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  1. Hi there, I have a SG custom from 1962 with an Ebony block. The guitar has a stop tail instead of the usual vibrola with flat arm. Does someone know where I can find a tremolo unit like that? I've been watching Ebay for a while but the right tremolo does not appear. There are some parts available, but these parts are non original. (I found out ithat the tremolo unit of an Ebony block guitar is a Long vibrola without the cover and there are two threaded ends welded that can hold the Ebony Block instead of the tailpiece bars) The guitar also needs a refret job. Does anybody know what type of Fretwire was used on SG Customs fron the early '60ies? And how did the bindings look when it left the factory? With regards, Richard
  2. That's a good one! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!
  3. Ok, I recieved some pictures, but I can't upload (484k of 500k quota used) It's not a font loaded Steinie. Serial 6197 witch makes it a 1988 guitar I think
  4. Hi there, I was wondering how many Les Paul SG's where equipped with the rare Ebony Block? I've read somewhere that there are probably only 25 les Paul SG Custom's equipped with this type of ebony block and tremolo. My 1962 SG custom is equipped with an Ebony block, but the trem is missing. It has been replaced by a stop bar somewhere in the seventies. To restore it in it's original condition will be difficult because there are two big holes drilled into the body and to find a gold plated tremolo with mounting pins for the ebony block will be like a needle in a haystack. :unsure: This issue will drop the value of my guitar but I think it still worth some money as it has three PAF's and no neck repairs. But if you have a tremolo.........with flat handle..........Gold plated................
  5. Some Gold plated PAF pickups appear on mid 63 guitars. As most of the nickel plated pickups are much more used on guitars.
  6. Mijn 1962 SG Custom met Ebony Block! Helaas ontbreekt de originele tremolo en zit hij in een '74 koffer. Hij klinkt gelukkig geweldig en heeft verder geen issues.
  7. Hi Bernd, Thanks for the reply. I had a chap with this friend of mine and the guitar has an active E.Q. , but no trans-trem. I will post some pictures and serial number when they are available. Richard
  8. Hi there, I need some info about Gibson Tremolo's. I own a vintage SG custom Ebony Block from 1962, but the tremolo is removed from the guitar somewhere in the seventies. It's replaced by a stop bar and the Ebony block is screwed into the holes of the tremolo. I probably would not put it back into it's original state because it sounds VERY good and the guitar is super stable without any tuning problems. I'm trying to buy an original Tremolo just to have one that would fit and match with the guitar. The tremolo should have a flat bar (spoon) with three tapped screw holes Can anyone tell me what type of tremolo this is? I've included a picture of a simular guitar like mine with an original tremolo. Thanks! Richard
  9. Info wanted! A fiend of mine has a black three "single coil" pickup Steinberger with a screwed front plate and trans trem. Could this be a GL3T? And is this a collectable guitar? I try to find some early Steinbergers on Ebay to compare some prices and models, but they are pretty rare. If you have some info on this axe i'll be pleased. Thanks Richard
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