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  1. I have seven ES335,SG,LC1-Cascade,J45,Song writer Deluxe,Hummingbird,LG-1
  2. I mean WOW.Dam that is Awsome.
  3. She is a 2012 and yes she is cutom shop .
  4. Thanks Behind her is my 2005 Songwriter deluxe,2010 Custom J45,2003 LC1 Cascade.
  5. I just got her today.She plays and sounds like a dream.Heres a picture of her with her new family.
  6. The J45 custom has plenty of bling. So there you go sound and bling!
  7. I have a J45 custom and a SWD . I have to say I can't decide witch I like better.
  8. I think you should give it awhile. You mite find yourself saying hey I like this sound .
  9. I play both.Started on Acoustic then bought an Electric. But my favorite is Acuostic. Acuostic.
  10. Called Bob today nice guy and very helpfull. I also ordered a saddle and pins for my Songwriter deluxe. thanks again MIKE
  11. Just bought a new J45 custom . I would like to change the saddle and pins to Bone. But I need help locating them ,any body know were to buy them ?
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