use it a lot on an automotive forum I'm staff on :)
  21. Slash's is a good read as is Claptons. Dr Jim Marshall's however is an exceptional read I thoroughly recommend it, I was lucky enough to get Jim to sign my copy.
  22. Very nice! I have gas for an SG myself.
  23. Thanks chaps :) I've been taking anti-inflammatories for now, docs booked for Tuesday. I don't suspect it's related to guitar playing but you never know. I have suffered carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand as a result of my job but that eased as a result of a support. I've got my eye on learning some jazz so the theory learning is a good idea
  24. Absolutely no idea what I've done to it but it hurts like hell, like a sprain but with no swelling.
  25. My Les Paul is named after my wife, Dawn. I've not yet named my Strats, I don't know why.
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