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  1. Hi Guys happy New Year and best wishes, here are two of my two favourites,The Gold Top I've had for 40 yrs the junior is new this year. The pickups have been changed from the original baby deluxe to a Dimarzio SD split coil and a Gibson Burstbucker in the bridge. Very tasty! enjoy the picks.
  2. I'll dig out the camera a get some posted keep watching.
  3. Thanks V, Always nice to share practical comments. You might be surprised if I told you I know Gordon Whittham who was the founder of Gordon smith guitars with Chris Smith. I played with Gordon back in the 70's and when Gordon left Chris, he set up Gordy guitars. Gordon made me a custom Gordy guitar shaped like a strat, 3 pickups, maple neck/finger board, finished black starburst. I think it's a one off and I'd have to ask Gordon if he ever made others of the same. He also did a great of fixing my les Paul deluxe when a plonker in a club we were playing at knocked over and the top of the neck snapped. Obviously being the great luthier he is it's as good as new. I've had this 40 yrs now and I've just changed the dimazio super distortion hum buckers to gibson burst buckers. I now have two brilliant les pauls. The junior and deluxe . I'm just experimenting with a fender deville and marshall jvm410c which I recently purchased. I currently play in a blues / rock band playing early Clapton, buddy guy, BB king, mayall, Gary Moore etc Like to play with less and more feel than 1000mph rush of notes. Rock on Paul
  4. Having just bought one on eBay I can agree, but I have to say my hughes & kettner switchblade offers a little bit more, simply because there is no need to use any other effects pedals. I rotate them on gigs.
  5. I have just bought a Les Paul Junior having read a review in guitar & bass magazine. I have to say I was not disappointed, it came already set up and was in tune! Plugged into a hughes & Kettner switchblade, it sounds damn good. I already own a LP deluxe which I've had for 40 yrs, so this was little brother of my guitar family. Price paid £559. A complete bargain. Saving a £1000 on guitar that is missing the trimmings is a brilliant concept for anyone one wants an authentic USA built les Paul. I bought the rubbed cherry satin finish. It's a couple of pounds lighter than my deluxe but that is mahogany throughout. This is where the difference is. The junior has a maple neck with rosewood fretboard and this gives the sound a richer tone , the pickups spot on and I've played along with some Gary Moore and bonamassa tracks and you can't tell the difference between the junior and the legends guitars. In some respects the junior is a bit more versatile, so for rock/blues and funky soul stuff this guitar is superb. I don't use any effects pedals as the amp has it all. You just need time to understand the relationship of the tone controls in different modes. The only down side however was the fret ends on some frets are a bit sharp. So buy a fret file £12 on eBay and just fettle the ends. An hour of patience will reward you with a fully smooth fretboard. Remember it's the same las Paul but without the fancy edging,nitro paint etc. Mine stays in tune perfectly, sings like a bird and if anyone takes any notice about the bad press should seriously think again! If you're a shredder this guitar is not for you, this has character and is for the cluttered musician, no offence intended. Hope this helps you guys/gals out there that might be in two minds.
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